April Council Clean Up

It’s here again, the perfect opportunity to throw out what you don’t need and save on skip bin fees! Sutherland Shire’s Council Clean Up kicks off in Cronulla at 5am Monday 30th April.

Things to remember:

  • Council asks that you DO NOT place items under trees or power lines or in gutters
  • Place clean up material on the outer edge of the footpath
  • Clean up starts at 5am
  • Council does not pick up chemicals, building materials or thorny branches or bushes
  • Council will not pick up items that can not be handled safely by 2 average size people
Due to safety and other reasons not all materials are able to be collected, but these CAN be collected:
  • Unwanted household items (furniture, maximum of one mattress ensemble per household)
  • Whitegoods
  • Fence pailings (no longer than 1.5m & no more than six)
  • Small amounts of rolled up carpet
  • Swing sets, trampolines (please dismantle!)
  • Unwanted empty round garbage bins
  • Bundled and tied branches (no thicker than a broomstick, no longer than a metre and no thorns!)
Thinking of throwing any of these things out? Don’t! Council will NOT collect the following:
  • Liquids (paint, oil, chemicals)
  • Any item over 1.5m in length (including steel, guttering, pipe, timber or roller doors)
  • Perishable household rubbish
  • Glass items (windows, mirrors, shower screens)
  • Gas bottles
  • Saw and floor sanding dust
  • Drums or oil heater tanks
  • Car parts, tyres, wrecked vehicles
  • Asbestos or fibreglass sheeting
  • Railway sleepers
  • Sand filled pool filters
  • Cast-irons baths
  • Tree stumps or roots

Council asks that your materials not be placed out before Saturday 28th April, this is not just because your neighbours don’t like having to look at your discarded treasures on the street for weeks beforehand but because it decreases the chances of bad weather blowing furniture onto the street, hitting cars, people or pets!

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