Events in The Shire: Citizenship Ceremony + Fiesta In Flight!

The last few weekends have been spent at kid’s sport, bushwalking in the Royal National Park, and catching up on everything I’m too busy during the week to do (equal parts housework and sleep – boring but inevitable). There’s plenty to write about but my focus as guest blogger here at Beach & Bay is events.

I’m part of the event team at Sutherland Shire Council so I thought I’d share with you two events we’re currently working on. We do civic and community events and the first I’d like to chat about is our final Citizenship Ceremony for 2011, held this past Friday. This has got to be one of our top feel good events – everyone is happy, proud, keen, and ready to celebrate. Up to 500 people each year from all parts of the Shire become new citizens and it’s an honour to be part of the final steps of the journey.  The official proceedings includes some welcome speeches from the Mayor and local Federal and State MPs, Citizenship Pledges, and the absolute last part before becoming a citizen, the presentation of the official Certificate of Citizenship. It’s truly a great night.

If I was going to compare working on this event, which is relatively small, to working on say, Fiesta @ the Beach (Sunday 23 Oct) then I’d have to admit that my feet ache just as much the next day for this one as I know they will next Monday.  Neither compares with the day after Australia Day, but that’s a whole other story…

My main task at Fiesta @ the Beach will be as official event photographer (I’ll be wearing my council polo shirt so please say hi and smile). I’ve certainly lucked out for this event. As photographer I’ll have to visit each of the food stalls (I’m hungry just thinking about all the yummy international food). Then I’ll have to watch all the performances. I really like Celtic style music so I’m looking forward to The Third Wheel, an Irish trio. African drumming is always a good show and it’s going to be difficult taking photos of Rhythm Brazil while I’m tapping my feet. When I’m not doing all that, I’ll be forced to follow around the Bubble Skywalkers and take pics of them and their giant bubbles. Then there’s the parasol and kite-making, bungee jumping, and belly-dancing. I’m going to need more food after all that…

Ah, it’s a rough job, but somebody has to do it. I’m just glad it’s going to be me – sore feet on Monday and all!

Come visit the event team on Sunday 23 October for Fiesta @ the Beach. Dunningham Park, North Cronulla Beach – 10am to 3pm. Entertainment also includes Bollywood & Polynesian performers, Greek Dancers, Lion Dancers, a Martial Arts display and Carribean Soul at 2pm. Check out the full program at councils website ( or visit us at Facebook: Events in the Shire.
See you there!

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Shopping in The Shire: Designer Fashion Markets

Hi everyone, I’m Trish and I’ll be guest blogging for awhile here at Beach and Bay. My area is events in the Shire with an emphasis on the Cronulla region. During the daylight hours I work in Events & Marketing at Sutherland Shire Council, but once the sun has slipped away I pull out my laptop and start writing. On weekends, I do the whole sporting thing with my family and try to get to an event or two in my spare time.

On Sunday just gone (also known as 25th September), I braved the rain and cold to drop in on the Designer Fashion Markets at Gymea Tradies (slightly outside the Cronulla Region, but not too far away). Now, here’s a civilised market; indoors with a cafe and plenty of seating in the next room. There’s also televisions supplied for watching sport and a bar or two if you’d prefer a glass of wine over coffee. Even the parking is under cover. Okay, the club is undergoing some major renovations and the back entry is definitely a construction site, but I didn’t let this tiny detail put me off.

I picked up my mum from Engadine, dragged along a daughter and off we went. Designer Fashion Markets can be found in the “dugout”. Stalls are set up around the room with half a dozen (or so) in the middle so you can work the room easily. It’s not overcrowded with stalls so each has plenty of room to show their wares, and some wonderful wares there are.

I’ve been to plenty of markets and worked at several more, and there’s always lots of jewellery. The ones at DFM stand out from the crowd. The designer’s have taken the current trends with beads and buttons, and added their own touch of flair: wooden cutout earrings on one stall with strands of leather and beads to buttons on the next that would be wasted on clothing. Another designer creates amazing strands of beads in fantastic colours and combinations.

Clothing was well presented with a trend toward vintage styling, feathers and flowers. The garments were mostly hand-made with beautiful prints and fabrics. I bought a lovely scarf and a gorgeous wrist-band (which I would love to describe for you but it’s a birthday gift… ). And the shoes! Slipper shoes that can be folded for easy storage (like in your handbag for a quick change) in lovely designs, and clip on accessories that can take an ordinary pair of heels to new heights. Bejewel or Flower your shoes – you’ll never wear the “same” pair twice (well, unless you really like your clip-ons, that is).

We needed a little rest after so we spent another half hour sipping coffee and watching the soccer…

All up, a well spent few hours browsing and shopping inside while the world poured rain outside. Visit Designer Fashion Markets on Facebook for updates.

Trish Anderson – The Readerless Writer

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