Business is tough, but there is no excuse.

I know business is tough and every commission counts but what is it with agents chasing other agents listings. I know that every training sales seminar teaches us to go for it the second the agency expires and how to trick the vendor into thinking you are just calling to ‘help’ them find their new property, but now agents are calling vendors the day before an auction or a couple of weeks into the campaign [which by the way is illegal] to see how they can ‘help’.

I personally would not dream of calling another agents vendor, we all know that sometimes it takes longer to get a result and we all work really hard, so maybe its time everyone stopped to think about how hard they work for their vendors before knocking on doors pretending to have a secret buyer none of us have heard of. Dream on. It’s the
oldest trick in the book. Here’s a thought why don’t you spend the time you use to chase other peoples listings trying harder to sell the ones you already have. I’m sure your current vendors would appreciate that extra effort and maybe next time you pass an agent in the street try to see them as a person just like you trying to earn a living in a tough market. After all there is enough work out there for all of us to earn a pretty good living in a fantastic industry. And by the way best of luck at your next appraisal.

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