Leaving a Job You Love

Today is my last day at Beach & Bay Realty. I wanted to take a few moments to say a heartfelt goodbye. I got so lucky 4 years ago when Beach & Bay took me in as an 18 year old, fresh out of highschool. I’ve LOVED working here and have nothing but praise for Kylie, Natalie, Henk, Nadine, Misa and Kirstie (my second family). I have learned so much working in real estate with a company made up of people who enjoy their jobs, work really hard and encourage you to dream big.

Working with a boss like Kylie Emans has been inspiring. Firstly, because she’s a successful business woman. And secondly, because she’s someone who strikes the perfect balance between dedication to her career and enjoying the rest of life. Her love of travel has had a huge influence on my vacations and I’m sure most 22 year olds can’t say they’ve been to 4 continents and 12 countries during their work holidays.

Not only this, Beach & Bay has taught me that regardless of how big your company is, you can make a difference. Since I’ve worked here we have raised almost $40,000 for various projects – including building a classroom in Ghana, Worlds Greatest Shave, raising money for Tenelie Pawley, Swags for Homeless and kicking booze for Dry July.  Everyone can make an impact on the world around them. There’s no excuse!

Bye Bye!

"Sure Rachael, you can be a bald receptionist"

A classroom built in 2008

Kylie Emans - Boss, Mentor, Friend!

The ever smiling Merv (middle), may he rest in peace.

I’ve also grown to appreciate the idea of quality vs quantity. Being a small independent agency we may not be the biggest or have the most listings, but we work really hard on the ones we have.  I am so grateful to get the opportunity to work on marketing the Sammut Developments Drift Apartments. Standing in the penthouse apartment and admiring the incredible architecture and view of the ocean will be a highlight!

The agents at Beach & Bay work together and so I’ve discovered the joys of teamwork. It’s not a cut-throat competitive environment, rather coming to work is one place I know no matter what, I will be supported. How lucky am I to have that so early in my life! It’s certainly set the bar high for any future work situations.

I have enjoyed working with families from the Sutherland Shire and being a part of their buying and selling experience. I have met some amazing locals who have had an impact on my life. A shout-out must go to Merv who visited the office on a weekly basis. We sadly lost Merv last year and I still double-take whenever a grey haired man walks by.

Finally, working on the I Love Cronulla project with the team has also been a wonderful experience, as I’ve gotten to know my community both online and offline. It’s also taught me – when it comes to business (and life) to do things differently, and to take the entire focus off the dollar. Sure, I Love Cronulla doesn’t make us any money as a real estate company, but it keeps us connected with the area and we get to know the locals. No complaints here! A HUGE thank you to everyone who has gotten involved, who comments, who provides feedback and suggestions, you’ve been terrific! I am moving to The Inner West so from now I’ll be checking the site as a visitor for tips!

So goodbye team, goodbye blog, and goodbye Cronulla. It’s been great!

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Your Homes New Address: Individual Property Websites

There is no denying that we now live in a digital world.

I’m writing this on my Iphone while catching the train (I looked up the timetable on app Tripview). After finishing this blog I will browse online news and chat with my friend in Canada via skype (again, on my mobile). After the conversation (which costs me nothing), I may even update my Facebook status telling my wider network how much I miss this person! And this is all in the space of an hour!

As a Communications student, social media manager at Beach & Bay and…average Gen Y twenty-something, it still baffles me when I see some real estate agencies afraid to embrace online technology. The World Wide Web makes distance much smaller and client bases much larger. Having an online presence is completely changing the way we can now market and sell real estate, and if you ask us here at Beach & Bay, we think it’s wonderful! One example of a new form of technology is the individual property website. They make sense really; your home has a fixed physical address, so why shouldn’t it have an online one too? Now that almost everyone in the world is embracing Facebook (seriously, if Facebook was a country it would be the 3rd largest) and creating an online version of themselves, why then, shouldn’t your most valuable asset have its own landing page?

Individual property websites are fantastic tools for buyers and sellers alike. The links can be easily shared among friends and family and a wealth of information is provided to help decision makers assess if the property is right for them. Sure, a website may never replace seeing a property in the flesh and getting a “feel” for it sensually, but it’s the second best step! Also, there are other ways to re-create that emotional experience for the buyer – through videos, interactive floor plans and of course, good old fashioned real estate copy.

We currently have two waterfront properties which both have individual property websites. The listing prices are quite different and so the budget for marketing determined what kind of website we chose. showcases a breathtaking waterfront in Randell Avenue Lilli Pilli and so is more exclusive. With a username and password (U: view, P: waterfront), clients can enter the details and explore the architecturally designed property from the comfort of their own homes. The interactive floorplan allows people to navigate around the rooms, clicking on the arrows and seeing the room as if they were standing at that spot. The video combines gorgeous location shots with music and takes buyers on a journey around the house. We dare you to watch it and claim you wouldn’t want to live there! showcases 84 Loralyn Ave, St Georges Basin, which is a perfect holiday home or artists retreat for those within a smaller price range. This is a more basic website and includes the details, photos and a printable floorplan. Our agency is located over 2 hours away from this property but this is not a huge issue when you utilise the technology at hand! Sending this website to inter-state buyers who might want to buy an investment property is so easy!

If you have any questions about marketing your property, please feel free to contact us. Our individual property websites are created in-house by our very talented web designer Michael Cerny.

Also; our Managing Director Kylie Emans is currently in New York attending the Inman Real Estate Conference so I’m sure we will have hundreds more marketing ideas very shortly!


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Photos from our Christmas Party at Sting Cronulla

Beach & Bay Realty would like to extend a HUGE thank you to everyone who came along to Sting Bar Cronulla on Saturday the 19th November. We packed out the venue and had a blast raising money for Swags for Homeless in the process. For the full photo set see HERE.

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Design Inspiration: Swags for Homeless

In February this year, Beach & Bay Realty decided to support Swags for Homeless after seeing a feature on SBS. Swags For Homeless was established by Tony Clark, a Melbourne man who wanted to provide homeless people in Australia (and eventually the world) with a more dignified and safer temporary bed.

Tony developed The Backpack Bed, a durable, weather resistant foldaway swag which is distributed by 100 charities to homeless people throughout the country.  3000 beds have been given to rough sleepers in the last 12 months, making a huge difference to their lives. The swag has been commended for it’s innovative design, leading to international aid requests from countries such as the USA and China.

Not only has Tony and his team been recognised by the media for their amazing work; The Australian Human Rights Commission has listed Swags For Homeless as a 2011 candidate for their Human Rights Award. This is given to organisations with a proven track record in promoting and advancing human rights.

On top of this; The Backpack Bed has been praised internationally by the design industry. It was the first Australian product (and first charity ever) to win a ‘Best of the Best’ International Red Dot Award in 2011. 4433 products from 60 countries competed in these awards and previous winners have included Rolls Royce and Apple! Next time you are in Germany, be sure to check it out on display at the Red Dot Design Museum.

Nationally; The Backpack Bed has been recognised by the Australian International Design Awards with a Gold Logo Design Award and Sydney Powerhouse has acquired the product for its permanent collection.

We are so proud to be involved with this fantastic charity; who continually strive for greater rights for homeless people. To celebrate Christmas, 10 years in business, and to raise some money for Swags for Homeless – this Saturday, Beach & Bay Realty will be hosting a party at Sting Bar Cronulla. Tickets are $50 and include food and entertainment. Proceeds will be donated to the charity. To purchase tickets, please call into the office prior to the event. We hope to see you there!

 Office Details :1/64 Croydon Street, Cronulla – Saturday 19th November @ Sting Bar from 6pm

Some Scary Homeless Details; taken from

  • There are over 104,600 homeless in Australia.
  •  Over 16,000 of these homeless literally sleep on the streets (this is roughly equal to the entire population of Cronulla)
  •  People become homeless for a number of reasons. Family violence, rape, relationship breakdowns, mental illness, addictions, financial problems, evictions – just to name a few
  •  Many homeless are men with kids
  •  44% of homeless are single women over 25
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Swags For Homeless Benefit Night + Christmas Party

Come and join the Beach & Bay team at our Christmas Party! Our event last year was a huge success with clients and friends dancing till dawn!

$50 ticket (pre-sale. Purchase from Beach & Bay Realty office)
Ticket price includes food & entertainment by fantastic local musicians

This year we aim to raise $5000 from the ticket sales which will be donated to Swags For Homeless, a not-for-profit organisation that has developed a waterproof sleeping bag which folds into a backpack. Swags are distributed throughout Australia to people, who, for whatever reason, find themselves homeless.

Throughout 2011 Beach & Bay Realty will also be purchasing a Swags For Homeless backpack bed every time we sell a property.

Office Details: Suite 1/64 Croydon Street Cronulla
Phone Details: 9527 0008
Contact Details: Email Rachael on to reserve tickets

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Swags for Homeless Charity Music Night!

Swags for Homeless Charity Music Night with great talented musicians at Sting Bar Cronulla!

Save the date! Saturday November 19th

We know everyone’s doing it tough, so we’ve kept costs low – $60 a head!
Every year the team at Beach & Bay Realty chooses a few causes and charities to support and every year there seems to be more and more people in need. From 2011 onwards, we have decided to support Swags for Homeless, established by Tony Clarke, a Melbourne man who developed a waterproof sleeping bad that folds into a backpack.

Since we are in the business of helping people buy and sell their homes, we feel that it is appropriate to support people much less fortunate who, for whatever reason, find themselves homeless.

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Commitment to those less fortunate: Swags for Homeless

Every year the team at Beach & Bay Realty chooses a few causes and charities to support. Every year there seems to be more and more people in need.

For 2011 and onwards we have decided to support Swags for Homeless, established by Melbourne man Tony Clark who developed a waterproof sleeping bag that folds into a backpack.

Since we are in the business of helping people buy and sell their homes, we feel that it is appropriate to support people much less fortunate who, for whatever reason, find themselves homeless.

  • Did you know there are over 100,000 people homeless in Australia? Over 16,000 people will sleep on the streets tonight, under bridges, in alleyways or worse.
  • That is equal to the population of the suburb of Cronulla (ABS 2006)

Beach & Bay Realty’s commitment from here on is to buy a backpack bed ($68) every time we sell a property. The backpack beds are distributed by Swags for Homeless which is a not for profit organisation.

Since the start of the year with so many natural disasters and as we have seen with the devastation in Christchurch overnight, the authorities are saying that many more people will be homeless and destitute from the cyclones, floods and earthquakes.

We seem to notice the number of homeless when we travel to other countries but in our own suburb, town, city they can go unnoticed.

Everyone deserves a home and to be without even a bed or decent shelter is beyond comprehension. Beach & Bay Realty is a small company and team so we hope that our local community will support us in this cause!

Please see out online donations page!

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SMH Half Marathon Training in Cronulla

Over the next 13 weeks I am going to blog once a week to let you know how my training for the Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon (May 15) is going. I will be doing most of my training around Cronulla, Caringbah, Kurnell & Bundeena. I will be road running plus doing some weight training at Fitness First Wanda & Fitness First Cronulla & yoga with Karina Norton at Free Spirit Yoga, Cronulla.

I’m hoping to inspire anyone to realise that if I can do it, they can. If a half marathon has always been on your to do list – this is the year! 89 days to go!

Introduction: past experience;

At the 17km point SMH Half 2010

  • I’m not what you would call an athlete, but I do enjoy running. During good periods I have run up to 5 times a week, albeit at a snails pace. However I have no consistency and can also go weeks without a single run.
  • I ran the same Half Marathon last year and it was hell! I couldn’t walk properly or bend over for a week. I didn’t aim for a time, just wanted to finish.
  • Out of 8733 runners I placed 7924 with a time of 2 hours 21 mins, but crossing that finish line was one of the best feelings ever!

Continue reading

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Rachael goes to Vietnam

I have just returned for the New Year at Beach & Bay having spent 8 weeks in South East Asia. 4 weeks in Vietnam traveling up the coast and also ducking across the Central Highlands on the Ho Chi Minh Trail by motorbike, 1000km over 5 days! We continued up north to gorgeous Halong Bay where even the rainy weather couldn’t mask the beauty of that World Heritage Site! Unfortunately my camera broke on the 3rd week so I was unable to capture everything (we also spent 4 weeks in Cambodia & Laos).

While we live in one of the nicest places this planet has to offer (Cronulla, Australia), always be mindful that there is a big wide world that needs exploring. I recommend South East Asia for anyone on a budget who wants to see how the other half of the world lives – basic, hardworking, struck by tragedy but still smiling. Here’s a photo journal of those first fabulous weeks. Enjoy!

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Supporting Local & International Charities

Over the years Beach & Bay Realty has been a huge supporter of local and international charities. Managing director Kylie Emans is a big believer in giving back & all staff here share the same do-good enthusiasm!

Whether it’s putting down cold hard cash to help build a classroom in Ghana, giving up alcohol for a month to raise money for Dry July or building a website & throwing a benefit night to support local girl Teneile Pawley – we want to help.

Over the last few months we have been blogging about local charity Australian Youth Against Cancer. I’m honoured to volunteer for this organisation – my friend Chris Boyd is the founder. AYAC has been working hard to establish itself as a new & exciting charity which will raise money for lifesaving cancer research & treatment. Recently winning a place on the Young Social Pioneers Program, this week AYAC has received more fantastic news – a partnership with Westpac Bank! AYAC is also talking to Inspired Adventures about how the charity & company can combine to raise some serious money!

AYAC’s major appeal this year is The Murray River appeal – where Chris Boyd & his best mate Ian Bacon will be kayaking the length of the 2500km river over 8 weeks! Aiming to raise $50 for every kilometre paddled, we at AYAC have a huge goal of $100,000 to achieve, but with the firm belief that we will! (Call us young and naïve OR amazing & passionate!)

To find out more visit and donate today!

Causes & Charities Beach & Bay has supported.

Building a classroom in Ghana

Raising money for Teneile Pawley

Childcare Kitgum Servants

World Vision

World’s Greatest Shave – Leukaemia Foundation

Dry July – The Prince Of Wales Hospital

Australian Youth Against Cancer

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