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Cronulla Mall Report: Spring Has Sprung!

1Today was yet another perfect day in the Mall. After the Spring Festival over the weekend, Cronulla seemed to be on the quiet side of things this week, waiting for the crowds to swarm again when the school holidays roll in next week, fingers crossed for even better weather!

While strolling down the Mall today enjoying the gorgeous weather there weren’t too many changes to report on…

photo 12aStarting from the northern end down by the beach near Hogs Breath Cafe a new Italian restaurant, Giro Osteria, has popped up. As I made my way back to the Mall it was no surprise to see that the old Vodafone store is still for lease, will anyone ever move in here?!

Walking down the Mall there are a few sales here and there – Blue Illusion are offering a further 50% off reduced stock, Dutchee Dutchee have half price sales racks inside and loads more.

3Bread & Stone have cemented their place in the Mall while Chocpad still remains closed, does anyone know what’s going on?

The two relatively new additions to the Mall in Surf Rd,  Groundbake Artisan Bakery & Cronulla Hair seem to be doing reasonably well.photo 6

Renovations are happening at the former Beaches premises overlooking South Cronulla while around the corner the former Vinnies store is up for lease, any ideas what might fit in here? Watch this space!


2With this small changes put aside, the Mall remains reasonably unchanged, for now…. Hopefully Spring has more of this weather in store for us over the next two months before things really start to heat up!



Cronulla Spring Festival 2013

Hot-Potato-Spring-Festival_2011It’s that time of year again!  The 2013 Cronulla Spring Festival will kick off on Saturday 14th September at 10am and conclude on Sunday 15th September at 4pm.

This year the Cronulla Spring Festival is all about embracing our beach lifestyle with comic lifeguards, beach fashions, a surf rider and giant seagulls. Fingers crossed this beautiful Spring weather will continue!

Cronulla will come alive over the weekend with over 120 market stalls set to take up the Mall and Surf Rd with plenty of activities in Monro Park & Dunningham Park planned.

The Pavilion Stage

Head on down to the Pavilion Stage for live shows, entertainment and musicians performing throughout the weekend including:

  • The New Adventures of Peter Pan
  • Ronald McDonald & Friends Show
  • Kirrawee High School Band
  • Royal Australian Navy Band
  • Sea Naturals Capella Choir

Mia-Monro-Enderby-2011-Spring_FestivalKids Corner

Travel down to the southern end of the Mall for great, low-cost kids activities including the much-loved animal farm, mini golf, and face painting.

Don’t forget about the Wellbeing Fair in Monro Park, the RSL Motoring Enthusiasts Club’s Show & Shine event near the giant slide on Surf Rd, the Sutherland Shire Marine & Boat Show on the beach front at North Cronulla (Dunningham Park & Peryman Square) and The Arts Theatre in Surf Rd celebrating their 50th birthday with an open house viewing over the weekend.

aButterfly-stilts-Spring-Festival_2011Road Closures

Cronulla St & Surf Rd will be closed from 4am on Saturday 14th September until 7pm on Sunday 15th September, so don’t leave your car parked in the Mall when you head out on Friday night! Surf Lane will remain open. Please keep in mind that parking will be almost impossible, consider catching the train or the bus if possible!


Pre-Election Info & Real Estate Update

As we head into the final weeks of the election campaign and winter, real estate agents are madly trying to sell their auction listings prior to Election Day which is notoriously and traditionally a quiet day in real estate. This election also marks the beginning of the spring auction campaign but there is a marked drop in auctions scheduled. Ideally you select an auction date either side of the election weekend but this year it was particularly hard due to the political turmoil in Australia and the shifting dates, and some properties have been caught in the shifting dates. On the weekend prior to the election there are 13 auctions scheduled to go ahead in our area, whereas on Election Day there are only 7 currently up for auction. As is always the case the following week the auction numbers will pick up dramatically and this happens no matter if there is a change of government or if there is a status quo, for some reason buyers don’t feel the need so urgently to buy a house at auction on Election Day.

Most agents are looking forward to the election being over so we can list more properties because winter has been a period of very limited stock and lots of frustrated buyers combined with attractively low interest rate opportunities. We are hoping that Spring and an increase in political confidence and stability will trigger down to encourage vendors to sell. Most encouraging for vendors is that Winter 2013 has seen a dramatic rebound in prices across Sydney, in particular in the $700,000 – $1.3mil price range. Surely this will encourage vendors to sell!

Where to vote?

Polling places will be open for voting between 8am and 6pm on Saturday 7th September. The Cook electorate covers as far west as Bonnet Bay & Como, east of the train line at Sutherland, all suburbs north of the Hacking River (from Grays Point to Cronulla and all suburbs south of the Georges River & Botany Bay) as per the map below.

The polling booths below fall between Cronulla & Caringbah:

  • Uniting Church Hall – Cnr Burke Rd & Gosport St, Cronulla
  • Cronulla Public School – 18-24 Burraneer Bay Rd, Cronulla
  • St. Aloysius Primary School Cronulla – 18 Giddings Ave, Cronulla
  • Cronulla South Public School – 121 Ewos Pde, Cronulla
  • Cronulla High School – Captain Cook Drive, Cronulla
  • Woolooware Public School – Riverview Ave, Woolooware
  • Burraneer Bay Public School – 161 Burraneer Bay Rd, Burraneer
  • Lilli Pilli Public School – Turriell Bay Rd, Lilli Pilli
  • Caringbah Public School – Port Hacking Rd, Caringbah South
  • Laguna St Public School – 204 Caringbah Rd, Caringbah South
  • St. Philip’s Anglican Church Hall – 402 Port Hacking Rd, Caringbah
  • Caringbah High School – 85 Willarong Rd, Caringbah
  • Sutherland Hospital Clinic – Kingsway, Caringbah



Local Talent: Tigertown

209865_462146220472142_696554673_o-904x602Chris (guitarist, singer and songwriter) in Cronulla based indie band Tigertown takes some time out on their new EP Wandering Eyes during release week to talk about the band, their music and the place they call home….

So half you of are born and bred in the shire however Kurt and Charlie you are from Tamworth originally, what bought you to these southern beaches? 

Charlie and Kurt originally moved down to Sydney with the band they were in at the time, living in the city. When Charlie and I got married we decided to live in Cronulla, she said it felt like Tamworth on the beach. Haha I guess it’s still relaxed enough to almost be a country town.

What’s your typical weekend in Cronulla? What cafes, Restaurants and shopping haunts do you hit up on your weekend off?

Well I’ll start the day surfing behind Shelley pools, then we’ll grab breakfast and coffee at Ham deli cafe. Really lucky the coffee scene is so pumping here. Charlie will raid the Vinnies daily, then nights often end up at El Sol Mexican restaurant. Always a good crew there.

tigertownTell us about your new single ‘What You Came Here For’

It was exciting for us to put this song out because we’re really happy with the new EP and it’s the first glimpse of our new stage. The song comes from classic moments I have, wondering whether we’ve got it all wrong and how we could be living differently. Not trying to change the world or anything, just wondering.

What are the major influences for your song writing?

We all love a classic pop song. We’d love to write music that lasts. I suppose all our songs come from personal experience or feelings, but we try and keep them universal enough to relate to everyone. We actually find where we live has an impact as we love to songs to come from a calm place and be an escape for people amongst all the hectic noise. So having a beach to sit on helps.

Wandering Eyes is your new EP… What’s the story behind the title and how the songs all came together on this EP?

This EP is actually the first time we’ve recorded with all five of us together and all the songs really developed and came to life on the road. We were able to do a lot of touring last year so every song was tried and tested before we recorded them. Wandering eyes is actually the name of one of the tracks. It’s the song we get excited about the most live. Definitely drawing from bands that inspire us with classic pop music. The song itself is a bit of a sexy love song.

You are heading out on tour for this new EP… When and where can everyone see you play?

We’re getting around the whole country again. Our Sydney show is at Oxford Art Factory. We’ve never headlined there before so we’re really excited about that one.

Can you tell us five of your favourite songs that you are listening to you?

It’s always a mixture of new and old. Right now it would be:

  • Go your own way – Fleetwood Mac
  • Resolution – Matt Corby
  • Oh Sailor – Mr Little Jeans
  • Leeward Side – Josh Pyke
  • Baby be mine – Michael Jackson




The Mall is filled with winter sun and winter sales making room for new spring stock in the coming weeks!

Starting from the northern end, the old Vodafone store still remains vacant as it has for some time now. I felt sorry for photo 4the lady from ANZ who had to stand out the front telling people the bank and ATM were closed due to a power failure! Meanwhile Cotton On have well and truly opened next to Cronulla Pie Shop.

The iconic Commonwealth Bank has officially relocated to the smaller premises down the Mall next to Subway and Allouche’s Café & Eatery, which is currently undergoing some renovations. Also the old CBA premises is for lease and word is it has been divided into 3…

photo 3The Embassy have moved into the former newsagency next to Toni & Guy and are advertising pies, cakes and fresh sandwiches to come soon. Not sure when the new store will be open but we will keep you updated…

At the southern end of the Mall Lodown have 20% of all winter stock and jeans while the newly established hairdresser next to South of the Border, The Place, are looking for a full-time stylist – apply within.

20130813_111709Council work continues in several prime spots in Cronulla including the crossing near Oporto and on the grass at South Cronulla Beach near the Surf Club. They better hurry up as the Spring Fair is just around the corner!

Rumour has it that the former restaurant Simone’s on the Park overlooking South Cronulla Beach will soon become either Hurricane’s Bar & Grill or a gym, only time will tell…

photo 9If you think the weather is unseasonably hot, the real estate market in Cronulla and surrounding suburbs is even hotter. Fuelled by low interest rates and a severe shortage of stock,  prices are on the up and up as multiple buyers compete for the very few properties in our highly sought after area. Beach & Bay Realty just sold 13 Seaforth Ave, Woolooware (due to go to auction on 31st August) in just 5 days and 1 open house.

Anyone thinking of selling call us now and enjoy the benefits of this perfect seller’s market.



Shortage of Properties For Sale, Winter 2013

The Reserve Bank meets today and the consensus is that that there will be a rate cut of .25% and with a Federal Election date now booked in this is good news for buyers. Yes I say buyers! Not since Winter 2003 have I seen a shortage of listings like this winter, where buyers come through an open house and eye their competition, recognising other buyers as bidders at the previous week’s auction, both being outbid by someone who went the extra $10,000.

In the current market buyers have to be ready to pounce, think twice and you will miss out. Mind you with fixed interest rates below 5%, it is a great time to be buying, there just needs to be more on the market for all the buyers currently looking.

Hopefully with the certainty of an election date and spring around the corner more people will decide to sell in the coming months and current buyers will be unpacked and moved in for Christmas 2013 in their new home.


Feng Shui: A Smooth Run

Whether you’re selling or buying a new home the one thing you really want is everything to run smoothly. Come to that, doesn’t everyone want everything in life to run smoothly? Except that life has the habit of providing bumps of all shapes and sizes along the way. In Chinese philosophy this is nothing more (or less) than the concept of yin and yang – light and dark. In other words, you cannot have one without the other. You need both – there’s no light without shade, after all, and no shade without light. Or put another way, there is no joy in finding an easy car-parking space if you don’t already know the misery of not being able to find one. And vice versa.

The truth is that life is full of ups and downs. The practice of feng shui is about trying to create an environment that makes the extremes less, well, extreme. Smoothing out the bumps, if you like. It is part of an important threesome that take us through life:

  1. Having an honest understanding yourself (knowing your limits and your potential)
  2. Making the most of good opportunities that come your way (making an effort)
  3. Ensuring you’re in the best position to take advantage of the good luck you encounter (the good feng shui of living and working in a well-organised space).

So what is a well-organised space? It doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to look spick and span but importantly it is the space where you don’t feel swamped by things. You don’t trip over things; you have easy access to the everyday things you need. It is a space that nourishes you because it’s not calling out to you to tidy away all that clutter, wash its windows and finish putting up those shelves.

Few of us live in the perfect homes displayed in magazines. We all have stuff. Some of us having stuff all over the place – behind doors, in every corner of the room, hidden under beds, crammed into drawers. So much of it is stuff we’re never honestly going to use again. But when we lessen the amount of it, selling or recycling what we no longer need, we make space for more things to come in. And that can mean all kinds of things, like bringing in the energy of good opportunities. In the case of a selling a home, a well-organised space can bring in the right buyer. It can also mean attracting a good agent to help you through the process (and we all know just where to find one on this page!). If you’re buying then it can simply mean you’re supported well towards the right property and the transaction has a sense of flow about it…

You might have noticed how you often feel lighter when you’ve just cleaned your home. That you seem to work better when your workspace is less cluttered. That more opportunities come into your life when you’re not feeling bogged down by a long to-do list. This is all part of the well-organised home. It’s the starting point for all good feng shui. I once had a client who lived in a flat that was so full of boxes, magazines, suitcases, you name it, that there were only narrow walkways through the place. “I know I need to tidy up,” she said to me. “But ignore that, just tell me how to get the feng shui right so I can bring in good fortune.” This was an extreme example and of course I could do nothing until she was willing to tackle all that ‘stuff’ first. Feng shui isn’t magic. It starts with you connecting with your space and understanding that it is a reflection of who you are and what you want out of life. Bringing order to your home can bring order to your life, as simple as that. Surely everyone wants that?

Local Cronulla surfer Jared Hickel needs your help!

15 year old Jared Hickel needs your votes so he can represent Australia in France for Quiksilver’s King of the Groms 2013. As the only Cronulla surfer entered in the competition, he needs all your help to represent not only Australia, but also our beautiful Cronulla.

Please click on the link here to help Jared achieve his dreams! Voting closes in a few days.

Thank you for your support!


Sutherland 2 Surf – 21st July 2013

The 42nd annual Sutherland2Surf Fun Run & Walk will be held on Sunday 21st July 2013.

The S2S kicks off at 8am sharp at the starting line on Flora Street, Sutherland. You must ensure that your Bib Tag is attached to the front of your shirt prior to lining up ready to race. For your safety, the event organisers ask that all walkers start behind the runners and that you place yourself on the starting line based on your ability.

Once the race has commenced, competitors will run/walk down Flora St along Clements Parade and up Hotham Rd to reach the Kingsway. Participants will then travel all the way down the Kingsway, along Elouera Rd and onto Mitchell Rd towards the finish line at Wanda Beach – a total of approximately 11.2km.

Race Rules

  1. You must wear your own allocated chest bib tag; they are not transferable.
  2. There will be a “mat” timing both the start and finish, allowing for you to have an accurate net time. At the finish line you must cross the timing mats to ensure a time.
  3. Once you’ve passed the finish line please keep moving into the recovery area.
  4. The organiser reserves the right to reject or cancel any entry in the race at any time.
  5. Police requirements are that competitors stay in the left nearside lane along the route, and walkers are not to impede runners if overtaking. Traffic signals and directions must be obeyed unless otherwise directed by Police or Race Officials.
  6. No bikes, roller skates, skateboards or dogs allowed.
  7. Due to a Police requirement, all runners as they come out of Hotham Rd to turn into the Kingsway must immediately go to the left hand side of the Kingsway and keep on the left hand side all the way to Northies.
  8. Please consider the environment and use bins to dispose of any litter.

Road Closures
Roads between Sutherland and Cronulla will begin closing from 6am with a progressive re-opening of roads from 8:20am with all roads set to be open again by 10:30am

Those participating in the fun run are advised to use public transport – trackwork is taking place between Sutherland & Waterfall therefore buses will replace trains, please allow extra time for your journey.


Cronulla Mall Report: Sales, sales, sales!

Finally we’re seeing some winter sun!

The Mall is full of mid-year sales! Prices have been marked down throughout the Mall at Butiga, Freelance Shoes, Stevie & Me, Sentier, Dreamshack and almost everywhere in between!

The old Vodafone shop next to the ANZ Bank remains unoccupied with many For Lease signs in the window with the former Payless Shoes store a few doors down also still vacant.

Speaking of shoes, the Shoe Superstore has re-opened under new management in its original position in the Mall with up to 50% off in store.

Berkelouw Books are looking for a new staff member, check out their window for more details.

With a bright new fresh shop front, Cronulla welcomes Fingertipz to the Mall, occupying L.A Trend’s former position. Opposite the new nail salon Cronulla’s iconic Post Office is undergoing some maintenance with a new coat of paint.

Next to Subway the old Gloria Jeans store is now a construction zone, making way for the new Commonwealth Bank premises.

In Surf Rd Groundbake is doing a great trade. Next door sits Cronulla’ empty Little Shoe Shop, which will soon be transformed into a new hairdressing salon. New restaurant Hunt & Gather is also becoming very popular!

Vinnies are enjoying their new position between IGA and Cronulla Fruitland, however the Fruitland is still closed.

Cronulla welcomes new hair salon The Place which has opened up next to South of the Border overlooking Monro Park, currently greener and brighter than ever thanks to all the rain we’ve had lately!

Interested in owning a business in the Mall? Dreamshack is currently For Sale.

As always there are some great school holiday activities on offer from Cronulla CBD to keep the kids occupied – Mini Putt Golf at the Pavilion (1 – 5 July) and the Cronulla Clue Challenge (8– 12 July).