Council’s Household Clean Up Service, Cronulla

Just in case you lost your Sutherland Shire calendar, the council clean up starts on Monday 22nd October in Cronulla at 5am. If you are about to go on the market, this is the perfect time to dispose of those never to be used again items that are cluttering up your cupboards and garages. It’s best to be ruthless with this! Less clutter is more money when you are selling.

And if you haven’t had your property photographs taken yet then maybe hold off a week as normally the streets resemble a tip for a week or so and is not a good look for photo shoots.

If you have clothing that you are thinking of throwing out, remember Vinnies at Cronulla is a great place to recycle clothing rather than throwing it out.

Remember your materials should not be placed out on the street before Saturday 20th October. Please check council’s website to check what can be thrown out and please be careful where you place items to be collected.

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