Final Spots filled in Shark Island Challenge

As we all wished Liz a big ‘Happy Birthday’ over the weekend and enjoyed every moment of Monday morning’s sleep in, some people still had to go to work. Including a fifteen year old kid named Sam Strachan.

Sam competed in the Brett Young Memorial Trials held at Cronulla Point on Sunday alongside a field of international riders, all vying for a spot in the Shark Island Challenge. With a heavy fan base and plenty of support, Sam finished second overall behind South African Dan Worsely.

He now has secured a spot in the main event, and has been drawn against fellow local rider and good mate Shaun Pyne. Also competing in the event is former world champion Ben Player; and the most influential bodyboarder to never win a world title – Ryan Hardy, whose peers actually voted as the best in the world for years.

I can’t confirm this outright, but I’m almost certain Sam is the youngest ever competitor in the history of the challenge. Ben Hansen made the Challenge a few years back at a young age, though he most certainly was over sixteen.

We wish Sam and Shaun the best of luck. Conditions this week won’t be ideal for the Challenge to run, but I will review the forecasts next week so stay tuned for an update then.

In other news, Nick Omerod is replacing Michael Novy for Unite Clothing. Novy fractured his verterbrae in his back whilst surfing the Zone (a notoriously heavy wave on the central coast) over the weekend. We hope he makes a full recovery.

For more information check out Fluidzone.

Sam Strachan secures a spot in the Shark Island Challenge

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  1. Kylie Emans says:

    Thank you to Phil Gallagher from Fluidzone for the picture!

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