How many people can fit under a Beach & Bay umbrella?

sea-storm-cloudsweather-picture-photo-umbrellas-rain-Rome-letneokylie umbrella

Winter is here and having just received my new Beach & Bay umbrella I am tempted to say “Bring on the rain”. These umbrellas are huge! No more wet shoes and socks and cold feet, no chance of my handbag or backpack sticking out the back or side of the umbrella and getting wet. Under the Beach & Bay umbrella I am in a completely dry zone!

I am actually checking out the weather forecast to see when I am going to be able to use my new umbrella.

7 Day Weather Forecast for Sydney

Saturday – Low 12 – High 18 – Possible shower
Sunday – Low 9 – High 16 – Possible shower
Monday – Low 7 – High 16 – Mostly sunny
Tuesday – Low 5 – High 15 – Mostly sunny
Wednesday – Low 7 – High 15 – Possible shower
Thursday – Low 7 – High 15  – Possible shower
Friday –  Low 7 – High 17 – Mostly sunny

So if anyone happens to be caught out in the rain and you to see me strolling along with my enormous Beach & Bay umbrella… feel free to come on over and seek some shelter… plenty of room to share.

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