Cronulla Mall Report: July 2014

IMAG0202We’re starting to feel the winter chill but that hasn’t kept people away from our beachside suburb! The beaches are certainly quieter but as per usual Cronulla is still a hub of activity.

One word comes to mind while walking through the Mall – sales! Some of these include:

  • All sale stock at Flirty under $30
  • Sales at Decisions Decisions
  • Winter store clearance at Forever Fashion
  • And many more!

IMAG0209_1Aside from Sportscraft that recently moved into the Mall, there haven’t been any other major changes.

The old Commonwealth Bank and Australand Greenhills Beach office are still looking to be leased.

IMAG0212_1The Cronulla Pie Shop have unfortunately lost their awning once again after a truck incident, but the customers still look happy enjoying the sunshine.

IMAG0215_1The much-loved Pirate Ship is undergoing some repairs and is scheduled to be out of action for a while, hopefully it will come back almost brand new!

Unfortunately Cronulla On Ice has ended but it was a major hit! We hope it comes back next year, hopefully even bigger this time!

Hopefully our stunning winter weather will stick around for the Sutherland 2 Surf this Sunday, hope to see you there!

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Sutherland 2 Surf – 20th July 2014

The 43rd annual Brooks Caltex S2S Fun Run & Walk will take place on Sunday 20th July 2014.

The S2S kicks off at 8am sharp at the starting line on Flora Street, Sutherland (behind the Sutherland Entertainment Centre). Once the race has commenced, competitors will run/walk down Flora St along Clements Parade and up Hotham Rd to reach the Kingsway. Participants will then travel all the way down the Kingsway, along Elouera Rd and onto Mitchell Rd towards the NEW finish area at Don Lucas Reserve (Greenhills carpark).


Brooks Caltex Sutherland 2 Surf Fun Run & Walk

Race Rules

  1. You must wear your own allocated chest bib tag; they are not transferable.
  2. There will be a “mat” timing both the start and finish, allowing for you to have an accurate net time. At the finish line you must cross the timing mats to ensure a time.
  3. Once you’ve passed the finish line please keep moving into the recovery area.
  4. The organiser reserves the right to reject or cancel any entry in the race at any time.
  5. Police requirements are that competitors stay in the left nearside lane along the route, and walkers are not to impede runners if overtaking. Traffic signals and directions must be obeyed unless otherwise directed by Police or Race Officials.
  6. No bikes, roller skates, skateboards or dogs allowed.
  7. As participants come out of Hotham Rd to turn into the Kingsway they must all immediately go to the left hand side of the Kingsway and keep on the left hand side all the way to Northies.
  8. Please consider the environment and use bins to dispose of any litter.

New finish line location

Road Closures
Roads between Sutherland and Cronulla will begin closing from 5:30am with a progressive re-opening of roads from 8:20am with all roads set to be open again by 10:30am. For more detailed information regarding the road closures click here.

Event bus transfers
Special event buses will depart from Cronulla High School to Sutherland before the event. The 1st bus departs at 6:30am and the last bus will depart at 7:15am. Buses will also depart from Cronulla High School to Sutherland after the race presentation and the last bus will leave at 11:00am. The cost is $4 per person per trip. Please contact Anne Caterson on 0417 236 113 for more information.

Best of luck to all participating!

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Spotlight on local business: Paper & Poppies

IMG_20140529_110154Last week Beach & Bay grabbed a cupcake (or three!) and had a chat with Ross from Paper & Poppies….

How long have you been open serving delicious treats in the Shire?
Paper & Poppies has existed for around 5-6 years now, however the business started solely as a cake design business with Weddings Cakes being the main focus. Over time this grew and developed – last year we began doing Market Stalls in Cronulla Mall on Saturdays or Sundays around special occasions (Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Spring Fair etc). This was the first time that we had sold cupcakes/macaroons/cookies to the general public.

When did you open in Woolooware?
We decided to take the plunge and open a teahouse with our full range of goodies when we found the perfect place in November 2013. In early December we got the keys, did the fit out and opened on the 21st of that month, meaning Paper & Poppies has now been in its current format for nearly 7 months.

IMG_20140529_110231Where did the Paper & Poppies idea come from?
Initially, it came purely from Lizzie’s passion to cook. She would often cook goodies for events or for friends parties and as such became known as “the dessert” person! A friend then asked her to do her wedding cake, she said yes, and well the rest is history. It grew and developed from there – from a cake & hand made stationary business (hence the paper in the name) to a cake & tea shoppe that it is today.

You recently celebrated Cadbury Week in store, which flavour was the most popular?
Oh that’s a tough one – people always ask what’s most popular and it honestly depends on the day! In this case, it would be a toss-up between “Crunchie” & “Top Deck”.

IMG_20140529_110049Which variety of cupcakes, cakes, teas and/or treats are your best-sellers?
As per above question, it’s quite hard to narrow it down to the absolute favourites as it really does depend on the day! Of our regular treats our most popular would definitely be our Lemon Meringue Tart or Crème Brulee Tart, for cupcakes it’d be either the Salted Caramel Popcorn with the adults and the Persian Fairy Floss with the kids. Tea wise the good ol’ English Breaky is always popular, however the Apple, Cinnamon & Camomile is growing in popularity in our Herbal Range, and the Russian Caravan in our Black Tea Range, Monks Pear is probably the most popular Green Tea!

It is so good to see a good choice for those of us with special dietary requirements, your caramel iced gluten free cupcake is one of the best I’ve tasted, did you make a conscious effort to cater to this market?
Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed! To answer your question though, absolutely. It’s something that both Lizzie and I are really passionate about and it’s an area of our business we hope to develop further. We always try to have some Gluten Free, Sugar Free & Vegan options available! We love seeing people enjoy what we make, and as such endeavour to ensure as many people as possible CAN actually do that.

IMG_20140529_110314If you had a food critic visit your store and you were asked to recommend one sweet treat from your menu what would you choose?
You love these hard questions! Probably our Vanilla Bean Cupcake because in it’s simplicity is the essence of a great cupcake.

Is there one day in the week where business spikes?
Definitely Friday/Saturday – end of the week and I think everyone deserves a treat after working so hard through the week!

What do you love most about your job?
Definitely the people. I genuinely believe we have the best customers and am stoked every day that I get to speak with them, learn a bit more about them and engage in genuine conversation. Without them, we wouldn’t have a business, and both Lizzie and I are extremely thankful for them!

IMG_20140529_110342What is your favourite place in Cronulla?
South Cronulla Beach  – awesome at sunrise, during the day or sunset. Favourite café would be Ham and restaurant would be The Old Library.

Finish this sentence – I Love Cronulla because…
It always feels like a holiday!

We found you on Instagram, do you also have a Facebook page?
We sure do! We actually had it before Instagram! Search for Paper & Poppies and we should pop up!

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Spotlight on local business: idtagit

Introducing Jo – by day the friendliest Cronulla postie you could ever meet, and in her spare time, a budding entrepreneur with her husband Tim.

DSC_8619Who are the masterminds behind the idtagit idea?
Look, Tim (my husband) had the bare bones of the initial idea, then between us, we’ve jointly shaped it into the working product people use all over the world today.

How did idtagit come about and how long has it been in the making?
Both Tim & I noticed that the problem of “lost & found” had been around since forever, but wondered why in this day and age it had never been tackled as a topic. Timeline wise it’s taken several long years and heaps of knock backs to get our ideas off the ground and it’s now great to sit back and look how far we travelled with it, since we started drafting the basic concept on a napkin back in 2010.

1505407_757478364275838_573918965_nHow does idtagit work?
With us both coming from a Baby Boomer generation when life was very simple compared to these days, we elected idtagit had to be easy to use and implement for everybody. Add to these two ingredients, our other goal of a “low cost to adopt factor” of less than $3 retail price for each tag we made, we’re proud to say we think we got the combination just right.

We sell a small & discrete hardwearing tag (40mm x 18mm x 1.3mm thick) you can either stick or hang on any of your belongings, and we mean “anything”. We’ve had customers put them on slightly unusual stuff like USB’s, lunch boxes, flippers and football boots, as well as all the standard things you’d expect people to lose frequently.

Each tag has a unique code engraved into it and links via idtagit database to your email address and mobile number. So when a stranger tells us at idtagit they’ve found your lost property, you’re immediately notified via text message as well as an email of the finders contact details, wherever in the world you are. One of the biggest attractions that our tags offer is that they don’t highlight anything about you (i.e. your name, address and so on), which in these days of identity fraud is a great asset to have when marking your belongings.

Before you invented idtagit, what was the most important possession you’ve ever lost?
Good question as it takes me back to my childhood when I lost a small toy doll from my pram whilst being pushed around by my mother in Miranda Fair. The thing (doll) was only worth a few dollars, but I recall vividly the sadness parting from it, demonstrating that sometimes it’s the emotional value of things we lose that are irreplaceable, not always the mundane things like keys & mobile phones that end up in the lost property office.

Some amazing facts on lost property from here in our own back yard show that Sydney Ferry Service collect 150 items every day and on average 250+ phones are lost in NSW each and every day.

We’re most likely to lose our stuff when we travel via air as we’re often stressed, tired and disorientated, meaning more things like carry-on luggage and camera’s never make it to the right destination than you would care to imagine.


We bet you have heard some stories since starting this business. Are there any good or bad stories that stand out?
The constant theme we see daily and that always shines through via idtagit is the kindness of strangers from all walks of life around the world. People on the whole are more than happy to help each other and we’ve heard of individuals delighted that a person they’ve never met, sometimes in different country, has contacted them via idtagit just to say “Hey, I’ve found your lost property and want to give it back”. It’s this fact that makes Tim & I very proud in our business idea as it shows that humanity is a fuel there is an abundance of, no matter where you are.

10441228_779490428749812_5358400830304504148_nWhere do we buy the product?
At this stage we sell directly online via our website Here you can purchase either a pack of 5 or 10 tags for $23 or $29 respectively, with delivery to your postal address in no more than a 5 working days.

Finish this sentence – I Love Cronulla because…..
As a born and bred Aussie, it’s got all my family and all I would ever want from life, it’s just magic!

How do we find you?
Our website address is and you can find us on Facebook here.

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Style Tips: Yellow House Interiors and Beach & Bay Realty

Does styling your home prior to selling make a difference? You bet it does! Kathryn from Yellow House Interiors and Kylie from Beach & Bay Realty tell us more…

Image: Fenton and Fenton -

Image: Fenton and Fenton –

How can a stylist help an agent?
Kathryn: A stylist can help by working with the agent on the presentation of the property. A stylist can discuss ideas on how to make the property looks its best and then implement those ideas to increase the appeal and value of the property.

Kylie: A stylist can be an agent’s secret weapon. It’s hard for an agent to make suggestions as sometimes people can take an offence. When an independent person like an experienced stylist offers their point of view, vendors are more open to their opinion. In the competitive and sophisticated real estate market today hiring furniture is normal and becoming more and more common.

How much value can simple styling add to the sale price?
Kathryn & Kylie: A massive difference!

Kathryn: If the property is styled correctly it automatically goes up in value in the eyes of potential buyers. Property values can increase exponentially if the vendor invests some time and thought into how the property looks, feels and overall presentation.

Kylie: The Sale price and speed of sale increases when a property is styled. The leaking tap in the bathroom must be fixed! Little things can be deterrents from the property itself.

What are the most basic styling improvements that you both agree can boost the overall feeling of a property for sale?

1. Clean and de-clutter.

2. Choose the right furniture to make the property feel bigger.

3. Choose accessories and artwork that enhance the property but do not distract.

4. Painting the property can go a long way. Lighten and brighten the colour scheme throughout.

5. Attend to and fix any small jobs before sale. You want the property to look in great condition.

Master Bedroom - Yellow House Interiors

Master Bedroom – Yellow House Interiors

What’s the biggest mistake a seller makes when they put their property on market?
Kathryn: That they overlook getting the property styled by a professional. A lot of people think that they can do it themselves. Calling in the professionals saves you time, money and at the end of the day you will know that you have sold for the highest price possible.

Kylie: The biggest mistake is selling a property vacant with no furniture.

If you had to avoid a certain item, statue, accessory or ornament in a property, what would it be?
Kathryn: I think it would have to be Grandma’s Old China collection! Get rid of it quick!

Kylie: Photographs of the family, it can be a distraction from the property/room itself if potential clients recognise any familiar faces – keep it neutral. The kitchen bench needs to be bare with a simple centrepiece like a bowl of fruit. Take off the fridge magnets! Bathroom should be 5 star hotel clean with new towels and please put the toilet seat down!

3 products-page-001

Spruce up your home with these today!

Any favourite products to spruce up your home?
Kathryn: Here are some great products which will help your property stand out from the crowd…

1. Titan Table Lamp from Freedom

2. Hamret Copper Dish from Citta Design

3. November 1927 from Society 6

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Spotlight on local business: Mrs. Watson’s

10414556_768128373219351_3214058306323880751_nCongratulations on being one of the most popular stores in the Mall! How long have you been here in Cronulla for now?

10 years! Originally we were in the old DVC store for 7 years but have been Mrs. Watson’s for 3 years now.

How did the idea of Mrs. Watson’s first come about?
Mrs. Watson’s was always the concept store that Mike and Margo wanted but like all small businesses it took a long time to get there!  The original Mrs Watson is Margo’s grandmother and was the first person in her life to teach her about healthy food.  The store was always going to be named after her – Jean Watson. She lived until she was 96 and was a beautiful, loving and healthy human being. Wheatgerm was her staple breakfast (full of vitamin E) but if she was alive today she might have swapped that for a more Paleo inspired breakfast! :)

10336771_670969399641940_1760456650618560585_nYou seem to have a diverse range of products and brands from all around the world, how do you source your products?
We spend hours sourcing new products, we travel to the USA once a year to see what the new trends are, and we get a great deal of pleasure in making sure our store is full of interesting, healthy products for our customers.  For example, we just received our first delivery of Organic Coconut ‘Wraps’ direct from the USA and we are the 1st in Australia to have these.

How many staff members make Mrs. Watson’s the successful business it is?
We have 9 staff plus Mike and Margo. That number includes our Managers – Samantha and Rachelle (who is also a Naturopath), our other Naturopath – Izzac and our other lovely staff members– Kelly, Holly, Nadia and Eadie and, of course, the loveable Justin who is our Organic Fruit and Vege guru!

10346051_668961073176106_3735422849294511417_nWhat product is the highest volume seller?
Superfoods! From Chia seeds to Acai…. Everyone is loving them!

My favourite product line is the Thistle So Good Pea & Mint Risotto, which one of your products is most likely to find its way to your home?
Ahhhh… we know why that is selling so well!
We basically shop 100% in the store but at the moment we are really enjoying our range of  ‘Ozganics Sauces’ – Organic and Gluten Free – really easy to make a quick nutritious meal with some organic chicken, vegetables and kelp noodles after a long day. Finish that off with some Coyo Coconut yoghurt for dessert – dairy free and yummo!

Do customers ask you to stock certain items?
Yes, we really value receiving feedback and one of the best products we have were originally recommended by our customers.

10001448_647560505316163_8452703063482299874_nWhat do you love most about your job?
We love doing what we do – simple as that. We love customers getting excited over our new products, we love seeing people starting on a health regime and feeling so much better, and we love getting to know our customers – lots of them make us laugh all the time!

What is your favourite place in Cronulla?
We enjoy taking a mini break, having a coffee from our favourite cafe’s (we have lots!), sitting on a bench at Cronulla Park overlooking the beach and just chatting and relaxing (and coming up with new ideas of course!)

Finish this sentence – I Love Cronulla because….
It has a buzz that is like being on holidays every day!

Pop into Mrs. Watson’s today in the Mall at 53 Cronulla St or visit them on Facebook or their website 

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Design Inspiration: Great finds for your home

At Yellow House Interiors we are always looking to find exceptional pieces of furniture and accessories that not only meet our client’s brief but also look amazing yet are functional. Check out these great finds if you’re looking for the extraordinary!

Furniture blog post-page-001

1. Melo Sofa Bed from BoConcept
Most sofa beds are small and uncomfortable. The Melo is a great choice offering both a large size, meaning more space for sleeping and can be used as a reclining sofa.

2. MUN 15 Desk from Fred Is Here
This super cool desk is the perfect piece if colour and function are important to you. Custom colour the legs from a choice of 10 colours and there are 2 different wood tops available. Raw natural elegance!

3. Grey & white Pouf from BoConcept
Looking for a stylish answer to the Moroccan pouf? Comes in two different fabric choices and would be a perfect addition to your living room or bedroom.

4. Bolero Pendent from Fred Is Here
A simple yet striking design the Bolero pedant is available in a range of bold colours. Would look great over a table in the office or dining room.

5. Designer Collection from Armadillo & Co
Think bold fun patterns meets rich saturated colour then you’re on the right track. The Designer Collection gives you and your designer the ability to create and customise a designer rug just for you. Choose from a selection of graphic designs and an extensive colour palette to create your very own floor art!

If you want to create a beautiful home then get in touch with Yellow House Interiors. We can help you with all of your interior decorating and styling needs. Visit

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Great Time To Buy

soldhouseIt’s a great time to buy real estate, right now

Now you wouldn’t have heard this from me a month ago and you probably won’t hear this from me in a month’s time but, today, this week, and this weekend, if you are in the position to buy a property then go out there and give it your best shot. ASAP.

The property market in Sydney has been going crazy and prices have increased dramatically in this first half of the year but several, very recent factors are coming into play right now which have created a little pocket of opportunity for buyers.

10348231_10152459011644312_7862929635639049698_nHave you noticed that the auction clearance rates have dropped significantly in the last 3 weeks?  It won’t last and let’s face it, the clearance rate is still quite good compared to previous years. It’s a short term phenomenon.

The things that have changed in the last few weeks:

Firstly and possibly most importantly buyers who have been looking this year and have been thus far unsuccessful are now jaded, tired, fed up, cranky and many have taken a month off to refresh, i.e. they are not going to open houses, instead they have decided to take a real estate break and get their lives back for a few weeks, gone away for a weekend, gone to see the kids play soccer etc instead of going from one open house to the next, all day Saturday.

1911606_10152289518374312_646615506_nSecondly, the media has now been reporting for a few months that things have been selling for $100,000, $200,000, $300,000 in excess of the reserve and painting the picture that buyers will pay whatever to get into the market. The media is usually several months behind reality too but buyers have started to feel completely ripped off and are taking a step back to consider what they are paying.

1264281_10151917506959312_1923611023_oThirdly, vendors expectations have been going up and up and up as each sale achieves a new benchmark sale price.

Fourthly, the budget announcement, again this is just short term jitters but it’s to do with confidence, confidence in the economy, in our government, in securing employment to keep paying that mortgage.

So now is not the time to give up, some vendors have bought and need to sell so they must quickly meet market expectations, the budget will iron itself out and buyer confidence will be back. Then you will be again competing with too many buyers and not enough sellers as is normally the case in the winter months in a great market. So, don’t stop looking now buyers, get out there and secure that property before it’s on the move again, and I think you only have a couple of weeks! Good luck!

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Cronulla Mall Report: May 2014

photo-8Welcome to the warmest May we’ve seen in a while!

The cool pre-winter weather is yet to set in and Cronulla is just as busy as ever!

Since our last Mall Report there have been no major changes in Cronulla to report, but there are a few…

In Surf Rd Queen Margherita of Savoy has replaced Hunt & Gather and we can’t wait to try it! Check out the menu on their website here.

photo-5-e1400625974524-768x1024The vacant stores still gracing the Mall and surrounds include:

  • The former Commonwealth Bank
  • Greenhills Beach Australand Office
  • Chocpad
  • Simone’s On The Park

Any idea what will fill these spaces? Restaurants, cafe’s or retail? We’ll keep you up to date… Hopefully we’ll have some new exciting shopfronts open up soon!

photo-7Miss Foxy Hair & Make Up is looking for a Part Time Hairdresser, spread the word if you know someone qualified who enjoys being footsteps away from the beach.

Beach & Bay are on the look out for local businesses who would like to feature in our next blog – we want to hear from you! Contact us via our I Love Cronulla Facebook page or email

This warm weather is predicted to last only one more week, so enjoy it while you can!

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Very Basic Styling Tips For Selling

FACT: An empty room is a smaller room.

JUST PLAIN WRONG:  Furniture makes a small room smaller

empty new roomWhen I am faced with showing a vacant property I prep every buyer before they inspect the property with this reminder – “An empty room is a smaller room”.  But who believes a real estate agent?!

I strongly encourage every Beach & Bay seller to furnish a room, because without fail, if they do not, I guarantee buyers will make the comment that the room is small, in fact too small for their requirements and that great first impression is lost. Not only that, a buyer will go on to say “Imagine how small the room will be once furnished! “ This is so wrong but it’s hard to convince a buyer of this. Buyers need to see to believe.

small_bedroom_design_ideasRecently I had the situation where 2 identical properties were for sale by the same owner, one was furnished and one was not.  I would show buyers through the first unfurnished apartment  and, like clockwork, their initial reaction  would be “Oh the bedrooms are small, will they fit a double bed?”  Tape measures would come out, criticisms would be made…Then I would take them to see the identical but furnished apartment and their reactions would be positive, no concerns about fitting a queen bed  (maybe even a king) and tape measures would come out again but this time to actually confirm that indeed the rooms were exactly the same size as the other unfurnished apartment.

unfurnishedA furnished room shows dimension which in turn makes the room look bigger and it shows the buyer clearly the functionality of a room.  I’m not encouraging clutter, because a cluttered room is a disaster for presentation and of course can make a room look diminished. What I am encouraging though is hiring furniture, or if finances are tight, borrowing core pieces of furniture for rooms, a bed or a desk or a sofa from a friend or neighbour.

furnished-vs-unfurnished3Just remember, I can guarantee:

An empty property is a smaller roomed property = a harder sale = longer sale = reduced sale price


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