Cronulla Coastal Real Estate

Cutting edge coastal design is always highly sought after property, it is also a scarce commodity in Cronulla. Beach & Bay Realty has just listed for auction a stunning 2 storey villa style property in the Northbeach development (18/1-9 Bando Road, Cronulla, opposite North Cronulla beach). No 18 is a unique property in this beachfront complex with its quiet, north facing location at the rear of the block, privacy and well designed layout. With 2 bedrooms and a stylish main bathroom on the entry level, master bedroom with ensuite upstairs this design offers flexible living arrangements.

Where can you live in Cronulla in luxury with the beach right across the road? 18/1-9 Bando Road, Cronulla. First inspection Saturday 14th November at 11:00 -11:45am.

18/1-9 Bando Road, Cronulla

Cronulla Real Estate

Cronulla Real Estate

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Cronulla, A Suburb By The Sea

Cronulla living is at its very best in Spring & Summer. We have gorgeous café’s (Zimzala, HAM, Grind & new Bass & Flinders are B&Bay favs) an outdoor mall with great shops (Best Little Book Shop in Town, Funky Femme, Butiga, Sentier, Rundles) and some of the best beaches in Sydney.

With extended daylight savings sun there is no excuse not to visit the beach or get outdoors, even if it means a quick dash to the water after work or a brief stroll on The Esplanade just before sunset.

The water is now warm enough for the average Joe to start swimming, not just the diehard leather tanned regulars who make South Cronulla Pavilion their second home.


To coincide with our return to the water the NSW Gov has launched its SharkSmart campaign. This isn’t intended to scare you away sending Jaws tingles down your spine; rather it’s a practical guide to shark safety that any Australian swimmer should know.

Top tips include;

  • Avoid water at dusk & dawn when sharks are most active
  • Don’t swim or surf near schools of baitfish
  • Avoid murky water
  • If injured and bleeding, leave the water
  • Avoid swimming alone


Slip. Slop and slap people! There is no need to bake your precious skin; it’s just not worth it and you will look older before your time.

For more tips on staying safe outdoors please visit the Cancer Council.


The Sealife is the brainchild of local photographer Matt Johnson, and it is a daily surf & photographic email report on Cronulla beaches. Matt’s emails are entertaining and the photography is simply stunning! It is a highlight of the day receiving The Sea Life and I encourage others to sign up to the newsletter. Both Natalie Vials & Kylie Emans are huge fans!


Cronulla properties are highly sought after and Beach & Bay Realty is always keen to market the diverse range of properties Cronulla has to offer. The market is really taking off and many families hope to buy and move in before Christmas. So if you’re thinking of selling and would like a quick sale please call or email the office for an appraisal.

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Cronulla Real Estate Market Update

I have just come back from a 2 week holiday and I am astounded as to the turnaround in the local Cronulla real estate market in this short time. Even with a rate rise, the market has taken off with properties being sold in lightning speed.

There seems to be no time to even organise a pest and building inspection, properties are selling for over the asking price!

Who can believe that a few months ago words such as Global Financial Crisis and recession were bandied around like daily greetings.

Q: How are you going? A: The GFC was the answer to everything.

I’ve been asking around Cronulla and retailers are getting mixed signals, trading up one day and down the next.

Clearly there is a drastic shortage of property on the market in Sydney and this is fuelling the real estate market. How long will this continue?

Soon it will be Christmas, normally when the real estate selling market slows down. Will this make the shortage worse and make buyers desperate to secure something prior to Christmas? I can see more rate rises as long as this continues.

This is my initial assessment of the current Cronulla market. I’ll keep you updated when I know more…and when my jetlag has worn off!

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Interest Rates On The Rise

I don’t think the RBA has taken enough consideration of the international implications of this rate rise.

We are a trillion US dollar economy compared with the US 14 trillion USD economy and the USD 60 trillion world economy. Our country is only a speck internationally, traditionally only 2% of turnover for global giants like Nestle, Unilever & Shell. However, our interest rates are internationally high by comparison. So where is a lot of hot money going to flow, if not into the AUD? If the RBA continues along this path whilst the huge US economy keeps deflating and the USD keeps falling, our currency will reach parity with the USD in very short order.

This could be fatal for our exports, especially in the manufacturing sector which will become uncompetitive with imports if they haven’t already become so.

Since I recently predicted, wrongly as it turns out, that US rates would rise before Australia’s, the US economy has continued to weaken. Unemployment has risen to 9.8%. President Obama’s health care reform is stalled, Afghanistan is a quagmire, Chicago lost the 2016 Olympics to Rio, gold continues to break records (because those in the know have lost faith in the USD).

So, whilst US interest may not have risen for domestic reasons, investors will vote with their feet and search for a currency that is rising.

What better place to put their money than in Australia, which is politically stable, supplies the world with resources and now has one of the highest interest rates in the world (but lower than India and Brazil), and a rising dollar.

The upward pressure on the AUD will rise each time the RBA ratchets up the cash rate. Inevitably more money will flow into the AUD pushing it rapidly towards 1AUD = 1USD. As the Aussie dollar buys more US dollars, imports get cheaper, outbound tourism will boom and inflation may abate, but….on the other hand, exports, import/ competing manufacturing, inbound tourism, property and jobs will all suffer.

Is inflation that much of a problem that this should be allowed to occur?

Hopefully, at least the Federal Government will maintain its fiscal stimulus. In any event, Mr Turnbull, which schools precisely, would you deny their once in a generation opportunity for a new (“freebie”) multi purpose hall?

Whilst I may have been wrong in predicting that Australian interest rates would not rise until they do in the US, the consequences of the rise, yesterday, will seriously hurt sectors that do not need further shocks.

Another consequence of the tightening of monetary policy will be that the Federal Government will have to bring in a tough Federal Budget next year if it is to avoid unnecessary rate rises now that Mr Stevens has put his hand on the interest rate trigger. Will the Federal Government want to have a tough Budget before the next election? I don’t think so. No wonder it’s looking for an excuse for a double dissolution. What better time then when the Liberals and Nationals are imploding.

Henk Emans, B. Comm, MBA, LREA

Interest Rate Rise

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Customer Review – 48 Lockhart Ave, Mollymook

A few weeks ago my family and I stayed at 48 Lockhart Ave, Mollymook for a 4 day weekend. We had such a great time at this house which is perfectly designed for a relaxing beach holiday.

This home is renovated throughout and suitable to house a family on holidays. It has floorboards in the living areas (good for the sand), large open plan kitchen, all the modern conveniences such as dishwasher, DVD, stereo, front and rear yard, BBQ, plenty of off street parking and most importantly just a few minutes walk to the beach and Mollymook shops. My parents came down as well and they also loved that it is single level.

My husband and I tried a few local restaurants at Milton (Bacchus and Tipsy Fig, both excellent) and we all had breakfast at Pilgrims at Milton, apparently this is an institution on the South Coast!

I thoroughly recommend 48 Lockhart Ave, Mollymook for an affordable family holiday.

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Sutherland Shire Resident Focus

Sutherland Shire resident Rebecca George has recently received an award for 25 years service to her soccer club Como-West Jannali. She is the youngest person to receive this award and is still fighting fit and loving the game, now playing in a Senior Women’s A grade team.

Her achievement also reflects changing social values and anti-discrimination laws that came into effect in Australia. The Sex Discrimination Act (1984) allowed girls up to the age of 12 to participate in boys sports and it is this legislation that opened up the way for Rebecca, the first girl, to be registered by the Como-West Jannali Soccer Club in an under 7 side in 1985.

Well done Rebecca!

Rebecca George

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The Beach & Bay Realty Difference

Beach & Bay Realty has been in business for 9 years. We are a boutique agency, built mostly on referrals, positive word of mouth and repeat clients.

Real Estate Agents often get a bad name (and sometimes for good reasons!) so at Beach & Bay we want everyone involved to have a pleasant experience when they deal with us (from the vendors and buyers, to the solicitors, valuers, and pest and building inspectors!).

We focus on the quality of our service, not the quantity, so you may notice we aren’t up to our ears in listings. As a vendor, this is a good thing for you, meaning we provide a very personal service and can strictly monitor the individual sale of every property in our office.

What we do

  • Work discreetly with buyers and sellers and aim to provide a well informed, friendly, stress free sale.
  • Provide cutting edge marketing using the very latest online technology and social media campaigns. We use blogs, twitter, facebook, youtube, virtual floorplans, email newsletters, google maps…if it’s online, we’re on to it!
  • Provide professional, ethical service

What we won’t do

  • We will not interrupt you and your family during dinner with phone calls harassing you to list with us.
  • We will not chase you after a market appraisal day in and day out. We figure, if you like us, you’ll let us know eventually.
  • We do not aggressively mass letterbox drop to try and get listings
  • We do not doorknock (unless specifically asked by a genuine client), and on the odd occasion when that does happen, we will not intimidate you or pressure you to sell.
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Same Owners – New Name! Artwork2u

(This blog was written by Almis from Artwork2u)

Smart Art Cronulla is now called Artwork2u. The name was chosen to better reflect the core of the business, i.e. we bring the art to the customer.

We specialise in affordable decorative art and no matter what your artwork requirements are, we have a solution;

Real Estate – If you are selling your house, try our short term leasing option to add to the visual impact of your property

Corporate – We offer a free Business Consultation and provide the option of rotating your artwork every 6 months

Residential – Purchase direct from the showroom or book a free, no obligation Home consultation

Interior Designers – We offer free viewing of artwork on site for you and your client

To learn more about our services and how we do all the work for you, visit our new website –

Beach & Bay Realty: If you would like your Sutherland Shire business to be featured on our blog please contact


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100% Local Auction Clearance Rate

On Saturday 26th September our local area property market achieved an auction clearance rate of 100%. A great result, even better when compared with the Sydneywide HomePrice Guide figure of 67%.

The properties auctioned in our local area were diverse. From the first auction at 9:30am that Beach & Bay Realty auctioned – a 1 bedroom at 1/20 Banksia Rd, Caringbah that sold for $230,000 to the last auction of the day, 169 Woolooware Rd, Burraneer which sold prior for $1.21mil. Of the 9 auctions, the properties were in the suburbs of Cronulla, Woolooware, Burraneer, Caringbah and Caringbah South.

5 of the properties auctioned were apartments and 4 were houses, all the houses achieved sales over $1 million.

During the week there was 1 auction held, waterfront 58 Grandview Pde, Caringbah South, unfortunately this did not sell.

The Beach & Bay team has enjoyed a 100% auction clearance rate throughout 2009. As selling agents we believe strongly in the auction process but only if the property or market is unique. At the moment I would say it is a ‘unique’ market, where demand is much higher than supply.

In other words, there are a lot of buyers right now and not enough properties on the market at a time that is traditionally peak selling season. So if you are thinking of selling, in particular if you are in the suburbs including Cronulla, Burraneer, Woolooware, Dolans Bay, Caringbah, Caringbah South and Lilli Pilli please give Beach & Bay Realty team a call on 9527 0008.

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Sutherland Shire Photographers?

We will be launching an online photography competition for Sutherland Shire residents very soon.

Just in the final stages of planning and wondering….what sort of prize would motivate you to enter?

Here are some photo’s I took this morning on my Canon digital SLR. The photos are un-edited, thanks to the giant dust storm that swept Sydney. Taken at Wanda Beach around 6am.



Sand dunes

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