Reality Real Estate Part 2

 This is the second part to our reality real estate blog series where Kylie Emans reveals the good, the bad and the ugly in the real estate industry.  To view part 1, please see here.

What is the worst experience you have had during your career in real estate?

 Kylie: I was showing a family of 5 through a very expensive, immaculate house where all the children had moved out and only the parents remained. The master bedroom, the only bedroom in the house being used, had plush, spotless white carpet.

The first child started projectile vomiting on arriving in this room, then the 2nd child. They had the flu and had just eaten yoghurt and orange juice before the inspection. The father picked them up and rushed them onto the deck and the 3rd child followed suit and started throwing up. The mother and I scurried around trying to clean orange vomit off white carpet. The father had to hose down the deck. Dishwashing liquid is amazing for this sort of stain!

Calling the owners to tell them about that inspection is the most dreaded call I have had to make. The owners were very good about it and when they came home they were very impressed with my dishwashing liquid remedy.

Needless to say we got the carpets professionally cleaned and I did sell the house…but not to those clients.

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One thought on “Reality Real Estate Part 2

  1. Dee says:

    I love these stories… I can see a reality tv show in the making!

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