Sutherland Shire Real Estate Blood Donation Challenge

Blood donations always remind me of my dear friend Michael Hartley who passed away (he always donated as often as possible) so when a letter from the Red Cross landed on my desk asking us to join a Real Estate Blood Drive, I couldn’t ignore it.

I’m inviting you all to join our office in this challenge. Between the 24th November 09 – 30th June 10 we are hoping to get lots of people down to the Shire Blood Donor Centre to spare an hour of their time and a couple litres of their blood.

Our team, Beach & Bay Realty, Cronulla will have an online tally on the Red Cross website which will show how many lives we have saved during the challenge. (Pretty cool to know the exact impact we are making!)

1 in 30 people require blood but only 1 in 3 people donate. 1 donation can save 3 lives and it costs nothing but an hour from your day.

So how do you sign up?

Visit the website- enter your details and team as “Beach & Bay Realty, Cronulla”

Visit the centre, tell them what team you belong to and donate! It’s pretty BLOODY easy!!

Please note: there is some eligibility criteria that you should be aware of. Please visit the Red Cross Donate Blood site for more details.

Beach & Bay Realty Blood Drive

Shire Blood Donor Centre
29 Kiora Road, Miranda

Opening Hours

Mon – Closed
Tues – 8am – 3pm
Wed 12pm – 7pm (11am – 7pm from Jan 1)
Thu – 1pm – 8pm (11am – 7pm from Jan 1)
Fri – 8am – 3pm
Sat – 9am – 4pm (8am – 2pm from Jan 1)

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