Cronulla Mall Report: March 2015

IMG_20150317_135440Our iconic Cronulla Mall has seen many changes during the first quarter of 2015 and we bet there’s more to come!

Starting from the northern end of the Mall, Paco Organico (formerly Bass & Flinders) has moved in. Firstech Computers below Cronulla Cinema’s still sits empty waiting to be leased while further down Flirty has also closed its doors as of yesterday…

2015-03-17_14.54.56_1Clothing store Code Orange is no longer and Wholesale Outlet has moved in. Another clothing store Lemon Jelly (formerly Velvet Jayne) is also closing down with 50-80% off storewide.

Surrounded by state election signs and campaigners, the iconic former Commonwealth Bank landmark is still for lease, when will any one ever move in?!

After no luck leasing the former Greenhills Australand office, it is now going to auction on 30th April, watch this space!

Get ready for next summer (or hopefully some warmer weather later this year) with 10-50% off all summer stock at Pure Sea surf shop.

2015-03-17_14.58.51Coming to the end of the Mall, the left side of Eclectic Home & Garden still sits empty…

Do you know of any other changes happening in the Mall or around Cronulla? Let us know!

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Cronulla Mall Report: Spring 2014

IMAG0684_1Welcome to Spring! So far we’ve had rain, wind and more rain, but we’re hoping for clear, sunny days next weekend for Cronulla’s annual Spring Festival! We heard The Flying Pig Collective will be here with the best pulled pork!

After bracing the cold, windy, drizzly weather today, we’re happy to announce there’s quite a few changes since our last report!

IMAG0659Walking to the Mall from the carpark, the first thing you’ll spot is the new Protein Bar in the corner, we’re yet to try it out but we’ve heard good things!

Once you’re in the Mall, you’ll notice a few updates:

  • The former Commonwealth Bank building is now a warehouse expo for a 14 day sale
  • Renovations near Code Orange
  • Kurrabar Cafe are hiring staff
  • Cronulla Pie Shop’s awning is still yet to be replaced
  • Australand’s Greenhills Beach shop is still vacant, feels like forever!
  • Body Pro Supplements store also for lease – sign says deposit has been taken, wonder what’s moving in here?!
  • Eclectic Home & Garden has split in two and word on the street is that a real estate franchise is moving in
  • The Lucky Dragon has new windows
  • Renovations near the southern newsagency (train station end)

IMAG0682Outside the Mall, Oporto has downsized to make room for new coffee shop Bianchini’s Espresso on the corner. They’re still working on the shop but hopefully it will open soon!

Next door, Balkan Restaurant is also renovating, plenty of changes to come!

Further down by the beach Simone’s on the Park still sits empty. We’d heard plans for a gym but no action has taken place. Hopefully someone will take advantage of the great location!

Leaving the Mall heading into the carpark you’ll notice the upgrades taking place in Croydon St carpark, hopefully this will ease traffic congestion!

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Cronulla Mall Report: July 2014

IMAG0202We’re starting to feel the winter chill but that hasn’t kept people away from our beachside suburb! The beaches are certainly quieter but as per usual Cronulla is still a hub of activity.

One word comes to mind while walking through the Mall – sales! Some of these include:

  • All sale stock at Flirty under $30
  • Sales at Decisions Decisions
  • Winter store clearance at Forever Fashion
  • And many more!

IMAG0209_1Aside from Sportscraft that recently moved into the Mall, there haven’t been any other major changes.

The old Commonwealth Bank and Australand Greenhills Beach office are still looking to be leased.

IMAG0212_1The Cronulla Pie Shop have unfortunately lost their awning once again after a truck incident, but the customers still look happy enjoying the sunshine.

IMAG0215_1The much-loved Pirate Ship is undergoing some repairs and is scheduled to be out of action for a while, hopefully it will come back almost brand new!

Unfortunately Cronulla On Ice has ended but it was a major hit! We hope it comes back next year, hopefully even bigger this time!

Hopefully our stunning winter weather will stick around for the Sutherland 2 Surf this Sunday, hope to see you there!

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Greenhills Beach New Land Release

The first land release for Greenhills Beach in 2012 opens on Saturday 18th February with registration open now. Australand’s first release of the land lots for the new suburb were all snapped up so it will be interesting to see whether the demand is as high for the next release in the coming weeks.

Just incase you missed the previous blogs (see bottom of page), numerous real estate ads in the paper, Domain brochures and flyers on your car windscreens, the new Greenhills Beach development has been advertised to offer direct access to over 5kms of Cronulla’s pristine beaches, 10 sports and playing fields in the Parklands, 7kms of cycleways, 4kms of coastal walking tracks and a total of 91ha of public open space, bushland, parks and reserves.

There are 3 types of land lots for purchase – lake, beach and bay/coastal lots. For a rough guide of land prices for these lots, see the descriptions below.

Lake lots

  • “Nestled between the shimmering waterways & heritage-listed sand dunes”
  • Lot 140 – 609m2 – $870,000
  • Lot 200 – 656m2 – $825,000

Beach lots

  • “Prime landlots close to the beach, right in the heart of the Greenhills Beach precinct”
  • Lot 188 – 736m2 – $980,000

Bay/Coastal lots

  • “Well positioned landlots with easy access to sports and playing fields and open spaces”
  • Lot 119 – 557m2 – $795,000
  • Lot 120 – 621m2 – $795,000

For a full view of the release maps for Greenhills Beach click here, or head to Australand’s Sales and Display Centre in the mall at 81 Cronulla St.


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Greenhills Beach For Sale on August 13th

After a marketing campaign that includes a new display office in Cronulla, Sydneywide newspaper ads, local newspaper ads and TV coverage, 1200 people have enquired on the blocks of land at Cronulla’s newest beachside suburb. Of these 1200 enquiries, 80 people have paid a refundable $5000 deposit to secure an appointment on the 13th August.

The first stage land release sale is offering 33 lots of land, so with 80 serious buyers the first stage should be all sold next weekend!

On July 22nd Greenhills Beach officially became the Sutherland Shire’s newest suburb when the NSW Geographical Names Board approved the choice.

What I’m really interested to know is where the majority of buyers will come from – are they locals or from out of the area?

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New Blocks of Land at Greenhills Beach, Cronulla

A few weeks ago Australand opened their new display office at 81 Cronulla St in Cronulla Mall for the new land release campaign at Greenhills Beach, Cronulla. With a hammock in the window, Australand is promoting the laid back Cronulla lifestyle available to those who purchase in Cronulla’s newest suburb, Greenhills Beach.

Australand has been busy, just as registrations of interest opened for the first stage land release, the new suburb name of Greenhills Beach was formally presented to the public for comment by the NSW Geographical Names Board (comments on proposal of suburb name ending on 17th July, 2011). The Greenhills Beach area covers the area north of Wanda, between Cronulla High School at Bate Bay Rd and Lindum Rd.

Since opening the Sales and Display Centre in Cronulla Mall there have been constant queues out the front. Last week there were even rumours that people had slept out the front of the office overnight just to secure their interest!

Some Facts About The Greenhills Beach Land Release:

  • In the first release, there are approximately 33 blocks of land for sale in the new addresses of Greenhills St, Torquay Rd and Whitehaven Rd.
  • The blocks range from 550m2 to 736m2
  • The prices range from high $700,000s to early $800,000s
  • The main access road will be from Captain Cook Drive
  • There will be 7kms of bike tracks, 4 kms of walking trails
  • There will be 10 sports and playing fields
  • Includes 91ha of public open space, bushland, parks and reserves

How do I purchase land at Greenhills Beach, Cronulla?

Firstly you need to register your interest and then you will receive updates from Australand. If you wish to purchase a block prior to the official launch you will be contacted by a sales agent and at the initial meeting you will be asked to pay $5000 which is a fully refundable “Expression of Interest” amount. The Australand official paperwork states that this amount “Does NOT reserve or guarantee the purchase of a specific lot in the development or oblige you to purchase any lot in the development.” This deposit only secures you an initial appointment time. Tuesdays Leader reported that 30 people have paid this initial deposit.

Once you pay the deposit, the next step is the Pre Launch Release Day where if you decide to make a purchase you will be required to select your block of land and sign a Contract for Sale, with a 5 business day cool off period.

Lots do not go on sale until August 13th, 2011.

The Greenhills Beach Sales and Display Centre is open Thursday – Monday, 11am to 5pm.

Address: 81 Cronulla St, Cronulla Mall

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The Cronulla Mall Report: South End + Shopping Sales

It’s all happening at the south end of Cronulla Mall this week. After months of many shop vacancies they are filling fast.

Let’s start at 81 Cronulla Street, which has had lots of behind the scenes renovations going on. This is perhaps the worst kept secret in Cronulla and the Shire. Yes I know you all know, because you keep telling me Australand is setting up shop here to sell lots of land at Greenhills Beach, North Cronulla. This display site should open any day now.

A little bit further south, the old Ray White office is really taking shape as a rumoured restaurant/ café. 103 Cronulla Street is also being renovated as we speak (next to Eyecare).
Further South, Cronulla Flower World is closed for business (premises recently sold). We do know what is going in here but again, can’t tell you…yet! (2 weeks if all goes to plan)


Then the shopping sales start, Sentier has 40-70% off, and boutique Chimere also has a sale.

Inspiration from The BLB

For some inspiration I cross over to The Best Little Book Shop In Town for their ‘Thought of the Day’ – “Ironically, making a statement with words is the least effective method”.

Next door Peking Duck Restaurant, which has re-opened after the fire, has ½ price Peking Duck with 2 courses every Thursday night (cash only).

I detour to the former “Waves” restaurant which is now “Simmone on the Park” and we hear the opening night is tonight. Sadly no one from Beach & Bay was invited so we hope to hear from one of you on how the food and ambience is!

In the meantime, happy shopping either for land or clothes!

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