Cronulla Mall Report: Back to beach weather!

IMG_20141031_124437What a day! October has almost ended and it feels like Summer already!

Firstly, if any one is looking for last minute Halloween costumes and accessories pop into Dollar King in the Mall, it has it all!

Fingers crossed the weather stays this wonderful for the weekend, especially with the Beachfest on at Dunningham Park, Peryman Square and the Plaza. Retro cars will be on display for judging and awards with live bands and solo performers over the two days.

Starting from the south, half of Eclectic Home & Garden sits empty waiting for a new shop owner.

IMAG1024We finally have a new tenant in the former Chocpad shop – Leah’s Wax Works has moved in! Further down the mall Classic Nails Beauty and Waxing has also moved into the former Body Pro Supplements store.

Unfortunately we’re still eagerly waiting to see who will eventually move into the old Australand Greenhills Beach office.

IMAG1029_1Forever Fashion are closing down with 50% of storewide. I wonder what new store will appear here?!

The optometrists near Code Orange are surrounded by builders and scaffolding, a new store layout perhaps?

Where la luna was on top end of mallNutrition station is opening soon where La Luna was and the local computer store next door to McDonalds and the Cronulla Cinemas entrance has also closed.

Closer to the beach new coffee shop Bianchini’s is doing a roaring trade, looks like a popular spot!

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“The Shire” Reality TV Show

Monday morning my phone started beeping with text messages and emails from friends all over Sydney talking about the new reality tv show “The Shire” that Channel Ten are about to start filming in the Sutherland Shire. At first I thought it was a joke. Fast track 24hrs and it is all over the news.

Unfortunately Channel Ten has chosen the Sutherland Shire as the location because of its “natural beauty and tribe-like community!” I agree with the natural beauty description but who would not be offended by the “tribe-like community”?

And in what they are now saying as a bad choice of comparison, the show was described as an Australian version of the US Jersey Shore reality series. Have you watched Jersey Shore? Well I hadn’t watched that show until my sister, who is a school teacher overheard her students talking about it and she thought she better find out what it was all about. I watched an  episode with her. Trash doesn’t even come close to describing that show. The St. George and Sutherland Shire Leader reports today that the production company involved is now describing “The Shire” as a reality version of  Home & Away!

We’ve had Sylvania Waters, we’ve had the riots that set us back years, we don’t need a reality show to destroy the reputation we have been trying to build that this is a great place to live, bring up a family or run a business. Basically the Sutherland Shire wants to be taken seriously and this is a huge step backwards.

Residents from other areas of Sydney might think we are overreacting and maybe we are a little bit sensitive but the riots in 2005 are still on our minds and the damage they did to our reputation as a place to live and work is something we felt for years after and in some cases are still being affected by. Go anywhere in Sydney and say you are from the Sutherland Shire and someone will say something about the riots.

I am sure most residents would embrace a “Home and Away” style show here, one with actors from all parts and with the backdrop of our stunning beaches, bays and leafy suburbs.  Shoots could promote different areas of the Sutherland Shire, not just the natural landscape but cafe’s and restaurants and successful businesses. Unfortunately this show is not going to be like that, it’s to expose, “leave no stone unturned” as David Mott from Channel Ten has been quoted and has chosen reality actors from an age bracket of 20 – 28. I think that goes a long way to tell you what kind of show it is going to be (no offense to 20-28 yr olds).

Here are this week’s photos from my morning walks in Cronulla, next week I might be getting photos of the Channel Ten film crew!

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