For Teneile – One week $7600 raised

Please see my blog from Saturday about who Teneile is and why we are fundraising.

Over the last week Beach & Bay Realty’s website ‘Help Teneile‘ has raised $7600.

This is an outstanding first week and we are all very humbled by how generous everyone has been.

Thank you for your support and together we can raise $20,000 for Teneile and her family!

To join our facebook group ‘For Teneile’ please see here.


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Rachael Goes Bald For Leukaemia Foundation

Last Thursday night I participated in the Worlds Greatest Shave – going a number 0 bald to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation. I had a great turn out at Northies Cronulla -with lots of friends & family, Beach & Bay Realty staff and general patrons of the club supporting me & cheering me on as my hair came off.

Over the last 6 weeks I received $5500 worth of online donations – thanks heavily to my Facebook group ‘Rachael Gets Naked For Leukaemia Foundation’. This social networking group was a fantastic way to spread my message far and wide and send out group updates on my progress. On the actual night of the shave I raised another $1500 through donations and raffle ticket sales & since then have received about $300 more from strangers when I am out and about!

It has been a wonderfully positive experience and I want to thank everyone who got involved. The Leukaemia Foundation does a brilliant job in supporting patients with Leukaemia – through counselling, providing free home-away from homes during treatment and undertaking extensive medical research.

If you would still like to donate – please do! My sponsor page is here and I am collecting donations until the end of March 2010. For more photos of the night please see Beach & Bay’s Flickr site.






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For Teneile – Beach & Bay Fundraising

Beach & Bay have created a new website – “Help Teneile” which can be accessed from our homepage or through the link

Teneile Pawley is a local Sutherland Shire young woman. Last year, Teneile at only 17, suffered from 2 cardiac arrests which resulted in moderate brain damage. This has been a devastating blow for Teneile’s family, the local community and her friends at Port Hacking High. Teneile can understand everything, but cannot respond with speech or body movements and now requires operations, hospital care, a specialised wheelchair and rehabilitation.

Teneile Pawley

Natalie Vials from Beach & Bay drew our attention to Teneile’s story and all staff members would love to help in whatever way we can.

Natalie’s husband Steven Vials is competing in a 250km race through the Kimberley Desert, WA in April and dedicating his run to Teneile. Steven hopes to gain sponsorship for this tremendous physical and mental challenge and encourages anyone and everyone to get on board.

Throughout the year Beach & Bay are going to be promoting Teneile’s website and cause – raising awareness and hopefully lots of money. Our initial aim is $20,000 to support Teneile’s immediate medical costs – but ideally we would like to offer ongoing assistance.

I have created a facebook group “For Teneile” which has already gained over 350 members, lots of friends and people from the Sutherland Shire.

Please stay tuned for future fundraising efforts – and in the meantime, dig deep, or even just raid the coin jar. Every dollar counts!

If you would like to donate you can do so through an internet transfer, or with paypal. Please see “Help Teneile” for further information.

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111 Kangaroo Point Rd, Kangaroo Point

111 Kangaroo Point Road, Kangaroo Point

111 Kangaroo Point Road, Kangaroo Point

111 Kangaroo Point Road, Kangaroo Point

111 Kangaroo Point Road, Kangaroo Point

111 Kangaroo Point Road, Kangaroo Point

Can you say WOW?

111 Kangaroo Point Road, Kangaroo Point is now for sale. An award winning masterpiece by Sammut Developments this 4 bedroom home is a showcase of superior design and sets a new benchmark in luxury. Focusing on easy entertaining and privacy, and backdropped with views of the Georges River this is executive living at its most romantic.

Natalie Vials and Kylie Emans are both marketing this prestige property. Call 9527 0008 for further information.

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Head Shave For Leukaemia Foundation

In less than 3 weeks I will be bald! Shiny slap-worthy bald. I decided to shave my head completely naked to raise money for Worlds Greatest Shave (The Leukaemia Foundation) and I have been humbled by the fundraising experience. Lots of my friends, strangers and loads of young people have gotten on board and donated both small and significant amounts of money.

In order to raise money I created a facebook group which became viral. Friends invited their friends and before I knew it – I had 880 members. Word spread and soon I was getting donations from complete strangers who just wanted to get involved (many had friends or family with Leukaemia). Working at Northies on Sunday night has also helped, with regulars coming up and handing me cold hard cash. In 3 weeks I have raised $3000.

Northies has kindly allowed me to host an event on Thursday the 11th March – the night I will be doing the actual shave. I’m still seeking donations to reach my target of $5000 so please continue to spread the word or donate whatever spare change or notes you have. My sponsor page is here – donate with a credit or visa debit card.

Beach & Bay have given me full support (and donations) and will soon enough have a bald receptionist.

If you would like more information please contact me on or call the office on 9527 0008.


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Vendor Bid VS Passed In

A client asked me on the weekend what the difference between the auction result of “Passed in” as opposed to “Vendor bid” is, after attending the auction at 51 Taloombi Street, Cronulla.

Just to clarify, a ‘vendor bid’ is when a property passes in (and is not sold) and the highest bid is by the vendor of that property.

On the other hand, if an auction is ‘passed in’, it means the highest bid was with the last buyer – but that bidding price did not reach the vendors expectations and so was not accepted as a sale.

On Sunday the papers advertised the auction result of 51 Taloombi Street as passed in, when in fact it was a vendor bid. Under NSW Legislation if an auction is passed in with a vendor bid – it needs to be recorded in the bidders record and subsequently advertised as such.

Beach & Bay were getting a bit tired of the lack of property data for our local postcodes 2230 and 2229 and so decided to start tracking auction results ourselves. We aim to provide up to date, accurate information regarding auctions in Cronulla South,Cronulla North, Woolooware, Burraneer, Caringbah and Dolans Bay. We have been documenting property data for the last 3 years and have always allowed the public to view – free of charge.  If you would like current or past auction results –please remember to check out our website first!

For more information on NSW Property Legislation see here.

If you would like to read more about WHY a vendor bid is used please view this Sydney Morning Herald article.

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