The Block Auction Results 2014

Chris & Jenna's Apartment

Chris & Jenna’s Apartment

Last night the nation tuned in to watch the finale of Channel 9’s The Block. Whether you’ve followed the series since the beginning, watched a few episodes here and there or purely just switched on to see the results, we were all watching and everyone’s talking today!

Last year the contestants took home over $500,000 each, a big difference to this year’s results…
  • The boys Simon & Shannon won this years series and took home $445,000 ($100,000 prize money plus $335,000 profit)
  • 2nd place Chris & Jenna walked away with $310,000
  • 3rd place Max and Karstan received $40,000
Shannon & Simon's Apartment

Shannon & Simon’s Apartment

Darren & Dee and Michael & Carlene walked away with just $10,000 for their efforts over the last 10 weeks. As calculated, their efforts were worth $10.21 per hour based on a 16 hour working day over 7 days a week, including the $700 per week away-from-home allowance received from Channel 9! To sum it up, these two couples worked for just over half of the hourly minimum wage.

This morning I asked our Managing Director Kylie Emans about the results and her response as a real estate agent was: “the property market has spoken, now that was reality! The only reality in that reality tv show!”

Michael & Carlene's Apartment

Michael & Carlene’s Apartment

All those people lining up to look and all of us watching on TV but who are the buyers? 3 bidders stood out and the first auction stalled before a bidding war between two parties kicked off (what a relief that was!), but they were all the same buyers (even some familiar faces from previous seasons) bidding on each apartment, what a joke!

Now everyone is pointing the blame – were the reserves set too high? Are the auctioneer’s to blame? Did the bidders have inside information? Or was it all down to the order of the auctions? (despite the majority of couples wanting to go towards the end!)

One thing’s for sure, it definitely shows the unpredictable nature of the property market!Source:

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The Block 2013 – Tasman St, Bondi

Tasman St, Bondi - The Block 2013

Would you buy a house built/renovated on The Block TV show? If so which one would you buy of this series of early 1900’s semis with no parking in Bondi? I have heard that one is at least hoping to achieve $1.6mil! Did I mention no parking?!

Whatever you think of The Block I bet most vendors would be envious of the marketing the show has generated. An average Sydney home in a popular suburb generally generates about 1500-2000 visits on in a good market. Instead the Block properties have these figures:

Tonight we will see the result of this marketing. It will be very interesting to see how many registered bidders there will be… Stay tuned tonight!

6 Tasman St, Bondi

8 Tasman St, Bondi

10 Tasman St, Bondi

12 Tasman St, Bondi


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