Cronulla Mall Report: Christmas by the Beach & Bay

12308364_1070915939607258_6296975608186851694_nSummer is here! Welcome to the best time of year and the best place to be. What a gorgeous first week we have had.

I supposed it was wishful thinking to hope that the 10th anniversary of the Cronulla Riots could pass us by without notice but unfortunately it seems that a few people are taking the opportunity to commemorate the date with a march. So while I support free speech, I don’t support this march.

As a business owner and resident in Cronulla I experienced first hand the damage that this day inflicted on the area, and then for many months, years after. Cronulla was splashed across the news around the world for all the wrong reasons. Being during peak Christmas trade, post riot day, people were told to avoid the area, local businesses did it tough, several never re-opened.

2015-12-08_11.00.08The “I Love Cronulla” Facebook page came about because of the riots. I wanted people to understand that this was not what Cronulla was about. I wanted to showcase the suburb, support local business and counter the image the rest of Sydney, Australia and the world saw on the news.

So while one group marches on 1 day, the “I Love Cronulla” page will continue everyday to support the local community.

Meanwhile, in other much brighter news, the Christmas festivities in the Mall are in full swing, starting from the top of the Mall with Santa photos for families and pets!

Across from Santa, the former McDonalds corner is looking very empty with both McDonalds and the Leading Edge computer store still vacant. Maybe the New Year will bring some new tenants?

2015-12-08_11.06.12Further down there have been a few other changes; Cronulla Surf Design is now Quiksilver and Indian restaurant Dash of Spice is now Albi’s Table, an Italian café restaurant opening soon.

Ocean Grove has seen some change lately (and council/road works) as well. Henry’s Restaurant and Bar is opening soon and sadly the popular Indian Aromas has closed. With Breeze in Gerrale St and Surf Lane almost complete and the new retail stores below hurrying to finish in time for Christmas, we are looking forward to even more choice for dining in Cronulla.

Charbella’s shop next to Grind is vacant after Charbella moved back to its old haunt in Ocean Grove Ave.

As the year quickly comes to a close, Beach & Bay Realty would like to take this opportunity to wish all our followers and their families a safe and happy festive season. Merry Christmas to all and we wish you all the best for the New Year!


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Cronulla Mall Report: Where do I start!

So much has happened in Cronulla lately! From reality TV shows to 2 IGA‘s opening in 1 month, Cronulla has been a hive of activity.

Starting at the northern end, suddenly a week ago Franklins was gone and the IGA signs went up. We first heard that this was a head office shop for IGA but have since found out this is not correct. On the 17th April IGA at the southern end of the Mall will open, one that we have been reporting on for a few months. What are quickly becoming known as the North IGA and the South IGA will be very different stores in products and services on offer…More on that on 17th April or just before.

Store closures at the north end of town include LA Trend Fashion that was originally in the much larger location where Mrs. Watson’s Organic Foods and Discount Vitamins is. Sad to see another retail disappear in the Mall. Sitting empty right next to it is Fifi’s Chicken Shop which has been vacant for a long time now.

Basking in this glorious autumn sunshine I head south past Crust Pizza‘s ‘Dare You, Dare Us’ offer, so going to participate in that and across the road to check out Mad Mex. It’s a bit early for lunch but I love the fit out of this restaurant. Have to admit I haven’t had time to try it but have heard great reports.

Around the corner into Surf Rd the Cronulla Arts Theatre renovation is in full progress. We have heard the old Grind cafe venue will be the new lobby.

Across the road Charbella has completed its move from a street away and is now set up beautifully in the shop next door to the Old Library Restaurant.

Back to the Mall and south, Beluga, Crazy Horse sit empty and neglected and the Something Else pop up store will close Easter Monday.

Sadly we noticed last week Cook’s Table had closed (Gerrale St around from Surf Rd) and with it the pasta plus glass of wine $20 mid-week deal. We wish the owners well.

Happy Easter and let’s hope this weather continues for the whole weekend.

Autumn is my favourite time of year in Cronulla, here are some photo’s I’ve taken the last 2 weeks.




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