Selling Season vs Silly Season

At this time of year buyers have one foot already in the pool, winding down for the Christmas and New Year holidays so it is a seriously committed buyer who attends open houses in the weeks prior to Christmas day.

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There are also Christmas parties to attend, hangovers to recover from and Christmas shopping to be done, all leading to a drop in open house attendance in December.

This year most solicitors are trying to wrap things up for Friday 19th December so this weekend is an important auction weekend.

If you are planning on selling in early 2015 remove any Christmas decorations from the house prior to photos being taken otherwise buyers will think you have been on the market longer than you have.

January is usually a quieter month for real estate but sellers have less competition and there are still buyers around. With less properties for sale in 2014 there might be still a committed group of buyers looking for a home in January 2015.

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A house made of Christmas decorations

When my clients invited me over to see their Christmas decorations last week I had no idea what I was in for. I had driven past every year for too many years slowing down to check out the front garden which was always decked with Christmas lights, reindeers and Santa but have always been too busy to stop. So when I finally got around to dropping in I was stunned to discover that the house was covered from front door to back door in Christmas ornaments, dancing Santas, reindeers, Christmas bears etc. I didn’t know where to start and 2 hours later I was still discovering more toys that danced, sang Christmas carols, kissed and basically had a merry time. Iain and Robyn have been collecting Christmas decorations from all over the world for 44 years and their collection is stunning! All I needed was eggnog and I would have stayed the night!

Iain and Robyn are very popular at this time of year, especially with their friends who bring the grandchildren over for show and tell. They should be charging an entrance fee. David Jones Christmas window display has nothing on this!

Merry Christmas!


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