Cronulla Mall Report: Christmas by the Beach & Bay

12308364_1070915939607258_6296975608186851694_nSummer is here! Welcome to the best time of year and the best place to be. What a gorgeous first week we have had.

I supposed it was wishful thinking to hope that the 10th anniversary of the Cronulla Riots could pass us by without notice but unfortunately it seems that a few people are taking the opportunity to commemorate the date with a march. So while I support free speech, I don’t support this march.

As a business owner and resident in Cronulla I experienced first hand the damage that this day inflicted on the area, and then for many months, years after. Cronulla was splashed across the news around the world for all the wrong reasons. Being during peak Christmas trade, post riot day, people were told to avoid the area, local businesses did it tough, several never re-opened.

2015-12-08_11.00.08The “I Love Cronulla” Facebook page came about because of the riots. I wanted people to understand that this was not what Cronulla was about. I wanted to showcase the suburb, support local business and counter the image the rest of Sydney, Australia and the world saw on the news.

So while one group marches on 1 day, the “I Love Cronulla” page will continue everyday to support the local community.

Meanwhile, in other much brighter news, the Christmas festivities in the Mall are in full swing, starting from the top of the Mall with Santa photos for families and pets!

Across from Santa, the former McDonalds corner is looking very empty with both McDonalds and the Leading Edge computer store still vacant. Maybe the New Year will bring some new tenants?

2015-12-08_11.06.12Further down there have been a few other changes; Cronulla Surf Design is now Quiksilver and Indian restaurant Dash of Spice is now Albi’s Table, an Italian café restaurant opening soon.

Ocean Grove has seen some change lately (and council/road works) as well. Henry’s Restaurant and Bar is opening soon and sadly the popular Indian Aromas has closed. With Breeze in Gerrale St and Surf Lane almost complete and the new retail stores below hurrying to finish in time for Christmas, we are looking forward to even more choice for dining in Cronulla.

Charbella’s shop next to Grind is vacant after Charbella moved back to its old haunt in Ocean Grove Ave.

As the year quickly comes to a close, Beach & Bay Realty would like to take this opportunity to wish all our followers and their families a safe and happy festive season. Merry Christmas to all and we wish you all the best for the New Year!


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Christmas shopping without the stress!

Why shouldn’t every visit to Cronulla be fun for kids and easy for parents? In the weeks leading up to Christmas Cronulla Beach CBD will be offering an exciting new crèche service, giving grown-ups the opportunity to make the most of Cronulla’s fantastic shopping and dining options.  I’m sure many parents will be enjoying a relaxed shopping experience, an overdue catch up with friends, a quiet coffee or even a much needed pampering whilst their children play.

Children will have plenty of fun activities to keep them busy and make new friends.  The Cronulla Beach CBD crèche operates in the Cronulla Central building just near Cronulla Library and will be open on selected weekdays between 3 and 21 December 2012.  Visits of up to 1½ hours are available and cost just a bit more than a freshly brewed latte at only $5 per child.  The crèche is suitable for children aged 2 to 10 years old which is unfortunate for me.

Everyone knows that children prefer to play than shop and the Cronulla Creche is able to fill this gap and give parents the chance to have some much needed time off in the hectic weeks leading up to Christmas.

For dates and times visit Cronulla Beach CBD’s website. Pre booking is essential so please call 9527 2100 to make a booking and get a break from the kids.

As per my previous entry, be sure to get a photograph with Santa while you’re in Cronulla, even pets are welcome!  The kids won’t want to miss Santa’s arrival by beach buggy on Saturday 24 November at 10am.  They can also visit him any day up until Christmas Eve.  Photos are available on the spot, Merry Christmas!

Keep up to date with us on Facebook.

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Santa to visit Cronulla

Great news that Santa Claus will once again find time in his busy schedule to visit Cronulla, but there’ll be no snow in sight as he warms his toes by the beach from the 24th of November through to the 24th of December.

For those of you who haven’t seen Santa’s awesome beach pad, it boasts a unique seaside backdrop and beach theme but I’m sure the kids will be more interested in the free gift they will all receive.

We are also encouraging everyone to bring their pets to meet Santa for a twist on the traditional Christmas photo. Every man and his dog is welcome….really!  If a pooch, pussycat or parrot is part of your family, bring them along to have a photo with Santa for a long lasting memory. Don’t forget to bring the kids too!

I can also confirm that Santa will be arriving by beach buggy with a little help from the Cronulla Lifeguards on Saturday the 24th of November at 10am with photos available from 10am to 5pm daily. Getting closer to Christmas I have got Santa working overtime, from the 8th of December photos will be from 9am to 5pm daily until his last wave out on Christmas Eve.

Cronulla Beach CBD has a special treat for all children who visit the website.  A free Christmas colouring book is now online and lots of fun.  Children can even dress up Santa!  Simply visit Cronulla Beach CBD’s website.

For more information call 9527 2100 or like us on Facebook.

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Cronulla Businesses to be rewarded for Christmas Spirit!

Season’s Greetings!

Christmas time is almost upon us and Cronulla Beach CBD is encouraging all retailers to get into the spirit by decorating their shop fronts with all things Christmas.

Not only will participating businesses attract customers with their unique displays but they will also be in the running to win $500 worth of Cronulla Gift cards to spend on their staff!

Registrations are open from now until the 2nd of December with the CBD Management office (details below). Two independent judges will then come around on the 3rd of December judging stores on their effort, appeal to day and night, creativity, effective use of products, liveliness & originality.

Here are my tips for businesses participating in the competition:

  • Categories your displays by grouping similiar products together
  • Create stories with your display
  • Keep the best products at eye level for a quick sell
  • Be careful not to ‘over-decorate’
  • Change displays around your store regularly so customers see old stock in a brand new light
  • Lights are effective

Businesses of Cronulla, it’s time to start decorating and don’t forget to register!

Register by calling Cronulla Beach CBD on 9527 2100 or emailing us at




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