Cronulla Mall Report: Spring Has Sprung!

1Today was yet another perfect day in the Mall. After the Spring Festival over the weekend, Cronulla seemed to be on the quiet side of things this week, waiting for the crowds to swarm again when the school holidays roll in next week, fingers crossed for even better weather!

While strolling down the Mall today enjoying the gorgeous weather there weren’t too many changes to report on…

photo 12aStarting from the northern end down by the beach near Hogs Breath Cafe a new Italian restaurant, Giro Osteria, has popped up. As I made my way back to the Mall it was no surprise to see that the old Vodafone store is still for lease, will anyone ever move in here?!

Walking down the Mall there are a few sales here and there – Blue Illusion are offering a further 50% off reduced stock, Dutchee Dutchee have half price sales racks inside and loads more.

3Bread & Stone have cemented their place in the Mall while Chocpad still remains closed, does anyone know what’s going on?

The two relatively new additions to the Mall in Surf Rd,  Groundbake Artisan Bakery & Cronulla Hair seem to be doing reasonably 6

Renovations are happening at the former Beaches premises overlooking South Cronulla while around the corner the former Vinnies store is up for lease, any ideas what might fit in here? Watch this space!


2With this small changes put aside, the Mall remains reasonably unchanged, for now…. Hopefully Spring has more of this weather in store for us over the next two months before things really start to heat up!


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Local Talent: Tigertown

209865_462146220472142_696554673_o-904x602Chris (guitarist, singer and songwriter) in Cronulla based indie band Tigertown takes some time out on their new EP Wandering Eyes during release week to talk about the band, their music and the place they call home….

So half you of are born and bred in the shire however Kurt and Charlie you are from Tamworth originally, what bought you to these southern beaches? 

Charlie and Kurt originally moved down to Sydney with the band they were in at the time, living in the city. When Charlie and I got married we decided to live in Cronulla, she said it felt like Tamworth on the beach. Haha I guess it’s still relaxed enough to almost be a country town.

What’s your typical weekend in Cronulla? What cafes, Restaurants and shopping haunts do you hit up on your weekend off?

Well I’ll start the day surfing behind Shelley pools, then we’ll grab breakfast and coffee at Ham deli cafe. Really lucky the coffee scene is so pumping here. Charlie will raid the Vinnies daily, then nights often end up at El Sol Mexican restaurant. Always a good crew there.

tigertownTell us about your new single ‘What You Came Here For’

It was exciting for us to put this song out because we’re really happy with the new EP and it’s the first glimpse of our new stage. The song comes from classic moments I have, wondering whether we’ve got it all wrong and how we could be living differently. Not trying to change the world or anything, just wondering.

What are the major influences for your song writing?

We all love a classic pop song. We’d love to write music that lasts. I suppose all our songs come from personal experience or feelings, but we try and keep them universal enough to relate to everyone. We actually find where we live has an impact as we love to songs to come from a calm place and be an escape for people amongst all the hectic noise. So having a beach to sit on helps.

Wandering Eyes is your new EP… What’s the story behind the title and how the songs all came together on this EP?

This EP is actually the first time we’ve recorded with all five of us together and all the songs really developed and came to life on the road. We were able to do a lot of touring last year so every song was tried and tested before we recorded them. Wandering eyes is actually the name of one of the tracks. It’s the song we get excited about the most live. Definitely drawing from bands that inspire us with classic pop music. The song itself is a bit of a sexy love song.

You are heading out on tour for this new EP… When and where can everyone see you play?

We’re getting around the whole country again. Our Sydney show is at Oxford Art Factory. We’ve never headlined there before so we’re really excited about that one.

Can you tell us five of your favourite songs that you are listening to you?

It’s always a mixture of new and old. Right now it would be:

  • Go your own way – Fleetwood Mac
  • Resolution – Matt Corby
  • Oh Sailor – Mr Little Jeans
  • Leeward Side – Josh Pyke
  • Baby be mine – Michael Jackson



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Cronulla Mall Report: Sun, Sales & Spring Around The Corner

The Mall is filled with winter sun and winter sales making room for new spring stock in the coming weeks!

Starting from the northern end, the old Vodafone store still remains vacant as it has for some time now. I felt sorry for photo 4the lady from ANZ who had to stand out the front telling people the bank and ATM were closed due to a power failure! Meanwhile Cotton On have well and truly opened next to Cronulla Pie Shop.

The iconic Commonwealth Bank has officially relocated to the smaller premises down the Mall next to Subway and Allouche’s Café & Eatery, which is currently undergoing some renovations. Also the old CBA premises is for lease and word is it has been divided into 3…

photo 3The Embassy have moved into the former newsagency next to Toni & Guy and are advertising pies, cakes and fresh sandwiches to come soon. Not sure when the new store will be open but we will keep you updated…

At the southern end of the Mall Lodown have 20% of all winter stock and jeans while the newly established hairdresser next to South of the Border, The Place, are looking for a full-time stylist – apply within.

20130813_111709Council work continues in several prime spots in Cronulla including the crossing near Oporto and on the grass at South Cronulla Beach near the Surf Club. They better hurry up as the Spring Fair is just around the corner!

Rumour has it that the former restaurant Simone’s on the Park overlooking South Cronulla Beach will soon become either Hurricane’s Bar & Grill or a gym, only time will tell…

photo 9If you think the weather is unseasonably hot, the real estate market in Cronulla and surrounding suburbs is even hotter. Fuelled by low interest rates and a severe shortage of stock,  prices are on the up and up as multiple buyers compete for the very few properties in our highly sought after area. Beach & Bay Realty just sold 13 Seaforth Ave, Woolooware (due to go to auction on 31st August) in just 5 days and 1 open house.

Anyone thinking of selling call us now and enjoy the benefits of this perfect seller’s market.


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Sutherland 2 Surf – 21st July 2013

The 42nd annual Sutherland2Surf Fun Run & Walk will be held on Sunday 21st July 2013.

The S2S kicks off at 8am sharp at the starting line on Flora Street, Sutherland. You must ensure that your Bib Tag is attached to the front of your shirt prior to lining up ready to race. For your safety, the event organisers ask that all walkers start behind the runners and that you place yourself on the starting line based on your ability.

Once the race has commenced, competitors will run/walk down Flora St along Clements Parade and up Hotham Rd to reach the Kingsway. Participants will then travel all the way down the Kingsway, along Elouera Rd and onto Mitchell Rd towards the finish line at Wanda Beach – a total of approximately 11.2km.

Race Rules

  1. You must wear your own allocated chest bib tag; they are not transferable.
  2. There will be a “mat” timing both the start and finish, allowing for you to have an accurate net time. At the finish line you must cross the timing mats to ensure a time.
  3. Once you’ve passed the finish line please keep moving into the recovery area.
  4. The organiser reserves the right to reject or cancel any entry in the race at any time.
  5. Police requirements are that competitors stay in the left nearside lane along the route, and walkers are not to impede runners if overtaking. Traffic signals and directions must be obeyed unless otherwise directed by Police or Race Officials.
  6. No bikes, roller skates, skateboards or dogs allowed.
  7. Due to a Police requirement, all runners as they come out of Hotham Rd to turn into the Kingsway must immediately go to the left hand side of the Kingsway and keep on the left hand side all the way to Northies.
  8. Please consider the environment and use bins to dispose of any litter.

Road Closures
Roads between Sutherland and Cronulla will begin closing from 6am with a progressive re-opening of roads from 8:20am with all roads set to be open again by 10:30am

Those participating in the fun run are advised to use public transport – trackwork is taking place between Sutherland & Waterfall therefore buses will replace trains, please allow extra time for your journey.

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Cronulla Mall Report: Sales, sales, sales!

Finally we’re seeing some winter sun!

The Mall is full of mid-year sales! Prices have been marked down throughout the Mall at Butiga, Freelance Shoes, Stevie & Me, Sentier, Dreamshack and almost everywhere in between!

The old Vodafone shop next to the ANZ Bank remains unoccupied with many For Lease signs in the window with the former Payless Shoes store a few doors down also still vacant.

Speaking of shoes, the Shoe Superstore has re-opened under new management in its original position in the Mall with up to 50% off in store.

Berkelouw Books are looking for a new staff member, check out their window for more details.

With a bright new fresh shop front, Cronulla welcomes Fingertipz to the Mall, occupying L.A Trend’s former position. Opposite the new nail salon Cronulla’s iconic Post Office is undergoing some maintenance with a new coat of paint.

Next to Subway the old Gloria Jeans store is now a construction zone, making way for the new Commonwealth Bank premises.

In Surf Rd Groundbake is doing a great trade. Next door sits Cronulla’ empty Little Shoe Shop, which will soon be transformed into a new hairdressing salon. New restaurant Hunt & Gather is also becoming very popular!

Vinnies are enjoying their new position between IGA and Cronulla Fruitland, however the Fruitland is still closed.

Cronulla welcomes new hair salon The Place which has opened up next to South of the Border overlooking Monro Park, currently greener and brighter than ever thanks to all the rain we’ve had lately!

Interested in owning a business in the Mall? Dreamshack is currently For Sale.

As always there are some great school holiday activities on offer from Cronulla CBD to keep the kids occupied – Mini Putt Golf at the Pavilion (1 – 5 July) and the Cronulla Clue Challenge (8– 12 July).

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2013 Shark Island Swim Challenge

It’s back! Wake up bright and early Sunday morning on 28th April and head down to Cronulla Beach for the 1km swim at 9:30am or, for those with a little more endurance (or those participating in both events), the 2.3km Cronulla Shark Island swim kicks off at 10:30am for all divisions (minimum age is 10 years old).

How do you know who wins?

Both swims will be timed by using an electronic tag system attached to a Velostretch ankle band and detection mats at the finish line. There are a few requirements that must be followed when using the timing band, including attaching it around your left ankle and leaving it on for the entire duration of the swim course.

Fashion guidelines

Only conventional swimming costumes made from lycra and/or polyester are to be worn, with no neoprene or any other ‘high tech’ material with any flotation support.

  • Males: Briefs only with no arms, legs or any part of the costume covering their body above the waist
  • Females: Either one or two piece costumes with no arms or legs

Is it safe?

As safe as can be! There will be inflatable rescue boats, jet skis and board paddlers patrolling the course. As always each swimmer is responsible for their own physical condition and enters the event at their own risk. However they’re will be eyes watching you; any swimmer deemed incapable of completing this course may be brought to the shore at any time at the discretion of the Water Safety Manager.


Time to enter!

All entries received after 5pm on Friday 26th April are late entries, so sign up before then to avoid paying extra!

  • 2.3km Shark Island Swim: $45
  • 1km Beach Swim: $35 (raises money for Cronulla Surf Life Saving Club)
  • Both events: $60


Contact Glenn Carter on 0417 484 231 or visit the official website here.

Happy & safe swimming to everyone involved!

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Introducing the ‘I Love Cronulla’ team

We have been running the ‘I Love Cronulla’ page for almost 4 years now but over the past 12 months it has become increasingly popular and we thank you all for your likes!

Just wanted to introduce our small team…

Basically, my company Beach & Bay Realty launched and manages this community page and we started it as a medium for like-minded lovers of our gorgeous suburb and surrounds to highlight the many stunning spots we have as well as supporting local business and community groups.

There are several of us who take photos, write blogs, interview businesses and generally update you on local happenings.

We have regular contributors like lifeguard Adam Hartup, photographers like Jen Nixon who send us special pics, thanks guys, keep them coming.

We are only a small team at Beach & Bay Realty and please keep in mind this is a “love job!”. Our day job is selling real estate in this beautiful area but hey promoting Cronulla on fb is good for business!

Anyway here’s to another year of prime sunrises, shipwrecked shipping trawlers, local poet launches, photo competitions and some record property sale prices.

Cheers from Kylie, Kirstie, Natalie, Maria and Monique




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Tuesday is Toddler Day in Cronulla!

As I take a walk through Cronulla on a typical day it is no surprise to see children and their carers enjoying the open space and relaxing atmosphere. It is a place to make new friends or meet up with old ones while enjoying the outdoor shopping and seaside lifestyle. Toddler Tuesdays, a new initiative of Cronulla Beach CBD, aims to bring together a community of young Mums, Dads and Carers.

Each week the large Pavilion Stage area of Cronulla Mall will be transformed for Toddler Tuesday.  Children will have plenty of play equipment to enjoy with new pieces added each week. The fenced play area gives toddlers plenty of room to explore whilst still enclosed in one safe spot. While supervising their toddlers, parents and carers can relax in the adjoining seating area and enjoy time to chat.

Toddler Tuesdays are suitable for children aged up to 6 years. The facilities are fully undercover and operate from 9.30am to 1.00pm. The first Toddler Tuesday will be 5 February 2013 followed by every Tuesday during school terms until mid November. Sessions are on a drop in basis so no bookings are required and they’re FREE!

For dates visit Cronulla Beach CBD’s website or keep up to date with us on Facebook.

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Celebrate Australia Day in Cronulla – 2013

You may be back at work but the celebrations aren’t over yet! There a number of events happening in Cronulla to mark the momentous 26th of January… Keep reading!

Jock Athletic Australia Day Running Festival
Head down to Wanda Beach bright and early to kick off your Australia Day morning at 7am sharp with 3 running events to choose from – there is something for everyone!

  • 2.5km Soft Sand Fun Run/Walk – The Jane McGrath Classic is a premier fundraiser for the McGrath Foundation and is a great event for people of all ages
  • 6km Soft Sand Race – The Wanda X-Treme 6 is an endurance race through the historic Wanda Sandhills and beaches
  • Corporate Dash – Enter a team of 4 and take part in the 4x400m relay dash to raise money for the McGrath Foundation

‘A Day at the Beach’ this Australia Day presented by the Sutherland Shire Council kicks off at 1pm and finishes with the iconic fireworks finale at 9pm.

Australia Day in Cronulla – Event schedule

1pm: Stars from Oz – a celebration of everything Australian paying tribute to some of Australia’s best known performers
2pm: Caravana Sun – a frenetic fusion of surf, gypsy, ska and reggae
3pm: Rattle & Hum – U2 tributes
4pm: Nathan Foley & Band – rock entertainment
5:15pm: Walangari – traditional Aboriginal didgeridoo and dance by Diramu Aboriginal Performers
6:05pm: Sharnielle Hartley – up and coming pop, rock and classical singer
6:45pm: Encore Vocal Group – jazz and opera tunes and musical theatre
8pm: The McClymonts – ARIA award winning country music sisters


We hope you enjoy the day – look out for each other and remember to slip-slop-slap!

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Christmas shopping without the stress!

Why shouldn’t every visit to Cronulla be fun for kids and easy for parents? In the weeks leading up to Christmas Cronulla Beach CBD will be offering an exciting new crèche service, giving grown-ups the opportunity to make the most of Cronulla’s fantastic shopping and dining options.  I’m sure many parents will be enjoying a relaxed shopping experience, an overdue catch up with friends, a quiet coffee or even a much needed pampering whilst their children play.

Children will have plenty of fun activities to keep them busy and make new friends.  The Cronulla Beach CBD crèche operates in the Cronulla Central building just near Cronulla Library and will be open on selected weekdays between 3 and 21 December 2012.  Visits of up to 1½ hours are available and cost just a bit more than a freshly brewed latte at only $5 per child.  The crèche is suitable for children aged 2 to 10 years old which is unfortunate for me.

Everyone knows that children prefer to play than shop and the Cronulla Creche is able to fill this gap and give parents the chance to have some much needed time off in the hectic weeks leading up to Christmas.

For dates and times visit Cronulla Beach CBD’s website. Pre booking is essential so please call 9527 2100 to make a booking and get a break from the kids.

As per my previous entry, be sure to get a photograph with Santa while you’re in Cronulla, even pets are welcome!  The kids won’t want to miss Santa’s arrival by beach buggy on Saturday 24 November at 10am.  They can also visit him any day up until Christmas Eve.  Photos are available on the spot, Merry Christmas!

Keep up to date with us on Facebook.

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