The Mall Report – Shops for lease

Today I am focusing on shops for lease in and around the southern end of the Mall. It is such a stunning day I start the Mall Report at South Cronulla Beach and walk back across the controversial car park (rear to kerb has been reinstated). The first shop for lease is “Hot Rox” Brazilian style bbq restaurant at 59 Gerrale St (where Naked Grape was) which sadly lasted 12 months if that.

Across from the train station and at the start of the Mall is an arcade shop for lease, the sign is sitting above the dress shop “Kaliyah” on the corner overlooking the park. Up a few shops it looks like Emerald Surf shop has moved into the much larger premises of Mitre 10, and Emerald’s old shop is having a new fit out, no indication of what is going in there. I thought an IGA supermarket was moving into the Mitre 10 store, obviously that rumour was wrong or maybe Woolworths beat them to the Cronulla “super” market.

Across the road the old “Code Orange” shop is still for lease, as is the site Gibson Partners was at, this has been vacant for quite a while now. In between these 2 shops the Vintage Bar and Restaurant is still closed for renovation but now in graffiti style writing which I can barely read I think it says a new cafe restaurant is going in? No sign of action behind the newspaper covered shopfront though.

Back across the road Michel’s Patisserie is still vacant, it amazes me that even franchise businesses have a tough time making a go of it in Cronulla. Maybe the “exposure” currently being emphasised on the “for lease” sign above is not all its cracked up to be. But true to the sign that appeared in the window last week  at Baker’s Delight, they did re-open today, the rumour is with a new franchise owner. What is not a rumour but fact is that it has been doing a frantic trade all day. I think Cronulla has had a bit of carb overload today!

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52 Suburbs

We love the opportunity to have outsiders come to Cronulla, give our suburb a go and offer a fresh perspective. Especially when one of those visitors is master blogger Louise of ‘52 Suburbs‘ fame.

Louise, having a life changing moment, decided to get to know her city of 30 years, Sydney, better and blog and photograph her way around Sydney’s suburbs. There are over 600 suburbs of Sydney so Louise decided her quest would be 1 suburb per week for 12 months, and on this journey she chose Cronulla as one of her suburbs.

Did you know that Cronulla has the largest surf beach in Sydney? Check out Louise’s stunning photos and her personal take on Cronulla.

Photo by Louise - 52 Suburbs (

Photo by Louise - 52 Suburbs (

Photo by Louise - 52 Suburbs (

Photo by Louise - 52 Suburbs (

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SOLD Tradewinds Apartment

Congratulations to the lucky buyer who just snapped up 301/4-6 Boorima Place Cronulla. We hope you enjoy your new life in Tradewinds on The Esplanade with long summer nights and cool winter mornings at the beach.

Enjoy the surf, enjoy the sand, enjoy the sun.

Henk Emans of Beach & Bay sold this property in just 2 weeks. With lots of buyer interest we are looking for other Esplanade apartments. Please feel free to call or email the office for a confidential appraisal.

The Sealife

The Sealife

Images from The Sealife by local photographer Matt Johnson. If you would like to sign up for a free daily surf and beach photography email please visit

All images can be purchased directly from Matt.

HENK EMANS 0408 406 227

BEACH & BAY REALTY 9527 0008

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