Spotlight on local business: Mrs. Watson’s

10414556_768128373219351_3214058306323880751_nCongratulations on being one of the most popular stores in the Mall! How long have you been here in Cronulla for now?

10 years! Originally we were in the old DVC store for 7 years but have been Mrs. Watson’s for 3 years now.

How did the idea of Mrs. Watson’s first come about?
Mrs. Watson’s was always the concept store that Mike and Margo wanted but like all small businesses it took a long time to get there!  The original Mrs Watson is Margo’s grandmother and was the first person in her life to teach her about healthy food.  The store was always going to be named after her – Jean Watson. She lived until she was 96 and was a beautiful, loving and healthy human being. Wheatgerm was her staple breakfast (full of vitamin E) but if she was alive today she might have swapped that for a more Paleo inspired breakfast! :)

10336771_670969399641940_1760456650618560585_nYou seem to have a diverse range of products and brands from all around the world, how do you source your products?
We spend hours sourcing new products, we travel to the USA once a year to see what the new trends are, and we get a great deal of pleasure in making sure our store is full of interesting, healthy products for our customers.  For example, we just received our first delivery of Organic Coconut ‘Wraps’ direct from the USA and we are the 1st in Australia to have these.

How many staff members make Mrs. Watson’s the successful business it is?
We have 9 staff plus Mike and Margo. That number includes our Managers – Samantha and Rachelle (who is also a Naturopath), our other Naturopath – Izzac and our other lovely staff members– Kelly, Holly, Nadia and Eadie and, of course, the loveable Justin who is our Organic Fruit and Vege guru!

10346051_668961073176106_3735422849294511417_nWhat product is the highest volume seller?
Superfoods! From Chia seeds to Acai…. Everyone is loving them!

My favourite product line is the Thistle So Good Pea & Mint Risotto, which one of your products is most likely to find its way to your home?
Ahhhh… we know why that is selling so well!
We basically shop 100% in the store but at the moment we are really enjoying our range of  ‘Ozganics Sauces’ – Organic and Gluten Free – really easy to make a quick nutritious meal with some organic chicken, vegetables and kelp noodles after a long day. Finish that off with some Coyo Coconut yoghurt for dessert – dairy free and yummo!

Do customers ask you to stock certain items?
Yes, we really value receiving feedback and one of the best products we have were originally recommended by our customers.

10001448_647560505316163_8452703063482299874_nWhat do you love most about your job?
We love doing what we do – simple as that. We love customers getting excited over our new products, we love seeing people starting on a health regime and feeling so much better, and we love getting to know our customers – lots of them make us laugh all the time!

What is your favourite place in Cronulla?
We enjoy taking a mini break, having a coffee from our favourite cafe’s (we have lots!), sitting on a bench at Cronulla Park overlooking the beach and just chatting and relaxing (and coming up with new ideas of course!)

Finish this sentence – I Love Cronulla because….
It has a buzz that is like being on holidays every day!

Pop into Mrs. Watson’s today in the Mall at 53 Cronulla St or visit them on Facebook or their website 

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Cronulla Mall Report: May 2014

photo-8Welcome to the warmest May we’ve seen in a while!

The cool pre-winter weather is yet to set in and Cronulla is just as busy as ever!

Since our last Mall Report there have been no major changes in Cronulla to report, but there are a few…

In Surf Rd Queen Margherita of Savoy has replaced Hunt & Gather and we can’t wait to try it! Check out the menu on their website here.

photo-5-e1400625974524-768x1024The vacant stores still gracing the Mall and surrounds include:

  • The former Commonwealth Bank
  • Greenhills Beach Australand Office
  • Chocpad
  • Simone’s On The Park

Any idea what will fill these spaces? Restaurants, cafe’s or retail? We’ll keep you up to date… Hopefully we’ll have some new exciting shopfronts open up soon!

photo-7Miss Foxy Hair & Make Up is looking for a Part Time Hairdresser, spread the word if you know someone qualified who enjoys being footsteps away from the beach.

Beach & Bay are on the look out for local businesses who would like to feature in our next blog – we want to hear from you! Contact us via our I Love Cronulla Facebook page or email

This warm weather is predicted to last only one more week, so enjoy it while you can!

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Local Talent: Introducing Mulga the Artist

Recently we had the pleasure of interviewing local creative street artist ‘Mulga the Artist’, also known as Joel Moore. Read on to find out more…

Dana-and-Tom-webWhen did you realise street art was your calling?
I always loved making art but in the last 5 years I decided that I wanted to make art for a living. I had my first art show in Feb 2012 and have been doing art as much as I can since. Two months ago I quit my finance job to live the dream of being an art dude. I am loving it!

What makes a good painting wall?
I think above all it needs to look good and if people can connect with it that is also pretty great. I like to add humour and poetry and lots of colour to my street art paintings and this makes it much more interesting for everyone. The last 2 times I painted on the Bondi wall I asked peeps on Instagram to suggest poems to go on the wall, I painted my favourite poem up. I think it is pretty cool collaborating with all my friends on social media.

bondi1You’ve recently done some amazing work in Bondi. Why don’t you have any walls in Cronulla?
The wall in Bondi is run by the Council and they give artists permits to paint on the wall. If the Sutherland Shire Council did something like that I would get involved for sure. I would love to paint on some walls in Cronulla so if anyone has a sweet wall, get in contact with me and let’s get some art up.

Can we see any of your street art on walls in the Shire?
It does not exist yet unfortunately, but I would like to change that given the right piece of real estate (wall).

otis-the-owl-by-mulga-the-artist-webDo you sell any of your prints in Cronulla?
I sell clothes through Triple Bull surf shop in Cronulla and art prints and some kids clothes in Hazelhurst Gallery. I operate an online shop and I live in the Shire so you can get all my prints on there.

What’s your favourite piece you’ve ever created?
At the moment it is Dolphin Beard Donnie who graces the wall at Bondi. He is a rad dude with interesting dolphin friends hanging out in his beard.

Do you have any upcoming projects that you can reveal to us?
I recently collaborated with Phoenix Organic drinks for some limited edition artist bottles, that should be coming out very soon and is pretty cool. Today I have been painting a metal album cover for a group show and that has been really fun, the band name I made up for it is called Deathbeard.

How do we find you on social media?
These are my sweet links:

numbering-prints-webFinally, what do you love most about Cronulla?
I love going boating on the Port Hacking and chilling out on a summers day at Jibbon or down South West Arm.

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The Real Estate Market in 2014

5/5 McDonald St, Cronulla

5/5 McDonald St, Cronulla

Last year saw real estate prices increase 10-15% in the Sutherland Shire after several tough years but this year the rapid increase in sale prices across Sydney has been so dramatic that I would estimate the price increase is already 10-15% for the 5 months of 2014, especially in the Sutherland Shire.  I do not think we have experienced this sort of price growth spurt since July 2003, when every house sold achieved a new record and properties for sale were in such short supply that people tended to buy first, then sell to avoid being without a home to go to.

241 Attunga Rd, Yowie Bay

241 Attunga Rd, Yowie Bay

It’s back to the days when pest and building inspectors are booked solid, most properties are being marketed as Auction, serious buyers need to attend the first open house if they want to secure the property and every TV channel has a show about renovating and selling!

Will this continue? Should we wait? Is this a bubble? These are the questions buyers keep asking me and I honestly don’t know. What I do know is that Sydneysiders are obsessed with real estate again, interest rates are low and there is a feeling of confidence again in the property sector. If only I had a crystal ball.

13 Seaforth Ave, Woolooware

13 Seaforth Ave, Woolooware

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Cronulla Mall Report: It’s April already!

photo 1 (2)With all the rain and bleak weather lately, Summer has well and truly left our sights as we head into the colder months…

Walking down the Mall from the north end, Little Paw Café has added some colour to the Mall with their bright umbrellas, similar to Oregano Café’s colourful outdoor setting.

photo 2 (1)There are some Autumn sales throughout the Mall – Forever Fashion has 20-40% off selected items and Freelance Shoes is offering a “buy 1 pair and get the 2nd pair half price” sale for all you shoe lovers.

photo 1 (3)The former iconic Commonwealth Bank is still For Lease and has been for quite a long time now. Chocpad also remains vacant with For Lease signs in the window as well.

Opposite South Cronulla Beach, Splatt “Coffee By Day, Wine By Night” has new signage up and looks ready to open the doors shortly we hope.

photo 2 (2)Simone’s On The Park still remains vacant, will anything ever re-open here?!

Just walked past Beach & Bay’s sold sticker on 5/5 McDonald St which went up last night. Happy days for our vendors and purchasers. We love selling in Cronulla, now a food, wine and property hot spot! Cronulla is well and truly on the map!

photo (18)The Cronulla Easter Show is only 10 days away, time to prepare ourselves for a weekend full of activities, show bags, rides, food and of course, chocolate! See you there!

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Cronulla Mall Report: Welcome to Autumn!

photo 4 (3)Today it feels like Summer has returned! We were lucky enough to score a gorgeous morning and a stunning rest of the day.

Mint organicsStarting far south, popular new Mint Organics is cementing it’s spot on the corner of Nicholson Pde and Lewis St. Still yet to try the new cafe but we have heard good things!

Further up at Cronulla Station therFor Lease at the statione is a vacant shop For Lease. Any ideas what will fill this spot?

Opposite Monro Park the Lucky Dragon now looks over the park with big windows, but you can still only enter from the Cronulla St main door in the Mall.

Yalla SawaOn the corner of Monro Park and Surf Lane a new restaurant offering Arabian Cuisine, Yalla Sawa, has opened.

Walking through the Mall it is sales galore! Lodown, Decisions Decisions, Hazards, Velvet Jayne and many more offering discounts and sales.

Dreamshack is now vacant with a huge For Lease sign above it, wonder who will take up residency here?

splattOpposite South Cronulla the old Vinnies store is under construction as we wait for Splatt to move in.

Stay tuned for the next Mall Report which is sure to include more changes happening in our beachside suburb!


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Cronulla Mall Report: Welcome to 2014!

photo 2 (3)As expected, Cronulla is at its peak – kids are out and about, the beaches are packed and parking is scarce… Welcome to Summer!

Starting from the soBeach Shack closing downuthern end of the Mall, the bright pink, vibrant Yogurberry has opened where Stevie & Me once was.

Chocpad is still vacant and For Lease, any ideas what will move in here?

Sadly there will soon be another vacant store… Beach Shack is closing down. Their last day of trading will be Wednesday 22nd January.

The Commonwealth Bank sits quietly in the Mall with a DA for a mix of residential and commercial shops…. Watch this space!

20140111_092103Walking through the Mall there are still plenty of post-Christmas sales to take advantage of!

If you’re looking for breakfast you’ll have to get in early, the cafe’s are filled by 9am!

20140111_094800At the end of the Mall on the Kingsway underneath Cronulla Cinemas, Soho Coffee is set to move in shortly.

And that concludes the first Mall Report of 2014! No doubt we’ll see some more changes in the Mall over the year, stay tuned!

From all of us at Beach & Bay, we hope you had a wonderful Christmas & New Year, now it’s time to get back into it!

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Cronulla Mall Report: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

photo 41With 2013 almost over, Christmas two days away and school holidays well under way, the Mall is busier than ever!

photo 2Starting at the south, Monro Park is bright and beautiful in colour while the former Peking Duck Chinese Restaurant has a new look and name – “Lucky Dragon”.

Sadly Chocpad has closed and the shop is now up For Lease.

photo 5Further north Yogurberry has opened, trading between 10:30am and 12am 7 days a week.

On the corner the iconic former Commonwealth Bank building is still up For Lease, will this space ever be occupied again?!

Code Orange has well and truly settled into the former Vodafone store.

photo 10The old Vinnies store on Gerrale St (which was For Lease) is now boarded up, any ideas what’s moving in here?

Renovations at Cronulla RSL have proved to be very popular attracted a very large audience over the weekend with queues lined up out the door! Opposite the RSL, Pilgrims Cronulla recently opened and are ready for business over the summer at their new location for those of you who aren’t heading down the South Coast!

photo 5 (2)On Elouera Rd, bright and colourful Old Joe’s has split Northies into two. Has anyone been here yet? Still yet to visit.

From all of us at Beach & Bay Realty, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year! See you in 2014!




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Cronulla Mall Report: Spring Has Sprung!

1Today was yet another perfect day in the Mall. After the Spring Festival over the weekend, Cronulla seemed to be on the quiet side of things this week, waiting for the crowds to swarm again when the school holidays roll in next week, fingers crossed for even better weather!

While strolling down the Mall today enjoying the gorgeous weather there weren’t too many changes to report on…

photo 12aStarting from the northern end down by the beach near Hogs Breath Cafe a new Italian restaurant, Giro Osteria, has popped up. As I made my way back to the Mall it was no surprise to see that the old Vodafone store is still for lease, will anyone ever move in here?!

Walking down the Mall there are a few sales here and there – Blue Illusion are offering a further 50% off reduced stock, Dutchee Dutchee have half price sales racks inside and loads more.

3Bread & Stone have cemented their place in the Mall while Chocpad still remains closed, does anyone know what’s going on?

The two relatively new additions to the Mall in Surf Rd,  Groundbake Artisan Bakery & Cronulla Hair seem to be doing reasonably 6

Renovations are happening at the former Beaches premises overlooking South Cronulla while around the corner the former Vinnies store is up for lease, any ideas what might fit in here? Watch this space!


2With this small changes put aside, the Mall remains reasonably unchanged, for now…. Hopefully Spring has more of this weather in store for us over the next two months before things really start to heat up!


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Cronulla Spring Festival 2013

Hot-Potato-Spring-Festival_2011It’s that time of year again!  The 2013 Cronulla Spring Festival will kick off on Saturday 14th September at 10am and conclude on Sunday 15th September at 4pm.

This year the Cronulla Spring Festival is all about embracing our beach lifestyle with comic lifeguards, beach fashions, a surf rider and giant seagulls. Fingers crossed this beautiful Spring weather will continue!

Cronulla will come alive over the weekend with over 120 market stalls set to take up the Mall and Surf Rd with plenty of activities in Monro Park & Dunningham Park planned.

The Pavilion Stage

Head on down to the Pavilion Stage for live shows, entertainment and musicians performing throughout the weekend including:

  • The New Adventures of Peter Pan
  • Ronald McDonald & Friends Show
  • Kirrawee High School Band
  • Royal Australian Navy Band
  • Sea Naturals Capella Choir

Mia-Monro-Enderby-2011-Spring_FestivalKids Corner

Travel down to the southern end of the Mall for great, low-cost kids activities including the much-loved animal farm, mini golf, and face painting.

Don’t forget about the Wellbeing Fair in Monro Park, the RSL Motoring Enthusiasts Club’s Show & Shine event near the giant slide on Surf Rd, the Sutherland Shire Marine & Boat Show on the beach front at North Cronulla (Dunningham Park & Peryman Square) and The Arts Theatre in Surf Rd celebrating their 50th birthday with an open house viewing over the weekend.

aButterfly-stilts-Spring-Festival_2011Road Closures

Cronulla St & Surf Rd will be closed from 4am on Saturday 14th September until 7pm on Sunday 15th September, so don’t leave your car parked in the Mall when you head out on Friday night! Surf Lane will remain open. Please keep in mind that parking will be almost impossible, consider catching the train or the bus if possible!

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