Cronulla Spring Festival 2014

Can you believe it’s almost September already?! Well it is! This means the Cronulla Spring Festival is just around around the corner! We’re hoping September is a dryer month than August, we’d love the sun to shine on this glorious weekend!

monro_park_2The Cronulla Spring Festival will be held on 13th & 14th September. The Sutherland Shire’s biggest annual celebration welcomes all! There will be plenty of entertainment from Cronulla Plaza to the beach with fun activities for kids, market stalls and bargains from local stores, as well as great coffee and food to keep you going!

The Pavilion Stage will host live shows and musicians throughout the weekend, including:

  • Kirrawee High Stage Band
  • Sharnielle Hartley
  • Sea Naturals Capella Choir
  • Local performers
  • Hi Lifeguards
  • Blossoms
  • South American Pan Pipes

Spring-Fest-253There will be plenty of entertainment for the little ones as well, including Despicable Me2, Mr. Potato Head and Mr. Peabody and Sherman.

Kids Corner
At the southern end of Cronulla St (near the train station) the kids will be delighted by a whole heap of activities, including:

  • Animal Farm ($3 entry)
  • The Fun House (free)
  • Get Wild animal shows and displays including reptiles, turtles and a baby croc! (free)
  • NSW Fisheries ‘Get Hooked’
  • Plenty of rides
  • Pony rides and kids craft activities in Monro Park

Wellbeing Fair
Chill out in Monro Park and get your hands on a number of natural products and watch the entertainers supplied by A Touch Of Eden while the kids take pony rides around the gardens!

Rides-CrowdShow & Shine
Overlooking North Cronulla Beach, Peryman Square will be home to plenty of classic cars for the RSL Motoring Enthusiasts Club Show & Shine event.

Cronulla Design Ideas Competition
The Mayor of the Sutherland Shire will announce the winners of the Design Ideas Competition, best of luck to all who entered!

Road Closures & Parking
If you’re leaving your car on Cronulla St or Surf Rd on Friday night, make sure you move it before 4am! Cronulla St and Surf Rd will be closed from 4am Saturday morning until 7pm Sunday night. Parking will be scarce so if you’re driving be prepared for a long walk (unless you’re lucky enough to score a top spot!) otherwise jump on the train and you’ll arrive right in the hub of all the activity!

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Local Talent: Tigertown

209865_462146220472142_696554673_o-904x602Chris (guitarist, singer and songwriter) in Cronulla based indie band Tigertown takes some time out on their new EP Wandering Eyes during release week to talk about the band, their music and the place they call home….

So half you of are born and bred in the shire however Kurt and Charlie you are from Tamworth originally, what bought you to these southern beaches? 

Charlie and Kurt originally moved down to Sydney with the band they were in at the time, living in the city. When Charlie and I got married we decided to live in Cronulla, she said it felt like Tamworth on the beach. Haha I guess it’s still relaxed enough to almost be a country town.

What’s your typical weekend in Cronulla? What cafes, Restaurants and shopping haunts do you hit up on your weekend off?

Well I’ll start the day surfing behind Shelley pools, then we’ll grab breakfast and coffee at Ham deli cafe. Really lucky the coffee scene is so pumping here. Charlie will raid the Vinnies daily, then nights often end up at El Sol Mexican restaurant. Always a good crew there.

tigertownTell us about your new single ‘What You Came Here For’

It was exciting for us to put this song out because we’re really happy with the new EP and it’s the first glimpse of our new stage. The song comes from classic moments I have, wondering whether we’ve got it all wrong and how we could be living differently. Not trying to change the world or anything, just wondering.

What are the major influences for your song writing?

We all love a classic pop song. We’d love to write music that lasts. I suppose all our songs come from personal experience or feelings, but we try and keep them universal enough to relate to everyone. We actually find where we live has an impact as we love to songs to come from a calm place and be an escape for people amongst all the hectic noise. So having a beach to sit on helps.

Wandering Eyes is your new EP… What’s the story behind the title and how the songs all came together on this EP?

This EP is actually the first time we’ve recorded with all five of us together and all the songs really developed and came to life on the road. We were able to do a lot of touring last year so every song was tried and tested before we recorded them. Wandering eyes is actually the name of one of the tracks. It’s the song we get excited about the most live. Definitely drawing from bands that inspire us with classic pop music. The song itself is a bit of a sexy love song.

You are heading out on tour for this new EP… When and where can everyone see you play?

We’re getting around the whole country again. Our Sydney show is at Oxford Art Factory. We’ve never headlined there before so we’re really excited about that one.

Can you tell us five of your favourite songs that you are listening to you?

It’s always a mixture of new and old. Right now it would be:

  • Go your own way – Fleetwood Mac
  • Resolution – Matt Corby
  • Oh Sailor – Mr Little Jeans
  • Leeward Side – Josh Pyke
  • Baby be mine – Michael Jackson



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Is your Cronulla Magazine soggy!

The Cronulla Magazine is out today, by the time everyone gets it, the magazine will probably be a soggy mess so just in case here is our ad on page 25!










Mark Speakman is on the cover regarding the Cronulla Fisheries closure with the heading “Hung out to dry”, it’s the only thing that is dry at the moment!



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Events in The Shire: Citizenship Ceremony + Fiesta In Flight!

The last few weekends have been spent at kid’s sport, bushwalking in the Royal National Park, and catching up on everything I’m too busy during the week to do (equal parts housework and sleep – boring but inevitable). There’s plenty to write about but my focus as guest blogger here at Beach & Bay is events.

I’m part of the event team at Sutherland Shire Council so I thought I’d share with you two events we’re currently working on. We do civic and community events and the first I’d like to chat about is our final Citizenship Ceremony for 2011, held this past Friday. This has got to be one of our top feel good events – everyone is happy, proud, keen, and ready to celebrate. Up to 500 people each year from all parts of the Shire become new citizens and it’s an honour to be part of the final steps of the journey.  The official proceedings includes some welcome speeches from the Mayor and local Federal and State MPs, Citizenship Pledges, and the absolute last part before becoming a citizen, the presentation of the official Certificate of Citizenship. It’s truly a great night.

If I was going to compare working on this event, which is relatively small, to working on say, Fiesta @ the Beach (Sunday 23 Oct) then I’d have to admit that my feet ache just as much the next day for this one as I know they will next Monday.  Neither compares with the day after Australia Day, but that’s a whole other story…

My main task at Fiesta @ the Beach will be as official event photographer (I’ll be wearing my council polo shirt so please say hi and smile). I’ve certainly lucked out for this event. As photographer I’ll have to visit each of the food stalls (I’m hungry just thinking about all the yummy international food). Then I’ll have to watch all the performances. I really like Celtic style music so I’m looking forward to The Third Wheel, an Irish trio. African drumming is always a good show and it’s going to be difficult taking photos of Rhythm Brazil while I’m tapping my feet. When I’m not doing all that, I’ll be forced to follow around the Bubble Skywalkers and take pics of them and their giant bubbles. Then there’s the parasol and kite-making, bungee jumping, and belly-dancing. I’m going to need more food after all that…

Ah, it’s a rough job, but somebody has to do it. I’m just glad it’s going to be me – sore feet on Monday and all!

Come visit the event team on Sunday 23 October for Fiesta @ the Beach. Dunningham Park, North Cronulla Beach – 10am to 3pm. Entertainment also includes Bollywood & Polynesian performers, Greek Dancers, Lion Dancers, a Martial Arts display and Carribean Soul at 2pm. Check out the full program at councils website ( or visit us at Facebook: Events in the Shire.
See you there!

To read Trish’s personal blog see HERE.

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