Does Your House Smell?

No_smoking_sign_by_nadinefaourYes, this is a trick question. No one can answer this question about their own home yet it is one of those questions sellers often fail to consider. Some of the common smell offenders that seem to seep into the walls, curtains and floor coverings of a home are mould, pets, cheap cleaning products, cigarette smoke and even strong cooking odours such as garlic. Your friends might love your garlic meatballs but your potential buyers won’t like smelling them the next day at your open house.

So do yourself a favour and ask someone who will give you an honest answer to “Does my house smell?” before putting your property on the market because you can not be trusted with this question and if overlooked by the seller it can be very costly. Sometimes smells just do not go away overnight so take this into consideration before racing to get the for sale sign up.

multi-colored-candlesCandles, freshly baked pastries and coffee brewing is all well and good for inspection day but if the kitty litter is sitting in the lounge room you can kiss that quick, top price sale goodbye!


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