IGA Cronulla Opening Giveaway

When IGA Cronulla opens next Wednesday it will be worth the wait. The former Mitre 10 store is now a brand new shop, having undergone a massive rebuild. The store has wide aisles, fresh and carefully sourced produce from around the world and a team that are ready to serve the local community. IGA Cronulla is owned by a local family and this store is completely separate to other Lloyds IGA’s.

To kick things off and to show goodwill, IGA Cronulla is giving away a 500ml bottle of quality Greek olive oil to each of the first 50 customers to spend $50 on day 1 and another 50 customers to spend $50 on day 2 of business. Pictured below is the olive oil – Minos Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Thus 100 bottles of olive oil are up for grabs over 2 days. So now you have read this blog you have the inside scoop, happy shopping! There are a few surprises and features of the store that will be introduced in a months time but as of next Wednesday, 30th May the store will be open for business.

IGA Cronulla is at 126-128 Cronulla St, at the southern end of the Mall near the train station. The store will open at midday on the 30th May.

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Cronulla Mall Report: Where do I start!

So much has happened in Cronulla lately! From reality TV shows to 2 IGA‘s opening in 1 month, Cronulla has been a hive of activity.

Starting at the northern end, suddenly a week ago Franklins was gone and the IGA signs went up. We first heard that this was a head office shop for IGA but have since found out this is not correct. On the 17th April IGA at the southern end of the Mall will open, one that we have been reporting on for a few months. What are quickly becoming known as the North IGA and the South IGA will be very different stores in products and services on offer…More on that on 17th April or just before.

Store closures at the north end of town include LA Trend Fashion that was originally in the much larger location where Mrs. Watson’s Organic Foods and Discount Vitamins is. Sad to see another retail disappear in the Mall. Sitting empty right next to it is Fifi’s Chicken Shop which has been vacant for a long time now.

Basking in this glorious autumn sunshine I head south past Crust Pizza‘s ‘Dare You, Dare Us’ offer, so going to participate in that and across the road to check out Mad Mex. It’s a bit early for lunch but I love the fit out of this restaurant. Have to admit I haven’t had time to try it but have heard great reports.

Around the corner into Surf Rd the Cronulla Arts Theatre renovation is in full progress. We have heard the old Grind cafe venue will be the new lobby.

Across the road Charbella has completed its move from a street away and is now set up beautifully in the shop next door to the Old Library Restaurant.

Back to the Mall and south, Beluga, Crazy Horse sit empty and neglected and the Something Else pop up store will close Easter Monday.

Sadly we noticed last week Cook’s Table had closed (Gerrale St around from Surf Rd) and with it the pasta plus glass of wine $20 mid-week deal. We wish the owners well.

Happy Easter and let’s hope this weather continues for the whole weekend.

Autumn is my favourite time of year in Cronulla, here are some photo’s I’ve taken the last 2 weeks.




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Mall Report kicks off for 2012!

The main themes for 2012’s first Mall Report – Mexican stand-off, supermarket competition, jobs in the Mall, caffeine addictions.

Where do I start with the amount of activity in the Mall since 2012!?! Better focus on the southern end where there has been lots of movement. South of the Border has completed its expansion into the corner position at the start of the mall. We love this shop at Beach & Bay, lots of South American inspired dresses and leather sandals, makes us feel like we are carefree and so individual!

Next door to the original South of the Border store, Sam Jam Chef (fronting the park) has already closed before I even got to try it?! I’ve been told it was only open a few weeks?! Does anyone have any other information? What a shame.

Ok heading north, the team at IGA Cronulla are in full swing and I can see the deli area taking pride of place in the middle of the store. Don’t forget Cronulla-ites, the owner is taking orders for whatever delights you crave in the deli section, Bulgarian feta, Sicilian olives etc. Cronulla’s newest supermarket is about a month away from opening.

Across the road bargain hunters take note; Something Else pop up store has up to 70% off clothing and Sentier has a major sale on with 70% off selected  summer stock , we are hoping for a late summer/delayed autumn so buy a heavily discounted dress and reap the benefits now!

Beluga sits sadly empty and it looks like we won’t be needing that deli everyone requested  now that IGA is taking up the challenge. So here is hoping that some exciting store opens up here and like Richard from the Grind said not another real estate agent or hairdresser or Thai restaurant (or Mexican for that matter as everyone has been quite vocal on that on the “I Love Cronulla” page!).

Yes and the fit out at Cronulla’s latest Mexican food outlet, Mad Mex is taking shape, I hear it is supposed to open in March? Guzman y Gomez opened on The Kingsway at the northern end of the Mall late last year so for those at the southern end, the walk to get Mexican has just got even shorter. Plus more jobs for locals, Mad Mex is hiring now (98 Cronulla St).

I head into Surf Rd where there is lots of demolishing and rebuilding in progress. The theatre is mostly demolished and a rebuild in full swing. Work is soon to begin on the old Grind Espresso Bar site. One of Cronulla’s most successful businesses has closed their decade old home in the School of Arts building this week and Richard and Greer are working with builders at a frantic pace to get the new Grind up and running for 1st March. I am sure if you meet a Cronulla –ite who seems a little edgy this week it is because they are not getting their Grind fix!  The new Grind address is 4/15 Surf Rd, Cronulla around the corner from the library. Richard and Greer have been sourcing furniture from all over to make it as eclectic and homely as the old Grind shop but in a bigger space. Bring on 1st March!

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Cronulla Mall Report: Merry Christmas Cronulla!

Finally a sunny morning to get out and do the Mall Report! With 16 days to go till Christmas the year is quickly coming to an end.

At the top of the Mall at the Pavilion, Santa is busy having his photo taken with pets, children and adults. A few have commented that Santa is a bit on the light side but we think he is just a fit, surfer version!

Cronulla Fruit Fair has freshly cut Christmas Trees for $70 and if you need to post Santa a letter pop into the newsagency near Franklins as the letterbox for express mail to Santa is being handled there.

As usual businesses in Cronulla Mall have been busy with closures and openings. At the Greenhills Display Office there is now a “for lease” sign in place, and a couple of doors down and upstairs Ray White Cronulla has now closed.

Mitre 10 is now bordered up with IGA set to open sometime in the near future.

Further down towards the train station, Rachaels By The Sea has vacated and the new South of the Border which has a shop next door overlooking Munro Park seems to have expanded into this corner space.

In Surf Rd the new restaurant opening – The Old Library is in full swing, from all reports the food is amazing! I am there later today, can’t wait. Across the road, Cronulla Arts Theatre is almost gone and a major rebuild is underway. There are still a few vacancies down the southern end of the mall but after many changes this year this end of town is really taking shape.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and I look forward to reporting on all Cronulla Mall’s happenings next year!

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