Will your home pass the test?

Web_01Real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran recently said at a real estate conference that it takes a buyer, entering the first room of the house, only 8 seconds to get an impression of the home.  There is really no room for error with an 8 second time span and it hits home how important styling and presentation really is.

Thinking of selling? How about doing the 8 second test on your own home. Is the first thing you see when entering your home a Brady Bunch gallery of family portraits? Is this what you are selling or are you selling the light, bright and spacious entrance foyer which you cannot see because all you are focused on is the faces staring back at you?

Web_11After you have done the 8 second test, go outside and get in your car. Drive around the block and then pull up out the front of your house. How’s the 8 second rule from the street? Some buyers will see your property advertised and then do a drive-by, will these buyers come back for an inspection? Or will they see the overflowing gutters and think too many trees equals too much maintenance?

Web_10Then maybe invite some friends over to do the 8 second test.

Did your property pass the 8 second test? Give Beach & Bay a call so we can provide you with a market appraisal and connect you with our network of stylists, cleaners, handymen and women who will ensure your home is presented to perfection and the maximum sale price is achieved.


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Get market ready and sell your property fast!

lounge-webThe right agent and perfect presentation of your property sets the scene for a successful, stress free, financially rewarding sale in record time.

So, you have chosen Beach & Bay Realty and now here are some quick tips from Yellow House Interiors to assist in making your property market ready:

1. Clean and sparkle
Make your property look polished and cleaned to perfection. Pay attention to details like skirting boards, light fittings, windows and walls. Giving your property an all over thorough clean will be an essential step in creating a property that people want to buy.

2. Colour correction
Keep wild and wacky tones to a minimum and stick a neutral and subdued colour palette. Don’t forget that you want to appeal to a great variety of people and create a feeling of space in the property. A fresh coat of paint can change almost everything!

3. Family photos, be gone!
Store and remove all personal objects and photos. Keep in mind that your property needs to attract buyers that want to move in NOW. Keep the styling fresh, simple and not over complicated.

4. Replace carpets
Old carpet can be a huge turn-off. To achieve a higher selling price it’s worth replacing tired old carpet with new carpet in a contemporary hue that works with your paint colour and furnishings.

5. Hire furniture and accessories
You can put this together yourself but if you really want to get the top dollars for your property then call in the professionals! Replace furniture and accessories with specifically chosen items that complement the property and aim to to make the property look it’s very best ready for sale.

6. Quick fixes
Look at your property with fresh eyes. All of the small jobs that you’ve been putting off for so long need your attention before your property goes on the market. Make a list and get them done, you will be thanked for your hard work with interest from the market.

Yellow House Interiors can help you with all of your styling and decorating needs. Achieving the highest price possible for your property through beautiful styling and advice is what we do best! For more information go to

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Transform Your Home With White

How many times have you inspected a property and thought the interior looked dark and small? At Yellow House Interiors we think white is great for lifting the appearance of an interior, making it look bright, light and airy. From walls to furniture white can hide imperfections and can make the overall room feel bigger. White not only adds a contemporary feel but makes the interior look clean and fresh, great for transforming a space or selling a property. Here are some fantastic products on the market that will make your home shine:White products-page-001

  1. Scoop Pendant Light, Stephanie NG Design
  2. Bloomingville Wall Clock, Design Stuff
  3. Elk Occasional Chair, Coco Republic
  4. White Egg Lake Vase, Alfresco Emporium
  5. Atami Screen Cushion, Bandhini
  6. No.18 Dining Chair, Thonet
  7. San Fran Deco Coffee Table, Coco Republic

If you need some advice on how to make your property look its best then please call Kathryn from Yellow House Interiors on 0412 579 330. We would love to hear from you!

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Style Tips: Yellow House Interiors and Beach & Bay Realty

Does styling your home prior to selling make a difference? You bet it does! Kathryn from Yellow House Interiors and Kylie from Beach & Bay Realty tell us more…

Image: Fenton and Fenton -

Image: Fenton and Fenton –

How can a stylist help an agent?
Kathryn: A stylist can help by working with the agent on the presentation of the property. A stylist can discuss ideas on how to make the property looks its best and then implement those ideas to increase the appeal and value of the property.

Kylie: A stylist can be an agent’s secret weapon. It’s hard for an agent to make suggestions as sometimes people can take an offence. When an independent person like an experienced stylist offers their point of view, vendors are more open to their opinion. In the competitive and sophisticated real estate market today hiring furniture is normal and becoming more and more common.

How much value can simple styling add to the sale price?
Kathryn & Kylie: A massive difference!

Kathryn: If the property is styled correctly it automatically goes up in value in the eyes of potential buyers. Property values can increase exponentially if the vendor invests some time and thought into how the property looks, feels and overall presentation.

Kylie: The Sale price and speed of sale increases when a property is styled. The leaking tap in the bathroom must be fixed! Little things can be deterrents from the property itself.

What are the most basic styling improvements that you both agree can boost the overall feeling of a property for sale?

1. Clean and de-clutter.

2. Choose the right furniture to make the property feel bigger.

3. Choose accessories and artwork that enhance the property but do not distract.

4. Painting the property can go a long way. Lighten and brighten the colour scheme throughout.

5. Attend to and fix any small jobs before sale. You want the property to look in great condition.

Master Bedroom - Yellow House Interiors

Master Bedroom – Yellow House Interiors

What’s the biggest mistake a seller makes when they put their property on market?
Kathryn: That they overlook getting the property styled by a professional. A lot of people think that they can do it themselves. Calling in the professionals saves you time, money and at the end of the day you will know that you have sold for the highest price possible.

Kylie: The biggest mistake is selling a property vacant with no furniture.

If you had to avoid a certain item, statue, accessory or ornament in a property, what would it be?
Kathryn: I think it would have to be Grandma’s Old China collection! Get rid of it quick!

Kylie: Photographs of the family, it can be a distraction from the property/room itself if potential clients recognise any familiar faces – keep it neutral. The kitchen bench needs to be bare with a simple centrepiece like a bowl of fruit. Take off the fridge magnets! Bathroom should be 5 star hotel clean with new towels and please put the toilet seat down!

3 products-page-001

Spruce up your home with these today!

Any favourite products to spruce up your home?
Kathryn: Here are some great products which will help your property stand out from the crowd…

1. Titan Table Lamp from Freedom

2. Hamret Copper Dish from Citta Design

3. November 1927 from Society 6

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Yellow House Interiors

BedroomThe holidays have finished and the property market is heating up. If you are thinking of selling then now is a great time to get started.

First impressions count and styling your property for sale can be an important and lucrative advantage. At Yellow House Interiors we want to make your property stand out from the crowd and help you maximise your sale price.

Investing time into the look and feel of your property before sale can result in increased market exposure, a quicker sale time and the most important thing a substantially higher selling price!

Yellow House Interiors will transform your property using exceptional pieces of furniture and accessories, helping you create a unique and beautiful interior/exterior for your target market.

Get in touch now and we’ll do the rest!

Kathryn Bloomer
Yellow House Interiors
Phone: 0412 579 330

Yellow House Interiors

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Feng Shui: A Good Night In

A popular misconception about the practice of feng shui is that its main focus is wealth creation. Put a water feature here, a windchime there and what’s to stop a cheque for thousands of dollars plopping into your mail box? But there are many things more valuable than money and one of them is sleep. A good night’s sleep means you are rested and fit to face whatever the next day throws at you. It gives your body time to recover and rebuild and it allows us to have wonderful dreams. It’s one of the first things I look at when I’m assessing someone’s home. Even if we can’t easily change where our home is located, most of us have the ability to create the best bedroom in which to sleep.

A well-placed bed is, I think, one of the most important things to address in the home. So what do we need to do? Just as the best building sits against a protective slope, so a bed is best placed with its head against a solid wall. The movement of chi within the home basically follows a path from door to door and from door to window. These are active areas. A bed placed underneath a window means that the flow of chi coming through the bedroom door moves toward the window meaning the energy over that bed is active. This means disturbed sleep patterns. Whereas a bed with its head set against a solid wall is supported by this quiet mountain-like energy. If your bed has to be under a window, think about installing solid shutters to close the wall down (at least at night) and add a solid headboard. For a child’s bedroom this is especially important as they are susceptible to strong currents of chi. But for guest bedrooms, don’t worry – it means your guests won’t overstay their welcome!

Given that chi moves from door to window, that often means that the bed is positioned directly between a door and the bedroom window. Not much you can do about this but it’s more important that the head of the bed is against a wall. Adding bedside tables gives additional support. For couples, try to make sure that the bedside tables and lamps are identical to reflect balance in the relationship. I usually advise people to keep the wall above the bed clear of any artwork as this draws energy over the bed (just as your eye is drawn to the artwork). If you must have artwork on that wall, keep it to the wall above each bedside table instead.

The energy of a bedroom should be quiet. Large windows with big views, busy artwork or artwork with aggressive imagery, and too many mirrors can all disturb this feeling of tranquility. For large windows, think of curtains to frame the view and soften the atmosphere at night. Generally keep artwork to a minimum. For couples it’s a good idea to have an image of you both together (and looking happy!). Avoid pictures of the kids or other members of the family as this room is for you and your partner, so claim it. For mirrored wardrobes, try opening them at night and if you find you sleep better then think about replacing them with solid doors or covering them with opaque film. I know someone who draws a thin curtain across her wardrobe mirrors at night, which gives a lovely soft atmosphere to the room as well.

Think about the imagery of your bedroom. This is your private sanctuary and it represents the inner you. Don’t overload bedside tables with work-related reading. Put something you find beautiful there instead so that it’s a gift to you every time you wake up. It goes without saying that the room shouldn’t appear disorderly or cluttered to you.

If you’re single and looking for a partner, check whether your bedroom is really set up for one or two people. I often see single people living in bedrooms that have only one bedside table, a small bed and imagery of single people – the whole room screams singleness.

Of course bedrooms aren’t all about sleep. Add some spice with a touch of red (a cushion, perhaps) and warm lighting. Think of bringing in different textures – velvets, mohair, even a good fake fur – anything that feels good against bare skin.

The list of do’s and dont’s for bedrooms goes on but ultimately the main thing to get right is the bed placement. After that, the rest is pure pleasure.

As the Italians say, I wish you golden dreams. (And I promise I’m not talking about money).


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