Spotlight on local business: Paper & Poppies

IMG_20140529_110154Last week Beach & Bay grabbed a cupcake (or three!) and had a chat with Ross from Paper & Poppies….

How long have you been open serving delicious treats in the Shire?
Paper & Poppies has existed for around 5-6 years now, however the business started solely as a cake design business with Weddings Cakes being the main focus. Over time this grew and developed – last year we began doing Market Stalls in Cronulla Mall on Saturdays or Sundays around special occasions (Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Spring Fair etc). This was the first time that we had sold cupcakes/macaroons/cookies to the general public.

When did you open in Woolooware?
We decided to take the plunge and open a teahouse with our full range of goodies when we found the perfect place in November 2013. In early December we got the keys, did the fit out and opened on the 21st of that month, meaning Paper & Poppies has now been in its current format for nearly 7 months.

IMG_20140529_110231Where did the Paper & Poppies idea come from?
Initially, it came purely from Lizzie’s passion to cook. She would often cook goodies for events or for friends parties and as such became known as “the dessert” person! A friend then asked her to do her wedding cake, she said yes, and well the rest is history. It grew and developed from there – from a cake & hand made stationary business (hence the paper in the name) to a cake & tea shoppe that it is today.

You recently celebrated Cadbury Week in store, which flavour was the most popular?
Oh that’s a tough one – people always ask what’s most popular and it honestly depends on the day! In this case, it would be a toss-up between “Crunchie” & “Top Deck”.

IMG_20140529_110049Which variety of cupcakes, cakes, teas and/or treats are your best-sellers?
As per above question, it’s quite hard to narrow it down to the absolute favourites as it really does depend on the day! Of our regular treats our most popular would definitely be our Lemon Meringue Tart or Crème Brulee Tart, for cupcakes it’d be either the Salted Caramel Popcorn with the adults and the Persian Fairy Floss with the kids. Tea wise the good ol’ English Breaky is always popular, however the Apple, Cinnamon & Camomile is growing in popularity in our Herbal Range, and the Russian Caravan in our Black Tea Range, Monks Pear is probably the most popular Green Tea!

It is so good to see a good choice for those of us with special dietary requirements, your caramel iced gluten free cupcake is one of the best I’ve tasted, did you make a conscious effort to cater to this market?
Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed! To answer your question though, absolutely. It’s something that both Lizzie and I are really passionate about and it’s an area of our business we hope to develop further. We always try to have some Gluten Free, Sugar Free & Vegan options available! We love seeing people enjoy what we make, and as such endeavour to ensure as many people as possible CAN actually do that.

IMG_20140529_110314If you had a food critic visit your store and you were asked to recommend one sweet treat from your menu what would you choose?
You love these hard questions! Probably our Vanilla Bean Cupcake because in it’s simplicity is the essence of a great cupcake.

Is there one day in the week where business spikes?
Definitely Friday/Saturday – end of the week and I think everyone deserves a treat after working so hard through the week!

What do you love most about your job?
Definitely the people. I genuinely believe we have the best customers and am stoked every day that I get to speak with them, learn a bit more about them and engage in genuine conversation. Without them, we wouldn’t have a business, and both Lizzie and I are extremely thankful for them!

IMG_20140529_110342What is your favourite place in Cronulla?
South Cronulla Beach  – awesome at sunrise, during the day or sunset. Favourite café would be Ham and restaurant would be The Old Library.

Finish this sentence – I Love Cronulla because…
It always feels like a holiday!

We found you on Instagram, do you also have a Facebook page?
We sure do! We actually had it before Instagram! Search for Paper & Poppies and we should pop up!

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Spotlight on local business: idtagit

Introducing Jo – by day the friendliest Cronulla postie you could ever meet, and in her spare time, a budding entrepreneur with her husband Tim.

DSC_8619Who are the masterminds behind the idtagit idea?
Look, Tim (my husband) had the bare bones of the initial idea, then between us, we’ve jointly shaped it into the working product people use all over the world today.

How did idtagit come about and how long has it been in the making?
Both Tim & I noticed that the problem of “lost & found” had been around since forever, but wondered why in this day and age it had never been tackled as a topic. Timeline wise it’s taken several long years and heaps of knock backs to get our ideas off the ground and it’s now great to sit back and look how far we travelled with it, since we started drafting the basic concept on a napkin back in 2010.

1505407_757478364275838_573918965_nHow does idtagit work?
With us both coming from a Baby Boomer generation when life was very simple compared to these days, we elected idtagit had to be easy to use and implement for everybody. Add to these two ingredients, our other goal of a “low cost to adopt factor” of less than $3 retail price for each tag we made, we’re proud to say we think we got the combination just right.

We sell a small & discrete hardwearing tag (40mm x 18mm x 1.3mm thick) you can either stick or hang on any of your belongings, and we mean “anything”. We’ve had customers put them on slightly unusual stuff like USB’s, lunch boxes, flippers and football boots, as well as all the standard things you’d expect people to lose frequently.

Each tag has a unique code engraved into it and links via idtagit database to your email address and mobile number. So when a stranger tells us at idtagit they’ve found your lost property, you’re immediately notified via text message as well as an email of the finders contact details, wherever in the world you are. One of the biggest attractions that our tags offer is that they don’t highlight anything about you (i.e. your name, address and so on), which in these days of identity fraud is a great asset to have when marking your belongings.

Before you invented idtagit, what was the most important possession you’ve ever lost?
Good question as it takes me back to my childhood when I lost a small toy doll from my pram whilst being pushed around by my mother in Miranda Fair. The thing (doll) was only worth a few dollars, but I recall vividly the sadness parting from it, demonstrating that sometimes it’s the emotional value of things we lose that are irreplaceable, not always the mundane things like keys & mobile phones that end up in the lost property office.

Some amazing facts on lost property from here in our own back yard show that Sydney Ferry Service collect 150 items every day and on average 250+ phones are lost in NSW each and every day.

We’re most likely to lose our stuff when we travel via air as we’re often stressed, tired and disorientated, meaning more things like carry-on luggage and camera’s never make it to the right destination than you would care to imagine.


We bet you have heard some stories since starting this business. Are there any good or bad stories that stand out?
The constant theme we see daily and that always shines through via idtagit is the kindness of strangers from all walks of life around the world. People on the whole are more than happy to help each other and we’ve heard of individuals delighted that a person they’ve never met, sometimes in different country, has contacted them via idtagit just to say “Hey, I’ve found your lost property and want to give it back”. It’s this fact that makes Tim & I very proud in our business idea as it shows that humanity is a fuel there is an abundance of, no matter where you are.

10441228_779490428749812_5358400830304504148_nWhere do we buy the product?
At this stage we sell directly online via our website Here you can purchase either a pack of 5 or 10 tags for $23 or $29 respectively, with delivery to your postal address in no more than a 5 working days.

Finish this sentence – I Love Cronulla because…..
As a born and bred Aussie, it’s got all my family and all I would ever want from life, it’s just magic!

How do we find you?
Our website address is and you can find us on Facebook here.

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Spotlight on local business: Mrs. Watson’s

10414556_768128373219351_3214058306323880751_nCongratulations on being one of the most popular stores in the Mall! How long have you been here in Cronulla for now?

10 years! Originally we were in the old DVC store for 7 years but have been Mrs. Watson’s for 3 years now.

How did the idea of Mrs. Watson’s first come about?
Mrs. Watson’s was always the concept store that Mike and Margo wanted but like all small businesses it took a long time to get there!  The original Mrs Watson is Margo’s grandmother and was the first person in her life to teach her about healthy food.  The store was always going to be named after her – Jean Watson. She lived until she was 96 and was a beautiful, loving and healthy human being. Wheatgerm was her staple breakfast (full of vitamin E) but if she was alive today she might have swapped that for a more Paleo inspired breakfast! :)

10336771_670969399641940_1760456650618560585_nYou seem to have a diverse range of products and brands from all around the world, how do you source your products?
We spend hours sourcing new products, we travel to the USA once a year to see what the new trends are, and we get a great deal of pleasure in making sure our store is full of interesting, healthy products for our customers.  For example, we just received our first delivery of Organic Coconut ‘Wraps’ direct from the USA and we are the 1st in Australia to have these.

How many staff members make Mrs. Watson’s the successful business it is?
We have 9 staff plus Mike and Margo. That number includes our Managers – Samantha and Rachelle (who is also a Naturopath), our other Naturopath – Izzac and our other lovely staff members– Kelly, Holly, Nadia and Eadie and, of course, the loveable Justin who is our Organic Fruit and Vege guru!

10346051_668961073176106_3735422849294511417_nWhat product is the highest volume seller?
Superfoods! From Chia seeds to Acai…. Everyone is loving them!

My favourite product line is the Thistle So Good Pea & Mint Risotto, which one of your products is most likely to find its way to your home?
Ahhhh… we know why that is selling so well!
We basically shop 100% in the store but at the moment we are really enjoying our range of  ‘Ozganics Sauces’ – Organic and Gluten Free – really easy to make a quick nutritious meal with some organic chicken, vegetables and kelp noodles after a long day. Finish that off with some Coyo Coconut yoghurt for dessert – dairy free and yummo!

Do customers ask you to stock certain items?
Yes, we really value receiving feedback and one of the best products we have were originally recommended by our customers.

10001448_647560505316163_8452703063482299874_nWhat do you love most about your job?
We love doing what we do – simple as that. We love customers getting excited over our new products, we love seeing people starting on a health regime and feeling so much better, and we love getting to know our customers – lots of them make us laugh all the time!

What is your favourite place in Cronulla?
We enjoy taking a mini break, having a coffee from our favourite cafe’s (we have lots!), sitting on a bench at Cronulla Park overlooking the beach and just chatting and relaxing (and coming up with new ideas of course!)

Finish this sentence – I Love Cronulla because….
It has a buzz that is like being on holidays every day!

Pop into Mrs. Watson’s today in the Mall at 53 Cronulla St or visit them on Facebook or their website 

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Spotlight on local business: Apache Rose

How did you come up with the name Apache Rose?
Ahh the most difficult part! We wanted a name that reflected the selection of beautiful and unique products from all around the world. I think the name is one part bohemian and one part beautiful.

How long have you been in business?
We have been open for just over a year. Mum originally opened Beluga Homewares about 15 years ago with her longtime friend and original business partner Marianne, and sold it about 4 years ago to concentrate on our other business barton&bell. We wholesale our barton&bell jewellery to boutiques all around the world and had been working from a home office, but when sitting on the lounge meant the possibility of an earring stabbing you in the backside we knew we had out grown that! We decided we would much prefer a shopfront with studio at the back than just an office as we both missed the customer interaction of retail.

You have a fantastic mix of furniture, jewellery and homewares, what is your favourite piece in the store currently?
Oh that truly is so hard to pick just one! We really do buy what we love. Can we pick a few? The beautiful new selection of glass vessels and candlesticks from Spain & Egypt. The amazing new season cushions – the fabrics are incredible. And of course our new collection of barton&bell jewels which has been receiving some fantastic press.

What is the most popular item in the store?
I couldn’t really say it’s such a mix. We really do try and make sure there is something for everyone in both the type of product and the price-point while staying true to our vision of what we love.

I love the artwork you stock, who are some of the artists, I hear people come from far and wide to one in particular?
We have such a following for our selection of artwork. I am a true fan of independent artists and it is the very first thing I said I wanted to stock when we were opening. I was hoping people would take a liking to it and the response has been incredible, people really want to purchase special artisan pieces and steer away from the mass produced. We stock:

  • Catherine Campbell from Melbourne (as seen in Frankie magazine, Finders Keepers)
  • Leah Duncan from USA (her artwork has since popped up on cushions on The Block)
  • Danny Sixx from Mexico (whose artwork created a frenzy at Spring Fair)
  • We have a few exciting new ones up our sleeve for the coming months.
  • (Even the cards we stock feature the artwork of talented indie artists).

Do you have a website?
A blog…

Do you have a Facebook page? We sure do! Keeping everyone up to date with our latest products, events and special offers –

Do you have a promotion for I Love Cronulla followers?
Of course… Mention the ‘I Love Cronulla’ page for 10% off your next purchase (sorry, excludes furniture).

What is your favourite place in Cronulla?
The Brass Monkey! The calibre of musicians that they bring to our community is just phenomenal. There truly is nothing like it. Delicious food, a fantastic selection of wines and the manager is a total cutie (OK, she’s my little sister but she IS a cutie!) and by day, Blackwoods Beach.

Finish this sentence “I love Cronulla because….
There is a real sense of community…it’s a lovely thing to go for a coffee and see a bunch of friendly familiar faces every time. I love the relaxed coastal atmosphere.

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Spotlight on local business: WoodyRoo – Clothing Label

WoodyRoo Philosophy
WoodyRoo loves that our grandfathers wore suits every day.  We love that he had his own tailor (who knew how to make him look sharp), he was mates with his barber and the barman knew his drink.

WoodyRoo’s foundation is built on a culture of gentlemen who had character and dressed with class. 

WoodyRoo is all about doing things you love and doing them over and over again. We are hell bent on chasing this sentiment and doing something that counts.

WoodyRoo’s work is full of pride and knowing that the gentleman lives…


With this type of philosophy I knew meeting local fashion designer Billy Wood was going to be interesting. This is his story…

How did you get into the business of designing and selling menswear?

  • About 5 years ago I started sketching a few designs and took them around to Granny who taught me how to sew. I would go to Vinnies and pick up cool suits and cut them up and change the fit and put them back together.
  • I just launched my first collection a couple of weeks ago
  • I don’t really have much formal training. I tried TAFE but there weren’t many tailoring subjects and they would only let me make dresses. So I would make kilts for guys. Raised a few eyebrows when I would throw it on and say – “see I told you it is menswear”. There were only so many kilts I got away with.
  • I thought that if you need someone to teach you how to design clothes then you are probably in the wrong game.
  • I sacked that idea and just jumped in and found a couple of really good makers in Sydney.
  • One thing led to another and WoodyRoo was born. WoodyRoo has just launched the first collection a couple of weeks ago.
  • I didn’t really think that making my own clothes would lead into starting up a label. I just wanted to design clothes every day and that starting up a label would be the best way to be able to do something that I love.
  • I have been selling at Paddington Markets since the end of July. Things have been going really well.
  • I have designed the website with an online store which should be up in the next few weeks. Exciting times.

Who inspires you?

  • Guys that dress with a bit of flare and have their own unique style going on.
  • The Ksubi boys in the early days. They had the whole image thing and a Sydney label that made a huge impact overseas as well. Creatively, those guys were very inspiring.
  • aussieBum have been massive in giving me the faith to chase the dream and believing in something bad enough to make things happen.

Do you design and make the clothes?

  • I design all the clothes. My weekends consist of sitting in cafés with a sketchpad and pencil. I source the fabrics from Italy, Japan and Australia (Wool) and get everything made here in Sydney.
  • I am very proud that WoodyRoo is Australian made. The quality of the craftsmanship here is amazing. I am a big believer of keeping things Australian made and supporting the local industry.

How are you getting your name out there?

  • I have literally just launched WoodyRoo so I’m trying to drum up a bit of support
  • Very excited about the website which will launch in a few weeks. We did an awesome 1950’s inspired photo shoot with local photographer Steve Baccon so I’m pretty pumped to get the shots out there.

Who is your target market?

  • Guys who want to dress with a bit of individuality and who care about clothes that fit them.
  • WoodyRoo is about building a culture for like-minded guys and chasing the things we love doing.

Where do you currently sell your clothes? Anywhere local?

  • I have just started selling at Paddington Markets. WoodyRoo is there most Saturdays from 10am to 4pm. 395 Oxford Street, Paddington NSW 2021. Check the WoodyRoo Facebook page to confirm we will be there.
  • The WoodyRoo website will be up in the next few weeks and will be fitted out with an online store. You can get in touch with me on the Facebook page if you want to place an order as well.

Does your business have a social media strategy? 

  • Woody (the WoodyRoo mannequin) is going to make an appearance leading up to the website launch. I have sat down with Woody and we have come up with a couple of ideas that are a bit of fun.

What’s your favourite item of clothing you have designed so far?

  • It’s a jacket that I haven’t released yet. Very excited to get it out there.

Is there someone you have in mind that if they bought your clothes you would think all your dreams had come true? You had made it big time?

  • James Dean – hands down!
  • All my dreams would come true if I could design clothes for a living, have a family and live by the beach at Cronulla.
  • I’ve never really thought about making it big time. I just love the thought of making clothes for guys who want to be a little different and being able to do that for a living.

Do you use your friends as fashion models/ experiments?

  • My brother gets a fair run. He is sick of me sticking pins into him though. He is a jeans and flanno guy but he is coming around and has been pinching my jackets for the weekends.

So what’s your favourite spot in Cronulla?

  • Heading out when there is a bit of swell with the sets rolling in at South Cronulla. It’s diving under the waves and feeling the power and absolute tranquillity of the ocean. Can’t beat that.

Finish this sentence “I love Cronulla” because…

  • Of the sense of pride that everyone has that lives here.
  • I love that there is a real feeling of change in the air and it is great to be a part of exciting times. And summer is just around the corner…
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Spotlight on local business: Bang On

Looking for custom made t-shirts, bags, hats, even stubby holders? Look no further! Recently we spoke to Cameron from Bang On Cronulla…

With 21 stores around the world, Bang On Cronulla is the only store located in Australia. Why did you choose Cronulla and what is the best thing about owning and running a business here?
I grew up in Cronulla, after I left school I worked in the original Bang On store in Bondi and always thought the concept would work really well in Cronulla. Cronulla has such a great artistic culture, people grasped the whole “custom T shirt” idea so well right from the beginning. So much so that the majority of the business is people bringing in the own designs and ideas for us to print onto tees and caps for them.

My wife and I own another store next door to Bang On (Days Like These) so it’s safe to say we’re invested in the local area. We love the lifestyle and the people and being so close to the stores gives us a lot of spare time to enjoy that “ Cronulla “ we love.

What are the most popular orders for customised t-shirts? (Oztag teams, soccer teams etc)
The most popular orders for T-shirts come from local businesses. We specialise in small business uniforms and offer everything from hats, polos, high vis gear, aprons and gym gear.

One of the other really popular orders we receive come from Oz Tag and Touch Footy teams, we really make an effort to deck out the singlets and jerseys for people. Some of the team names and designs are classic.


Once someone has placed an order for a customised t-shirt, roughly how long will it take to design?
One off tees and caps literally only take minutes to make, once the design and garment are picked it’s only a matter of minutes until the customer is wearing their own individual idea on a tee or cap. I say Tee or cap but really it can be anything from aprons, pillow cases, cushion covers, mouse pads, jumpers and even stubby holders. Basically we can print anything.

You’ve probably created many odd and wacky t-shirts for clients! Which one has stuck with you as the quirkiest or most unique shirt you’ve had the pleasure of designing?
There has really been some crazy requests from our customers over the years. Every now and then we get the odd bucks or hen’s group through that always seem to have a pretty out there photo or message for their shirts.

Our favourite shirts to print are the drawings that Kids bring in, they look great on tees and the kids faces when they see there design printed is priceless.

With your wife next door running Days Like These do you catch up for lunch everyday?!
Haha yeah most days, we’re generally so busy we may as well be miles away from each other. It is nice to be able to bounce ideas off each other without having to pick up the phone.

How long have you been in business?
We opened in Jan 2009, so we are coming up to 4 years. It’s gone so fast, it only feels like yesterday we opened.

Do you have a Facebook page?
Bang On T shirts Cronulla 

Do you have a promotion for I Love Cronulla followers?
We would love to offer all the I Love Cronulla followers 10% off any custom printed tee, just mention the blog in store. We have some great Oztag specials available at the moment as well so be sure to check them out in store.

Where is your favourite place in Cronulla or the Shire?
My favourite place in Cronulla is Blackwoods beach. Awesome spot to relax.

Finish this sentence, “I Love Cronulla” because…
It has the greatest T shirt shop IN OZ!



Bang On Cronulla
Suite 5, 17 Gerrale St Cronulla
Ph:  9523 3233

Store Hours
Mon – Wed: 9:30am – 5:30pm
Thu – Fri: 9am – 6pm
Sat: 9am – 5:30pm
Sun: 9:30am – 4:30pm

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Spotlight on local business: Dutchee Dutchee

Today we spoke to the girls from one of Cronulla’s successful fashion retailers Dutchee Dutchee, read on for all the inside info and what’s in store for Spring…

Dutchee Dutchee is now under new management. Tell us a little about yourself and your girls and what made you decide to take on a fashion business in Cronulla?
We have had the store for almost 2 years now.  We are 4 sisters and our Mum. So we share the business as well as have our other jobs. 2 of us are local Sutherland Shire high school teachers, 1 is a primary school teacher and another is a pre-school teacher. We have always had a passion for all things fashion and going into the business was something we always hoped to do.

Your store offers a range of different styles and tastes to suit everyone and anyone!  Which style would you say is the more popular/the best seller?
We have a range of styles and cater to all age groups.  Our personal style is quite eclectic, with a vintage, gypsy/hippy vibe and an urban twist.  We don’t like to think there are rules with fashion.  Fashion is all about wearing what you like and what you feel comfortable in.  Don’t be afraid to wear something different to what you usually wear. We love feathers and American Indian or Mexican style.

Entering into the last few weeks of winter, what styles, colours and trends do you think Spring 2012 will bring?
Spring is bringing pretty bright colours, pastels and florals. Coloured jeans are coming in, and feminine dresses, sequins and long necklaces are still popular.

Who is your favourite designer?
We love all our labels, that’s why we choose them. Wish. Mink Pink, Milk & Honey and Finders Keepers are some favourites.

How did you become involved with “Knit For The Homeless”?
‘Knit for the Homeless’ was an idea one of the sisters (Brigitte) came up with.  We did a winter wool window display and so the knitting blankets for the homeless concept stemmed from there.  We all love being creative and we also thought this would be a good way to bring some of the community together.  It has been very heart-warming to see the positive response from all the volunteer knitters! They are fantastic.

What is the best thing about owning a business in Cronulla?
Best thing about owning a business in Nulla is it’s home and also the people. Shire people are friendly and easy going.

Where is your favourite place in Cronulla or the Sutherland Shire?
Favourite place is the beach or just walking along The Esplanade.

Finish this sentence – “I Love Cronulla” because….
It has a small community feel and it is just a beautiful scenic place with the nicest beaches in Sydney.


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Spotlight on local business: A Touch of Eden

We love interviewing local businesses, especially when we get to experience great coffee! Recently we spoke to Thomas from A Touch Of Eden opposite Monro Park…

A Touch of Eden is not just a café is it? How did you come to have a café and vintage fashion and accessories together?
My mum and I began the shop together and she has had her business selling vintage and shabby/sheek for around 17 years. It progressed from there. She has a great eye for that kind of thing!

Great choice to use White Horse coffee beans, how did this come about?
I was a Barista at White Horse for a while and stayed in contact with the guys. Really excited about how their roasting is progressing. Glad to be the first one to use their coffee on a daily basis.

You open super early! How many coffees do you have to get you through your long day?
I’d answer but I think my mum and fiancé might read this. Then I would be in serious trouble!

What is the most popular coffee ordered?
Cappuccino 2 sugars. By a mile!!

Who do you draw your inspiration from?
Dom from White Horse. I have a lot of respect for how he makes coffee and really makes me always look to get the best out of the coffee to make customers happy.


Can you shop online for your products?
At the moment we are just running out from the shop front. Future will be bright here I imagine however.

Do you have a social media profile? Are you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc? Do you have a website?

Following the famous quote “choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”, why do you love what you do so much?
I get to drink some great coffee and meet very interesting people.

Why did you choose Cronulla?
There are other choices?

Finish this sentence: I Love Cronulla because….


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Spotlight on local business: Royal Coast Walks

Its been almost 12 months ago since we last spoke to Ian Wells from Royal Coast Walks so we thought it would be a great idea to catch up so they could update us on all their recent achievements – they’re becoming bigger and even better!

How have things changed for Royal Coast Walks since June 2011?
We attended our first international trade show in LA in August 2011 where we met with more than 50 North American travel wholesalers. They were amazed there was a beautiful national park so close to the centre of Sydney, and excited to know we offered guided walks in the area. We have subsequently taken bookings from many of these wholesalers with some planning entire Sydney itinerary around our tours. We were also finalists in the NSW Tourism Awards in November 2011. Other finalists in our category had an average of 13 years in business, so it was a huge coup for us as we were less than three years old.

Since we last spoke, have you introduced/changed any new hikes, tours or adventures?
We’re expanding our range of guided walking tours to include Sydney Harbour. The harbour has a little known national park that encompasses all the beautiful natural areas and we will be the first tour operator to offer daily, scheduled tours of them. We are also working on a couple of multi day options that will be unique to Sydney. To be among the first to hear about these new tours when we launch them in Spring 2012 you can sign up to our e-newsletter, Facebook page or Twitter feed from our website

You were the well-deserved winner of a number of awards at the 2012 Shire Tourism Awards night! What awards did you take home?

  • Winner – Shire Attraction
  • Winner – Eco Tourism
  • Winner – SSHED (Sutherland Shire Hub for Economic Development) 12 month Business Accelerator Program
  • Highly Commended – Outstanding Contribution to Tourism by an Individual.

As an individual you took home probably the most prestigious award of the evening as well. What was the name of the award and why does it mean so much to you?
It recognises that my work benefits the entire local tourism industry and helps other businesses succeed in addition to making our business a success. I think it’s hugely important that we create a strong tourism industry in the Shire. Our proximity to the airport and city means we are ideally located to capture visitors to Sydney and offer them everything from fun filled outdoor experiences to great shopping and dining options. I think most Shire businesses were affected by the terrible weather we had last summer. If the tourism industry can increase visitation from international and interstate visitors, who are less influenced by the weather, it will benefit all Shire businesses.

What’s in store for Royal Coast Walks over the next 12 months?
Expanding into more beautiful walking destinations around Sydney. We believe that Sydney is a place of unique natural beauty with many sights that can only be experienced on foot, so we’re really excited about showing more people what Sydney’s outdoors has to offer on guided walks.

If you had to name one hike/tour for either locals or tourists as a “must-do”, which one would it be and why?
Bundeena to Otford in Royal National Park on the Coast Track. We call this the Wattamolla Tour and it’s a two day, 31km walk along the length of Royal’s breathtaking coastline. We have people fly across the world and from interstate to take this tour with us but most locals wouldn’t know it’s there. It’s an iconic multi day Australian walk and it’s on our doorstep.

Where is your favourite place in either the National Park, Cronulla or anywhere in The Shire and why?
I love the waterholes in Royal National Park. You can take a picnic and a newspaper, walk for a short time, and have the most beautiful, clear, fresh natural rock waterfall and swimming pool all to yourself for the afternoon. They are beyond amazing.

Once again, finish this sentence – I love Cronulla because….
It’s vibrant and is surrounded by water and ways to enjoy it. If you don’t feel like going for a surf, swim or kayak you can sit and have a coffee at one of the many good cafes and catch up with mates.


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Spotlight on local business: Cronulla & National Park Ferries

Recently Beach & Bay Realty attended the 2012 Shire Tourism Awards where we were gifted with the opportunity of meeting so many inspirational businesses and individuals contributing to tourism in the Shire, one of which included Cronulla & National Park Ferries.

Cronulla & National Park Ferries won 2 awards on the evening – Tours & Transport and Heritage Tourism. Christine from Cronulla & National Park Ferries also received a Highly Commended Award for her “Outstanding Contribution to Tourism in the Shire by an individual”.

Christine tells us more about one of Cronulla’s many iconic businesses…

Without the Cronulla Ferries life would be much more difficult for commuters from Bundeena! When did the first ferry cross and how did the idea come about?
In 1915 permission was given for a ferry service between Cronulla and Simpsons Bay, Bundeena.  In 1939 a regular service was established with the purpose built MV Curranulla.

How often do the ferries between Bundeena and Cronulla depart?
Hourly service.

What time is the first and last ferry from both destinations?
Mon to Fri – ex Cronulla 5.30am, ex Bundeena 7pm
Sat Sun (summer ex Cronulla 8.30am ex Bundeena 9am, last ferry ex Cronulla 6.30pm ex Bundeena 7pm)  (winter morning times the same last ferry ex Cronulla 5.30pm, ex Bundeena 6pm)

How many vessels do you currently have?
3 vessels:

  1. MV Curranulla
  2. MV Tom Thumb III
  3. TSMV Gunnamatta

What type of cruises do you offer?
More info is on the web page but some include daily morning tea cruises aboard the Tom Thumb III, Champagne Breakfast, Sunset Dinner Cruises, live music cruises, Christmas Party Cruises, birthdays, group cruises etc.

Which cruise would you recommend as a “must-do” for tourists visiting Cronulla and its surrounding areas?
Either morning tea aboard Tom Thumb III or Champagne Breakfast or Sunset Dinner Cruise.

Where is your favourite place in either Cronulla, Bundeena or anywhere in The Shire?

Finish this sentence – ‘I Love Cronulla’ because….
Of the pristine waterways of the Hacking.

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