Spotlight on local business: idtagit

Introducing Jo – by day the friendliest Cronulla postie you could ever meet, and in her spare time, a budding entrepreneur with her husband Tim.

DSC_8619Who are the masterminds behind the idtagit idea?
Look, Tim (my husband) had the bare bones of the initial idea, then between us, we’ve jointly shaped it into the working product people use all over the world today.

How did idtagit come about and how long has it been in the making?
Both Tim & I noticed that the problem of “lost & found” had been around since forever, but wondered why in this day and age it had never been tackled as a topic. Timeline wise it’s taken several long years and heaps of knock backs to get our ideas off the ground and it’s now great to sit back and look how far we travelled with it, since we started drafting the basic concept on a napkin back in 2010.

1505407_757478364275838_573918965_nHow does idtagit work?
With us both coming from a Baby Boomer generation when life was very simple compared to these days, we elected idtagit had to be easy to use and implement for everybody. Add to these two ingredients, our other goal of a “low cost to adopt factor” of less than $3 retail price for each tag we made, we’re proud to say we think we got the combination just right.

We sell a small & discrete hardwearing tag (40mm x 18mm x 1.3mm thick) you can either stick or hang on any of your belongings, and we mean “anything”. We’ve had customers put them on slightly unusual stuff like USB’s, lunch boxes, flippers and football boots, as well as all the standard things you’d expect people to lose frequently.

Each tag has a unique code engraved into it and links via idtagit database to your email address and mobile number. So when a stranger tells us at idtagit they’ve found your lost property, you’re immediately notified via text message as well as an email of the finders contact details, wherever in the world you are. One of the biggest attractions that our tags offer is that they don’t highlight anything about you (i.e. your name, address and so on), which in these days of identity fraud is a great asset to have when marking your belongings.

Before you invented idtagit, what was the most important possession you’ve ever lost?
Good question as it takes me back to my childhood when I lost a small toy doll from my pram whilst being pushed around by my mother in Miranda Fair. The thing (doll) was only worth a few dollars, but I recall vividly the sadness parting from it, demonstrating that sometimes it’s the emotional value of things we lose that are irreplaceable, not always the mundane things like keys & mobile phones that end up in the lost property office.

Some amazing facts on lost property from here in our own back yard show that Sydney Ferry Service collect 150 items every day and on average 250+ phones are lost in NSW each and every day.

We’re most likely to lose our stuff when we travel via air as we’re often stressed, tired and disorientated, meaning more things like carry-on luggage and camera’s never make it to the right destination than you would care to imagine.


We bet you have heard some stories since starting this business. Are there any good or bad stories that stand out?
The constant theme we see daily and that always shines through via idtagit is the kindness of strangers from all walks of life around the world. People on the whole are more than happy to help each other and we’ve heard of individuals delighted that a person they’ve never met, sometimes in different country, has contacted them via idtagit just to say “Hey, I’ve found your lost property and want to give it back”. It’s this fact that makes Tim & I very proud in our business idea as it shows that humanity is a fuel there is an abundance of, no matter where you are.

10441228_779490428749812_5358400830304504148_nWhere do we buy the product?
At this stage we sell directly online via our website Here you can purchase either a pack of 5 or 10 tags for $23 or $29 respectively, with delivery to your postal address in no more than a 5 working days.

Finish this sentence – I Love Cronulla because…..
As a born and bred Aussie, it’s got all my family and all I would ever want from life, it’s just magic!

How do we find you?
Our website address is and you can find us on Facebook here.

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