Why a seller should do a pest and building inspection

Consider this, for most people property is their most expensive asset. In today’s sophisticated Sydney real estate market, a great deal of time, effort and money goes into selling a home from the presentation stage to the final settlement. Besides spring cleaning and maintenance costs, budgets must cover styling, hiring furniture and advertising expenses.

It is therefore quite common for the seller to consider a pest and building inspection the responsibility and cost of a buyer, “Buyer beware” as they say. I beg to differ.



When was the last time you read a pest and building inspection? These reports are designed to be a brutal assessment of your property by itemising every last fault. Reports include words like:

  • “High risk”
  • Visible evidence of termite damage”
  • “Mud tubes & borers were found

You might not have recently done a pest treatment on your home, averse to the chemicals involved, or you just have not got around to it in the last 20 years. Or maybe you know the skylights leak but you have learnt to live with it and think the buyer will too.

The first the buyer will know of any issues is when they see it in writing, with lots of disclaimers and litigious words to cover the inspector’s backside.

Your home or investment property is now worth a lot of money to you, you have a lot of money on the line.

Now think about the potential buyer of your home. Do you think the buyer is going to buy your property without doing a pest and building inspection? Highly unlikely. More likely what will transpire is, after falling in love with your property, the buyer will order a pest and building inspection. That pest and building inspection, costing between $400 and $600 approx will put in writing all the defects of your property.  Without fail, your perfectly lovely home will look less appealing and the buyer will feel less emotional and more practical about what money they might spend on your home or investment property.

Without knowledge of what was in that report it is hard for an agent to counter the criticisms. Some buyers, on receiving an adverse report, go silently away, never to return the agents call. Some try to use the report as leverage to reduce their offer.

What is important to understand as a seller is, that no matter how perfect you think your property is, it will never be perfect in a pest and building inspection. What your agent will do is prepare a buyer for this. What an agent can’t fix so easily is a curveball midway through a marketing campaign. Curveballs can come in the form of a structurally unsound roof/ termite infestation/ drainage issues etc. You achieve the best price in 30 days, there is no time for nasty surprises.

The other scenario is you pay for a pest and building inspection before spending thousands of dollars on marketing. You are made aware of any major defects or issues with the building and you have time to rectify those issues before proceeding.

Alternatively, no house is perfect so if your house comes through relatively unscathed, your agent and yourself have the confidence to proceed to with a marketing and sale campaign to maximise your sale price and the added benefit that your agent can be on the front foot with any buyer criticisms.

So in my opinion, sellers should definitely do pest and building inspections and prior to the commencement of the advertising campaign.

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Don’t Overpay On Advertising When Selling Your Home

Real estate advertising has come so far since I first started in the industry. I remember as the salesperson, having to take the photos on a camera using film, then walk up to the local chemist to have them developed, $15 and an hour later we would realise the photos were not all that good and needed a second take but having to meet a print deadline we would have to pick the best of a bad bunch.


14 Randell Ave, Lilli Pilli

Now we have such sophisticated technology for marketing at our fingertips with specialists for every step of that process, whether it is the photographer or stylist, I would not dare to pick up a camera to photograph a vendor’s property. At the same time, the cost of advertising has decreased significantly as print media falls by the wayside.

241 Attunga Rd, Yowie Bay

241 Attunga Rd, Yowie Bay

At Beach & Bay Realty we have taken a simple approach to marketing that encompasses a substantial online presence, including social media, with print media including brochures and signboards to reinforce the online experience.  We have designed our marketing packages to be best value for money without compromising on the quality of the advertising. It is no longer necessary to spend $10,000 on a marketing campaign.

5/5 McDonald St, Cronulla

5/5 McDonald St, Cronulla

Buyers are busy people, they want the information at their fingertips and this is why real estate websites have become the norm for finding buyers. Print media advertising such as our local paper is great for a coffee table read but if you are actively looking for a home or investment property, by the time that property is advertised in the paper, the agent is exchanging contracts with the buyer who found it online.

We have also sold several homes from our local  social media marketing, including the “I love Cronulla” Facebook page and Beach & Bay’s Instagram page (instagram @beachandbayrealty). With 8000 followers on Facebook, people know we know the area and check our updates daily.

15 Seaforth Ave, Woolooware

15 Seaforth Ave, Woolooware

If a vendor would like to advertise in newsprint the option is always there but we like to encourage our vendors to spend their money where it is best going to seen by active buyers. We look at it from the angle that if we were selling our own home or investment property where would we spend our money on advertising?

This is what we stand by, it works, it works fast and we have done it ourselves:

  • Professional photography – we believe our photographer is the best in the area
  • Floorplan
  • Virtual Floorplan or video
  • Websites – as many as you can be on
  • Colour brochure with floorplan
  • Signboard
  • Social media
  • 17 Bass St, Port Hacking

    17 Bass St, Port Hacking

    On-site Auctioneer if market and property suitable

This can all be done for less than $3000.

Happy Selling!

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Cutting Edge Marketing

At Beach & Bay Realty we pride ourselves on being industry leaders in online media marketing. Providing cutting edge and innovative marketing options and using the very latest online technology and modern campaigns for our properties ensures we maximise the number of buyers who inspect your home, reduce time on the market and achieve higher purchase prices.

We work together with a specialist marketing team who are leaders in the industry for photography, video footage and virtual floor planning. We are also the first agency to have recently formed a partnership with “Coptercam” who are aerial photography specialists.

Whether we are shooting aerial footage of a beachfront property at Stanwell Park, an absolute waterfront located in Lilli Pilli, an acreage in Darkes Forest or even a penthouse apartment on Cronulla Beach, buyers are able to visualise the full aspect of the location they have desired to purchase in i.e. demonstrating the close proximity of the home to nearby beaches or the full boundary of the property it is all captured from skilled photographs taken 50m, 150m to 200m above the property.

Online marketing reaches buyers around the world by putting your property on the international stage. Buyers are inspecting your home 24/7 on the internet so it is important that your property stands out! Aerial shots are high impact, virtual floor plans are practical yet informative and professional photography presents the property at its highest potential and pulls at the emotional heart strings of purchasers.

Please give me a call on 0423 491 538 if you are thinking of selling and would like a cost effective marketing campaign that will maximise your sale price in today’s market. Monique Napper – Beach & Bay Realty.

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Property websites go mobile

Today we are proud to launch our first mobile friendly version of our hugely popular individual property websites.

We chose a waterfront we are marketing at 14 Randell Ave, Lilli Pilli as our test case. The individual property web address is

Now you can enter this address into your phone and view the site in a format that fits the screen perfectly. No need to enlarge or diminish the screen.

Whether you use an iPad, desktop or mobile, it’s worth taking a look at this stunning absolute waterfront. Rarely do properties capture the concept of waterfront living as superbly  as 14 Randell Ave, Lilli Pilli.

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Real Estate Junk Mail Survey

We want your opinion on real estate junk mail.

Should Beach & Bay advertise via junk mail or not?

I check my letterbox once per month, it’s covered in cobwebs. Very rarely is there real mail in there, but there is often a real estate agents face staring up at me.

We are not great fans of this form of marketing at Beach & Bay, and you certainly won’t see our faces on anything but are we missing out on selling your property because we are not doing letterbox directed mail outs?

Do you as a local resident read the real estate flyer and ring the agent or do you throw it in the bin?

Please vote on our survey on our I Love Cronulla Facebook wall or leave a comment here. We will do whatever you vote!

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Your Homes New Address: Individual Property Websites

There is no denying that we now live in a digital world.

I’m writing this on my Iphone while catching the train (I looked up the timetable on app Tripview). After finishing this blog I will browse online news and chat with my friend in Canada via skype (again, on my mobile). After the conversation (which costs me nothing), I may even update my Facebook status telling my wider network how much I miss this person! And this is all in the space of an hour!

As a Communications student, social media manager at Beach & Bay and…average Gen Y twenty-something, it still baffles me when I see some real estate agencies afraid to embrace online technology. The World Wide Web makes distance much smaller and client bases much larger. Having an online presence is completely changing the way we can now market and sell real estate, and if you ask us here at Beach & Bay, we think it’s wonderful! One example of a new form of technology is the individual property website. They make sense really; your home has a fixed physical address, so why shouldn’t it have an online one too? Now that almost everyone in the world is embracing Facebook (seriously, if Facebook was a country it would be the 3rd largest) and creating an online version of themselves, why then, shouldn’t your most valuable asset have its own landing page?

Individual property websites are fantastic tools for buyers and sellers alike. The links can be easily shared among friends and family and a wealth of information is provided to help decision makers assess if the property is right for them. Sure, a website may never replace seeing a property in the flesh and getting a “feel” for it sensually, but it’s the second best step! Also, there are other ways to re-create that emotional experience for the buyer – through videos, interactive floor plans and of course, good old fashioned real estate copy.

We currently have two waterfront properties which both have individual property websites. The listing prices are quite different and so the budget for marketing determined what kind of website we chose. showcases a breathtaking waterfront in Randell Avenue Lilli Pilli and so is more exclusive. With a username and password (U: view, P: waterfront), clients can enter the details and explore the architecturally designed property from the comfort of their own homes. The interactive floorplan allows people to navigate around the rooms, clicking on the arrows and seeing the room as if they were standing at that spot. The video combines gorgeous location shots with music and takes buyers on a journey around the house. We dare you to watch it and claim you wouldn’t want to live there! showcases 84 Loralyn Ave, St Georges Basin, which is a perfect holiday home or artists retreat for those within a smaller price range. This is a more basic website and includes the details, photos and a printable floorplan. Our agency is located over 2 hours away from this property but this is not a huge issue when you utilise the technology at hand! Sending this website to inter-state buyers who might want to buy an investment property is so easy!

If you have any questions about marketing your property, please feel free to contact us. Our individual property websites are created in-house by our very talented web designer Michael Cerny.

Also; our Managing Director Kylie Emans is currently in New York attending the Inman Real Estate Conference so I’m sure we will have hundreds more marketing ideas very shortly!


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Marketing: Individual Property Websites (Lilli Pilli)

We have some fantastic listings in Lilli Pilli which are using new technology methods in their marketing plans. The following are examples of individual property websites which we can create for properties (these range in price and scale depending on the home). I’ve also included an example of a property video we had made for an exceptional waterfront in Lilli Pilli.

Why get an individual property website? These are great as a one-stop shop website to send to potential clients on our database or overseas/ interstate buyers who may not be using the regular portals. It also assists with google rankings and will help your property get found sooner. On top of this, having a clean link is great to print on brochures or in Leader Ads.

16 Turriell Bay Road Lilli

94a Turriell Point Road Lilli

Lilli Pilli Waterfront - – this website has a username and password. Great for vendors who want a little more privacy when selling their home.

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Marketing Strategies: Apple (Part 1)

Murray is currently finishing up his degree in Business, majoring in Marketing. Anyone in advertising, marketing or communications, could certainly learn a thing or two from Apple!

Generation ‘i’

Why do people consistently refer to their iPhones as “iPhones”, when all other mobiles are just… phones? Why aren’t iPods just another mp3 player? And why is there MacBooks but no Win-Tops?  Well the simple answer – because Apple is clever. Very, very clever.

Apple use what is a called a monolithic branding strategy, where every product line is associated with the Apple name. This association has managed to condense itself to one letter – ‘i’. In the same way McDonalds ascribe the ‘Mc’ prefix to all their menu items, Apple have laid claim to a single letter and slapped it all over themselves.

This one single letter is quite a valuable asset though. Here are some quick ‘iFigures’ from the first financial quarter ending December 26th, 2009. Keep in mind these figures represent the 3-month period leading up to Christmas last year.

Revenue                                              $15.68 billion

Net quarterly profit                             $3.38 billion

Gross profit margin                             40.9%

Mac computers sold                            3.36 million

iPhones sold                                        8.7 million

iPods sold                                           21 million

The figures speak for themselves, but I will provide some perspective. If Apple was a country, it would place 75th (out of 185 nations) on the World Bank’s GDP rankings. This is based on Apple’s 2009 revenues. In the year that has followed, Apple have announced record figures for every quarter. So it is fair to say their ‘ranking’ will only go up.

This success has led to, I believe, a certain mentality within pockets of society. Those who subscribe to this mindset I describe as iPeople or iPersons. Not all who own iPhones are iPeople, but every iPerson has an iPhone.

One final statistic – Apple have sold over 250 million iPods since their initial release in 2001. That’s one iPod for every 24 people in the entire world.

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