Get market ready and sell your property fast!

lounge-webThe right agent and perfect presentation of your property sets the scene for a successful, stress free, financially rewarding sale in record time.

So, you have chosen Beach & Bay Realty and now here are some quick tips from Yellow House Interiors to assist in making your property market ready:

1. Clean and sparkle
Make your property look polished and cleaned to perfection. Pay attention to details like skirting boards, light fittings, windows and walls. Giving your property an all over thorough clean will be an essential step in creating a property that people want to buy.

2. Colour correction
Keep wild and wacky tones to a minimum and stick a neutral and subdued colour palette. Don’t forget that you want to appeal to a great variety of people and create a feeling of space in the property. A fresh coat of paint can change almost everything!

3. Family photos, be gone!
Store and remove all personal objects and photos. Keep in mind that your property needs to attract buyers that want to move in NOW. Keep the styling fresh, simple and not over complicated.

4. Replace carpets
Old carpet can be a huge turn-off. To achieve a higher selling price it’s worth replacing tired old carpet with new carpet in a contemporary hue that works with your paint colour and furnishings.

5. Hire furniture and accessories
You can put this together yourself but if you really want to get the top dollars for your property then call in the professionals! Replace furniture and accessories with specifically chosen items that complement the property and aim to to make the property look it’s very best ready for sale.

6. Quick fixes
Look at your property with fresh eyes. All of the small jobs that you’ve been putting off for so long need your attention before your property goes on the market. Make a list and get them done, you will be thanked for your hard work with interest from the market.

Yellow House Interiors can help you with all of your styling and decorating needs. Achieving the highest price possible for your property through beautiful styling and advice is what we do best! For more information go to

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A Unique Marketing Strategy?!

Here is a point of difference, wife whose husband cheated on her uses this to sell her home, what do you think? Is this an advantage or a disadvantage?

In short, Elle Zober’s husband left her and their two children for a 22 year young yoga instructor. So what did she do? She sought revenge.

Their family home went up For Sale with the following description “House For Sale by scorned, slightly bitter, newly single owner. Adulterers need not apply”. Nothing like the headlines such as “Tranquil Family Home” we see today on! Of course this unique marketing strategy attracted a lot of attention, but was it the right kind of attention you want when selling something as big as your home?

Like most peculiar stories featured in social media websites, the signboard for the property with the description above of course went viral. Surprisingly enough, her ex paid for half the signboard and approved it as well!

So the question is, would you ever consider this form of marketing or is it inappropriate when selling something of such value?

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Smart Vendor, Smart Art

The presentation of a property can leave a lasting impression on prospective buyers and can help maximise a homes selling value. The more presentable and appealing to the eye a property is, the more chance a vendor will have in selling that property for their desired price.

One low cost option which can create a dramatic and striking effect is adding artwork to walls. For instance, blank walls that give a room a sterile, dark or empty look can be transformed using art work with colour, texture and metallic themes.

One business which knows all about changing the visual appreciation of a room by introducing colour with affordable art on canvas is Smart Art Cronulla. Their artwork can be bought or leased for the required duration of a property’s marketing campaign. To save time (and for best results) the owners John Edmonds and Almis Mestrovic will visit the property and assess the size, colour and style of artwork that will offer the best impact for each required room, and create that “Wow” factor that we all look for.

There are many other ways to enhance the appeal of a home, from removing clutter, steam cleaning carpets, paintings walls where necessary, ensuring there are no odours and giving each room a bright, modern feel.

The small added costs a vendor may have to pay to improve the look of their property could well be the saving of potentially having to drop their original asking price because of lack of interest from buyers. This saving could be anywhere from say, $10K.

Smart Art Cronulla have a showroom that displays a range of over 600 pieces of art and is located at – Unit 11, 59-63 Captain Cook Drive, Caringbah (Entrance from Willarong Rd), you can also visit their website to view their gallery at

Contact Details: 02 9544 2273

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In less than a week a prestige property – 6 Darook Park Rd, Cronulla - that Beach & Bay listed for sale and advertised on the internet only has had over 660 visits on one website alone!

Today is the first day that it will appear in the Leader Domain. And imagine the response after we get another rate cut today!

Ask any real estate professional in Sydney today and they will tell you that the level of activity (web visits, phone enquiries, open house attendance etc) has increased dramatically in the last 10 days.

Now lets see how big the rate cut is today and if the banks pass it on and there could be lots of happy sellers and buyers this Christmas!

The local clearance rate for last week was 42.8% compared with The Sun Herald’s Sydneywide figure of 47%.

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Several auctions have been cancelled or withdrawn lately on the day of the auction and signs posted on the signboard saying “Under Contract” or “Under Offer”.

A real estate agent interprets this as “There are no buyers”. This might seem cynical but there are several reasons for this. Practically it should not be possible to be “under contract” or “under offer” on the day of the auction or during the course of an auction campaign. One of the reasons sellers choose to market their property for auction is so the pressure is put on the buyer. If you buy at auction or negotiate and buy after auction (until midnight on the day of the auction) you must exchange contracts and put an unconditional deposit on that property, normally 10%. The buyer loses that if they pull out after exchange for any reason. The big difference with “Under Contract” is that the buyer exchanges contracts on a small deposit (0.25%) and has 5 working days to pull out for any reason (otherwise known as exchanging under cool off). The seller can not pull out, only the buyer. Why would a seller accept worse conditions the day before an auction, or on the day of the auction, it just does not make sense.

Even worse is “Under Offer” which means the buyer has made a verbal offer, no contracts signed and can pull out at anytime with absolutely no financial penalty. Better to hold the auction than cancel under those conditions. If you have committed to an auction make sure you go to auction.

Recently there was an “auction cancelled – under offer” sign on a property on auction day, then the ad in the Leader appeared the following Tuesday with the same property advertised “For Sale”. This is interesting as the Leader advertising deadlines mean that they must have known on Thursday prior to the auction that the offer in place on auction day was no longer an “offer”, 2 days ahead of the Saturday auction!!! I am confused are you?

Even during an auction campaign it is not smart to exchange a property under contract with 5 day cool off. In these uncertain times, imagine the situation where a seller accepts an offer of say $800,000, contracts are exchanged under a “5 day cool off” with a $2000 deposit. For 5 working days the seller waits to see if the buyer goes ahead, in the meantime, no one else can buy the property. 5 working days is a long time in a month marketing campaign. Worse case happens and the buyer pulls out. Even mid way through the marketing campaign, all momentum is lost. All the other interest has gone elsewhere as they thought the property was sold. Even worse the buyer could have pulled out for any reason ie decided to go on a holiday or buy a car instead but other buyers start to think the worst, maybe the pest and building was bad…

My advice to the public is, if your agent tells you in the course of marketing your property for auction that you should accept “under contract” or “under offer” conditions, ask the agent why you are paying extra to do an auction campaign and ask him to go back to real estate school!

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