Introducing the ‘I Love Cronulla’ team

We have been running the ‘I Love Cronulla’ page for almost 4 years now but over the past 12 months it has become increasingly popular and we thank you all for your likes!

Just wanted to introduce our small team…

Basically, my company Beach & Bay Realty launched and manages this community page and we started it as a medium for like-minded lovers of our gorgeous suburb and surrounds to highlight the many stunning spots we have as well as supporting local business and community groups.

There are several of us who take photos, write blogs, interview businesses and generally update you on local happenings.

We have regular contributors like lifeguard Adam Hartup, photographers like Jen Nixon who send us special pics, thanks guys, keep them coming.

We are only a small team at Beach & Bay Realty and please keep in mind this is a “love job!”. Our day job is selling real estate in this beautiful area but hey promoting Cronulla on fb is good for business!

Anyway here’s to another year of prime sunrises, shipwrecked shipping trawlers, local poet launches, photo competitions and some record property sale prices.

Cheers from Kylie, Kirstie, Natalie, Maria and Monique




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Beach & Bay Realty Market Update: New Listings, Open Homes, Recent Sales

Slow but Steady Start

The year started a bit quiet for Beach & Bay Realty. With the onslaught of natural disasters and the up & coming election, it seemed both buyers and sellers were a little hesitant when it came to the property market. Things seem to have changed significantly in the month of March and we’ve been very busy these last few weeks preparing market appraisals, giving lots of clients advice on purchasing, and listing properties from both the Sutherland & St George Shires.

Welcome Maria Ryan

As well as this, we’ve welcomed a new staff member to our team, Maria Ryan. Maria is a bright & bubbly addition to the Beach & Bay sales team and we encourage any of Maria’s clients to contact her through her new email

Maria listed her first property, 70 Carabella Road Caringbah when she started and has sold it today after just 2 weeks! Congratulations to both the vendor & purchaser! What makes this sale even more exciting is that we will be purchasing a Swags for Homeless backpack as part of our 2011 charity appeal. Every time we sell a home, we buy a homeless person a durable swag backpack in an attempt to show our support for people who deserve a roof over their heads, but cannot access housing.

New Listings & Open For Inspections

36 Beach St Blakehurst Wednesday 30.03.11 & Saturday 02.04.11 @  11:00 – 11:45am

7 Lugano Ave Burraneer Wednesday 30.03.11 & Saturday 02.04.11 @  1:00 – 1:30pm

4/19-23 Meriel St, Sans Souci Thursday 31.03.11 & Saturday 02.01.11 @  11:30 – 12:15pm

29 Gundawarra St, Lilli Pilli Thursday 31.03.11 & Saturday 02.04.11 @ 2:00 – 2:30pm

Coming Up

We also have properties coming up in the next few weeks in Caringbah South, Como & Cronulla so keep your eyes pealed for updates. If you would like to be added to our buyers database, please feel free to call, email, facebook or tweet us!

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Looking back one year….

With the dreaded end of financial year now behind us, I thought it would be appropriate to take a trip down memory lane and look at what has happened at Beach & Bay Realty in the last year. June 2010 marked our 10th birthday, and we don’t often toot our own horn, but when an important milestone like that comes around, it’s a cause for celebration.

Kylie Emans started Beach & Bay Realty with many great ideas. She wanted the agency to be independent of franchises, technologically advanced and with agents committed to ethical practice – honest, hardworking and fair. From the get go Beach & Bay has been at the forefront of adapting to changing technologies, embracing the internet as an advertising medium from the very beginning. Over the last year we have been working tirelessly to improve our website – collecting auction results for the public as usual but also adding more and more features.

In the last year….

Looking at Beach & Bay Realty Offline

  • Beach & Bay had a record month in February 2010, selling over $15 million dollars worth of property. Considering only 2 agents were responsible for these sales this is an enormous achievement, if we do say so ourselves!
  • Beach & Bay was appointed the exclusive selling agents for Drift Cronulla, a  luxury lifestyle apartment block with state of the art inclusions. Everyone here was absolutely blown away by these enormous prestige properties which set a benchmark not only for Cronulla, but Sydney-wide in regards to apartment living. Starting from $2.25million, built by Sammut Developments, and located in the heart of Cronulla, Drift attracted a lot of attention.
  • Kylie Emans was nominated for a Telstra Businesswoman of the Year award
  • Yet again we have had another full year of secret sales at record prices, proving that our database is not just a gimmick but an excellent selling tool and one we actually use. Instead of 1000’s of names on a list we work with a handful of value clients.

Looking at

  • 25,000 people have visited our humble independent website
  • You have looked at over 78,000 pages
  • 11,165 of you are new visitors – (thanks for stopping by, we love you and hope you come back!)

Auction results

  • 12,768 is the number of times our auction results have been viewed. We provide this service for free because we want to be the local experts and we want to share our love of realestate with you. (We were also a bit tired with the lack of coverage of our area.)
  • 1344 is the number of times our blog has been read – Don’t be frightened guys, we encourage you to stop by and read more. It’s not all real estate talk we promise. We cover local events, charities, property news, current affairs. And if there is a specific topic you would like addressed, just let us know!

Drift, Cronulla by  Sammut Developments

  • Drift listings, blogs and posts on Sammut Developments were viewed over 5600 times on our website alone. Many of you wondered what living in the Drift Penthouse would be like and this listing was viewed over 1200 times.

Fundraising for Teneile

  • Natalie Vials put the call out to help a friend and past client whose daughter had suffered from brain damage. We developed a website for Teneile Pawley, hoping to raise money to go towards medical costs and buying her a much needed wheelchair. Online donations came pouring in, Nat’s husband, Steven Vials, ran 250km through the Kimberleys to raise support and we topped it all off with a HUGE party at the Brass Monkey Cronulla. To date we have raised $25,000 in 6 months and will continue to support this great cause.

Fundraising for The Leukaemia Foundation

  • I asked Kylie if it would be ok if her front of desk –marketing & social media manager was bald. She asked if it was just a new hairstyle I wanted to try (I’ve been known to do drastic things to my hair) and I told her no, it was for the World’s Greatest Shave. With Beach & Bay’s full support I raised money for the Leukaemia Foundation online and also held a fundraising night at Northies, Cronulla where staff and clients attended. $7500 in total was raised and I was in the top 30 fundraisers for NSW. Kylie did draw the line at the eyebrows (I said I would shave them too if I raised $8000…so close!).

Cronulla Buzz

  • We created a new feature on our website that lists upcoming events in and around Cronulla. This is more work for us, trawling websites, actually reading flyers in our letterbox, and always keeping an eye out, but it means you can plan your weekends in advance, and that we know exactly what is going on in Cronulla. It’s just another way we hope to show you that our staff members live, work and play in Cronulla – and that it’s a great place to buy realestate!


  • We recently overhauled our e-newsletter to make it packed to the brim with juicy real estate news, auction results, local events, new listings and blog rants. Released fortnightly this is something you don’t want to miss out on! Email and tell us you NEED to be put on our mailing list immediately.

REUNCUT Interview with Kevin Turner

Property Ad Guru

Ok, so enough bragging. What about next year you ask?

Well, we aren’t stopping here. We are a force to be reckoned with and we are only going to get better.

  • Our website will keep developing (we have an in-house (overworked) web designer).
  • Our auction results are going to be more comprehensive
  • Our support of charities will continue. July 2010 marks Beach & Bay Realty’s first attempt at “Dry July” where staff members are giving up grog for a month to raise money for adults living with cancer.
  • We will continue selling luxury real estate and expanding our marketing (we currently offer individual property websites, the only agents doing so)
  • We will be doing more project marketing since our success with Drift. Stand by for news on this.

Watch this space.

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Riverside In Lilli Pilli…

As I perused the list of inclusions for 23 Gow Avenue Lilli Pilli words like ‘designer’ and ‘imported’ reappeared over and over to the point where the phrase “no expense spared” could be considered an understatement. I have friends who live in extravagant waterfront houses, some of which are among the most expensive in the Sutherland Shire, but I have never seen anything like 23 Gow Avenue. To give you some idea of the property’s magnificence, 23 Gow Avenue was included in the Sydney Morning Herald’s ‘Top 10 Views of Sydney’ list published in the Good Weekend magazine in 1998.

The tiles in all entertainment areas are authentic Travertine imported from Italy, the carpet is 100% pure wool and even the curtains are imported. There’s a triple garage, home gym, inclinator, marine crane, outdoor spa… you know, the usual.

This property is so spectacular we have undertaken new marketing methodologies and launched its own website. The site includes photos, an interactive floor plan, video and a complete list of inclusions and property specifics. Check it out

Inspection is strictly by appointment only, so feel free to contact Beach and Bay via our website or call us on 9527 0008.

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Racing The Planet For Teneile – Steve’s Final Word

Beach & Bay Realty agent Natalie Vials told the office the story  of Teneile Pawley, a 17 year old Sutherland Shire girl who suffered two cardiac arrests last year resulting in brain damage. Wanting to do something for Teneile’s family, we decided to set up a website and do some fundraising. Nat’s husband Steven Vials recently completed a 250km foot race through the Kimberley Region Western Australia in honour of Teneile, raising money and support along the way. Over $17,000 has been raised so far. Here is his final word. For previous blog entries please see here.

“Sorry I stopped blogging after day 3, but the physical effort of walking over rocks and uneven ground in thongs after I had taken my shoes of each day, just got too much..

So here’s what happened after Day 3.

Day 4….Into the Maze..
Up until today we had been on difficult or moderate terrain, today was listed as extremely difficult, so you understand what that means; it took us 6 hours to cover 17 kms. We spent the first 12km climbing in dry river beds and up and down hills covered with high spinifex and loose rocks underfoot. At the 12 km mark we reached the bottom of the valley and the start of a river, which of course we jumped straight into. The last 5 km was either walking or falling in the river, or walking on rocks at the side of the river, every step was interesting… we had a few falls, the current state of our feet meant that every step was a new experience in pain management, overtime your feet do go numb, so that’s a positive. Generally we were all in great spirits, it was a bit cooler at the base of the valley, and there was lots of water to cool us down. Mickey sang a few songs that echoed through the valley, I tried to play a trivia game, but was told to play it by myself, that way I would win….

The campsite that night was in the heart of the Maze, which is only accessible by wealthy people in a helicopter, and idiots like us on foot. No tents tonight just find yourself a place on the rocks and roll out your sleeping bag. There was a river to swim in and that was also our only water source..

So under clear skies in this incredible setting we went to sleep with a 100k day tomorrow…. My feet were bruised, blistered and pussy

Day 5 -100km..
I woke to clear skies…( clear skies suck) we started the 100km leg at 6:30 am with a 400 m swim in the river, fully clothed with our packs on our back, the first 10km was spent in and out of the river, and walking on the river bed, it was a great experience but very energy sapping, and the sun was already heating up big time.  When we finally climbed out of the maze and reached the 10km Checkpoint at 10am, it had taken us 3.5 hours for the first leg. At this time I kind of lost it mentally, the thought of 90 more kms, with no cloud cover really played with my mind. Just after the checkpoint, I found the one bit of shade on the course and sat under a tree.  I begged Mickey and Hully to go on without me, I told them I was done, they just laughed and told me to get up and walk. I tried again , I said I could not go on, they just laughed and told me to get up and walk.  At that point I knew there was no other option, so I got up and we started the long walk.

It was fairly uneventful until the 30km checkpoint, when I lost it physically, I was severely dehydrated, we spent 1.5 hours at checkpoint three, while I received an IV, the boys just sat with me and waited patiently, they really were incredible, although Hully did make another one of our tentmates cry when they came through the checkpoint, but that’s another story.

From there on it really was just putting one bruised, blistered, infected foot in front of the other through the night. Checkpoints would come and go every 10 km, at which point we would lay down and elevate our feet for a bit, then go through the process, of getting starting again, the first steps were always hell, but after 15 mins, our feet would go numb and we could pick up the pace a bit.

We reached the 80km check point at 4:30am, and rewarded ourselves with a 30 minute sleep. At 5 am we headed out onto the Gibb River rd for the last 20 km, and of course the sun came up….and it was hot again, but we just kept plugging away, and arrived into camp at around 10am. We just hit our tent, after popping a few blisters, and doing some basic first aid to our feet, we just slept all day and night.

Day 6- 5 km
Even though we had finished the 100 the race wasn’t over until we finished a final 5 km leg. The hardest part was getting my feet back into my shoes, but after that it was OK.

We started of at 9:30, and just walked with our tent mates, Suze, Stu and Kelly, we told a few stories, and few lame jokes, and the time past fairly quickly.

We took turns crossing the finish line, Hully, Mickey and I crossed together, it was fairly emotional I couldn’t believe it was over.

Racing the Planet Australia was an incredible experience, at times I hated it , at times I loved it, it was way tougher than I ever imagined. The heat , the humidity, the terrain all combined to make every leg tough, and when you finally get back to camp each day, it is still 45 degrees, the water you drink is still hot, and you can still only eat what you have carried .so it never really stops.

I’ve met some incredible people.
My team mates Hully and Mickey were just phenomenal, without there support and patience, I definitely would not have finished,  we had a lot of  laughs along the way as well.

My other tent mates Dougie, Stu, Suze, Kelly, Dicky were a great group to come home to every night, and live in very close quarters with. We all supported each other, and once again had plenty of laughs despite the pain.

Thanks to everyone who donated to help Teneile, looks like we will hit $20,000 and I know that will make a difference. Many times over the week I thought of Teneile and her family , I am still very disappointed at myself for contemplating giving up , because I know they don’t have that option….Thanks again to Hully and Mickey, for pushing me to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Thanks to Beach and Bay Realty , for all their help with  the fundraising,  I know the hours that you have all put in, and we have an incredible result because of your efforts.

Finally thanks to Natalie, Yvette and Remony,  for there support in the lead up to, and during this adventure. You will always be the centre of my universe.

Thanks……………until next time I decide to do something really stupid”


Kimberley Region

The Kimberley Region, Western Australia

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This Week: Open For Inspections

Beach & Bay Realty are proud to present the following properties open for inspection this week;

1. 669 Port Hacking Road, Caringbah South with Kylie Emans

This original 2 bedroom house is going to auction this Saturday 15th May at 10am.

The last open house before the auction will be held Wednesday 12th May 10:00 – 10:30am.

2. 307 Woolooware Road, Burraneer with Natalie Vials

This exceptionally private 3 bedroom townhouse with modern inclusions is for sale by private treaty.

The next open house will be held Saturday 15th May 11:00 – 11:30am.

3. 111 Kangaroo Point Road, Kangaroo Point with Kylie Emans & Natalie Vials

This 4 bedroom executive house enjoys waterviews of the Georges River & enjoys lifestyle inclusions such as plunge pool, wine cellar, outdoor spa. For sale at $2.1mil

The next open house will be held Saturday 15th May 12:00 – 12:45pm.

4. 107 Kangaroo Point Road, Kangaroo Point with Natalie Vials

This outstanding 4 bedroom Sammut Development waterfront is for sale at $3.45mil.

The next open house will be held Saturday 15th May 1:00 – 1:30pm.

669 Port Hacking Road Caringbah

307 Woolooware Road, Burraneer

111 Kangaroo Point Road, Kangaroo Point

107 Kangaroo Point Road, Kangaroo Point

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For Teneile – Beach & Bay Fundraising

Beach & Bay have created a new website – “Help Teneile” which can be accessed from our homepage or through the link

Teneile Pawley is a local Sutherland Shire young woman. Last year, Teneile at only 17, suffered from 2 cardiac arrests which resulted in moderate brain damage. This has been a devastating blow for Teneile’s family, the local community and her friends at Port Hacking High. Teneile can understand everything, but cannot respond with speech or body movements and now requires operations, hospital care, a specialised wheelchair and rehabilitation.

Teneile Pawley

Natalie Vials from Beach & Bay drew our attention to Teneile’s story and all staff members would love to help in whatever way we can.

Natalie’s husband Steven Vials is competing in a 250km race through the Kimberley Desert, WA in April and dedicating his run to Teneile. Steven hopes to gain sponsorship for this tremendous physical and mental challenge and encourages anyone and everyone to get on board.

Throughout the year Beach & Bay are going to be promoting Teneile’s website and cause – raising awareness and hopefully lots of money. Our initial aim is $20,000 to support Teneile’s immediate medical costs – but ideally we would like to offer ongoing assistance.

I have created a facebook group “For Teneile” which has already gained over 350 members, lots of friends and people from the Sutherland Shire.

Please stay tuned for future fundraising efforts – and in the meantime, dig deep, or even just raid the coin jar. Every dollar counts!

If you would like to donate you can do so through an internet transfer, or with paypal. Please see “Help Teneile” for further information.

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