Don’t Overpay On Advertising When Selling Your Home

Real estate advertising has come so far since I first started in the industry. I remember as the salesperson, having to take the photos on a camera using film, then walk up to the local chemist to have them developed, $15 and an hour later we would realise the photos were not all that good and needed a second take but having to meet a print deadline we would have to pick the best of a bad bunch.


14 Randell Ave, Lilli Pilli

Now we have such sophisticated technology for marketing at our fingertips with specialists for every step of that process, whether it is the photographer or stylist, I would not dare to pick up a camera to photograph a vendor’s property. At the same time, the cost of advertising has decreased significantly as print media falls by the wayside.

241 Attunga Rd, Yowie Bay

241 Attunga Rd, Yowie Bay

At Beach & Bay Realty we have taken a simple approach to marketing that encompasses a substantial online presence, including social media, with print media including brochures and signboards to reinforce the online experience.  We have designed our marketing packages to be best value for money without compromising on the quality of the advertising. It is no longer necessary to spend $10,000 on a marketing campaign.

5/5 McDonald St, Cronulla

5/5 McDonald St, Cronulla

Buyers are busy people, they want the information at their fingertips and this is why real estate websites have become the norm for finding buyers. Print media advertising such as our local paper is great for a coffee table read but if you are actively looking for a home or investment property, by the time that property is advertised in the paper, the agent is exchanging contracts with the buyer who found it online.

We have also sold several homes from our local  social media marketing, including the “I love Cronulla” Facebook page and Beach & Bay’s Instagram page (instagram @beachandbayrealty). With 8000 followers on Facebook, people know we know the area and check our updates daily.

15 Seaforth Ave, Woolooware

15 Seaforth Ave, Woolooware

If a vendor would like to advertise in newsprint the option is always there but we like to encourage our vendors to spend their money where it is best going to seen by active buyers. We look at it from the angle that if we were selling our own home or investment property where would we spend our money on advertising?

This is what we stand by, it works, it works fast and we have done it ourselves:

  • Professional photography – we believe our photographer is the best in the area
  • Floorplan
  • Virtual Floorplan or video
  • Websites – as many as you can be on
  • Colour brochure with floorplan
  • Signboard
  • Social media
  • 17 Bass St, Port Hacking

    17 Bass St, Port Hacking

    On-site Auctioneer if market and property suitable

This can all be done for less than $3000.

Happy Selling!

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Introducing the ‘I Love Cronulla’ team

We have been running the ‘I Love Cronulla’ page for almost 4 years now but over the past 12 months it has become increasingly popular and we thank you all for your likes!

Just wanted to introduce our small team…

Basically, my company Beach & Bay Realty launched and manages this community page and we started it as a medium for like-minded lovers of our gorgeous suburb and surrounds to highlight the many stunning spots we have as well as supporting local business and community groups.

There are several of us who take photos, write blogs, interview businesses and generally update you on local happenings.

We have regular contributors like lifeguard Adam Hartup, photographers like Jen Nixon who send us special pics, thanks guys, keep them coming.

We are only a small team at Beach & Bay Realty and please keep in mind this is a “love job!”. Our day job is selling real estate in this beautiful area but hey promoting Cronulla on fb is good for business!

Anyway here’s to another year of prime sunrises, shipwrecked shipping trawlers, local poet launches, photo competitions and some record property sale prices.

Cheers from Kylie, Kirstie, Natalie, Maria and Monique




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Cutting Edge Marketing

At Beach & Bay Realty we pride ourselves on being industry leaders in online media marketing. Providing cutting edge and innovative marketing options and using the very latest online technology and modern campaigns for our properties ensures we maximise the number of buyers who inspect your home, reduce time on the market and achieve higher purchase prices.

We work together with a specialist marketing team who are leaders in the industry for photography, video footage and virtual floor planning. We are also the first agency to have recently formed a partnership with “Coptercam” who are aerial photography specialists.

Whether we are shooting aerial footage of a beachfront property at Stanwell Park, an absolute waterfront located in Lilli Pilli, an acreage in Darkes Forest or even a penthouse apartment on Cronulla Beach, buyers are able to visualise the full aspect of the location they have desired to purchase in i.e. demonstrating the close proximity of the home to nearby beaches or the full boundary of the property it is all captured from skilled photographs taken 50m, 150m to 200m above the property.

Online marketing reaches buyers around the world by putting your property on the international stage. Buyers are inspecting your home 24/7 on the internet so it is important that your property stands out! Aerial shots are high impact, virtual floor plans are practical yet informative and professional photography presents the property at its highest potential and pulls at the emotional heart strings of purchasers.

Please give me a call on 0423 491 538 if you are thinking of selling and would like a cost effective marketing campaign that will maximise your sale price in today’s market. Monique Napper – Beach & Bay Realty.

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Stop! Take time to smell the roses

Dylan Moore, a fellow I Love Cronulla Facebook follower, sent me this email during the week and I thought it was worth sharing.

The man pictured (bottom right) caught my attention on Tuesday morning. As I started to shoot the sunrise I noticed the look of joy on his face as he watched the sun come up, happily clicking away photos on his iPhone. He was standing off to the side but then moved into my shot, I didn’t say anything and allowed him to just ‘be in the moment’. A while after taking this shot, he came up to me and we began talking, and he told me his story. He’d cleared all the photos off his phone just so he wouldn’t run out of space this morning. After getting everything ready, he woke up at 4:30am just to get down to Cronulla for a sunrise. He lives in Parramatta and works in the CBD 6 days a week. As he continued to watch in awe the pure beauty unfolding in front of him, I realised how lucky we truly are and how much we take simple things like that for granted. Before I could turn to him and ask more, he had vanished, most likely rushing off to work, a much happier man.

So on this gorgeous pre-spring day take a moment to enjoy Cronulla!


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Grind/I Love Cronulla Competition Photos

We present to you all the photos we have received during the last week for our I’d rather be at Cronulla/Grind Competition. Enjoy!

Kylie from Beach & Bay and Richard from the Grind are catching up tomorrow to choose the winner. Good luck!

Thanks to the participants
Ben McGrath, Brendan FitzPatrick, Donna, Eliza Barr, Hayley Levick, James Diggins, Jane Vidaic, Jeremy Peek, John Morton, Jonny Myatt, Karmila, Katie Morton, Kellie Urquhart, Lillian Lyon, Michelle Wright, Renny Gyorgy, Rhiannon, Rita Emiliani, Rita Longo, Robyn, Robyn Jordan, Shelley Barr, Stephanie Madonis, Steve Core, Susie George

Please note that because we have received so many photos over the week it is possible that we have missed one or two. If scrolling through the photos you have noticed that photos you have emailed us have not been included, please email and we will fix this for you.


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Oneshuteye Cronulla – Surf Photography

Daniel Mead a.k.a Reggie has an epic online fanbase. His facebook page “Oneshuteye Cronulla” is updated daily with personal surf photography and people love what he does! We had a chat to Reggie about Oneshuteye, all things Cronulla and how he thinks he’s not even that good at taking photos…

Firstly, congrats on having over 3000 likes on facebook. It’s a very popular site! Thanks! I’m not sure if it means much but it’s a lot more than I ever expected. I only got into photography less than a year ago, so it’s all pretty new to me.

There must be some mornings when you just don’t want to get up. How often do you hit the snooze button and ignore Oneshuteye? You know, I think having to get up early and go to a job that you’re not that interested in is pretty hard, but to get up early, wander around the beach, watch the sun come up and take a few photos…that’s pretty easy I think. It’s the best part of the day by far, and it gets addictive. I’ll only ignore it if the conditions are really bad or if I have work commitments.

Are you a surfer yourself? Do you get the time to surf now you’re behind the lens so often? Over the last year or so I have become obsessed with everything to do with surfing. I grew up riding a boogie and am yet to fully master the surfboard…but you will definitely see me out there this summer honing my skills.

Is there a big community of Cronulla photographers out there in the morning? Is it a competitive fight for the best position? There is definitely a lot of good photographers in Cronulla…I’m not one of them; I’m just a guy with a good camera. I have a few favourite spots I like to stand and have never seen anybody else shooting from there, so I don’t think it’s that competitive. Cronulla is such a big stretch of beach that there’s room for everyone…. I’m usually hiding in the bushes or in the grass somewhere trying to find a new angle anyway.

Favourite beach to shoot? At the moment Glacier Point or the Alley because I can get close, that will change once I get a longer lens though.

Favourite place to exercise? Any where away from the people trying to get me to join their platinum establishment… mostly the gym in my building.

Favourite place to sink a beer? On the balcony of Club Cronulla watching the old folk in white have a roll.

Favourite place to have a meal? My girlfriend and I like to go to Banyan Tree, or you’ll often see me lurking around the Sushi Train.

What’s next for Oneshuteye? Who knows? Much of the same I think. I’ll be the first to admit my photography needs a lot of improving, so I just want to concentrate on that for a while…maybe a website soon…saving and investing in some better gear and  a longer lens so I can get some decent surfing shots…and trying not to go broke in the process.  Anyone need a nice print for their wall? ha.

How can we buy your work? I’m hoping to get a website up and running soon but if anybody is interested in buying any prints just hit me up on facebook or email me at and I’ll hook you up.

Finish this sentence “I love Cronulla because” it’s not like Bondi.

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Cronulla CBD “Seven Days in The Shire” Photography Comp

Run by Cronulla CBD this is a great opportunity for budding photographers to hone their skills! Held from this Monday 8th August until 14th August the competition asks entrants to submit two images that represent their lives in the Sutherland Shire during that 7 day period. The top images will be exhibited at Cronulla’s Fiesta in Flight during October – and the overall winner will win $1000. For more details see HERE.

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Spotlight on Local Business: Seawater Gallery

This week I had a chat to Deidre from Seawater Gallery. Located on Gerrale Street, this boutique art gallery has just celebrated their first anniversary in Cronulla!

Tell us a bit about Seawater Gallery? Seawater Gallery was borne simply from a hobby of owner, Scott Butcher.  Scott spend 10 years living and working in New York City as an International Squash Professional.  Every chance he got he returned to his homeland Australia to vacation at his beloved Cronulla beach.  Since returning full time to Australia Scott needed to retire from Squash professionally and look at a different business interest.  He has for many years showed his artwork to family and friends who all encouraged him to open a Gallery.  There was never a question that it would be located right nearby Cronulla Beach.

Seawater is now just over one year old and a thriving small business.  Our product is incredibly different and quite unique because all of the artwork on exhibition is taken at sea level.  You look at the pictures and instantly begin to feel some sort of emotion – you actually feel like you are part of the wave.  In addition to our own artwork we sell opal and pearl jewellery, glassware and unique gifts.

You’ve just celebrated your first birthday in Cronulla, can you tell us what it’s been like owning a business in Cronulla? Owning a business in Cronulla is both challenging and rewarding.  Challenging because as a retail shop owner you rely heavily on weather and parking to attract your clientele.  Rewarding in that there is usually quite a lot of pedestrian traffic that walk past and notice us.  In addition, because Cronulla is a hive of activity in the evenings, your shopfront windows allow you to advertise and market even when you are closed.

Do you have any special events coming up? Seawater Gallery is a proud sponsor of Cancer Council’s “Relay for Life”.  You can be certain we’ll be there on Saturday, April 30 to greet everyone as they ‘lap’ our stand.

Finish this sentence: “I Love Cronulla because…..” most people who live in the Shire and St. George area are so proud of their beach.  It is this passion that has formed the early success of “word-of-mouth advertising” of our business.

What are some of your favourite shops/places/people in Cronulla? My storefront neighbours I would have to say are my favourites.  I regularly visit Indossa Hair Studio. I always have a live orchid in Seawater Gallery thanks to In Bud Florist and I can’t get through the day without at least one call to HAM Cafe – who so kindly bring me whatever I need.

Follow Seawater Gallery on facebook

If you would like your business to be featured on this blog and on the I Love Cronulla facebook, please email

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Rachael goes to Vietnam

I have just returned for the New Year at Beach & Bay having spent 8 weeks in South East Asia. 4 weeks in Vietnam traveling up the coast and also ducking across the Central Highlands on the Ho Chi Minh Trail by motorbike, 1000km over 5 days! We continued up north to gorgeous Halong Bay where even the rainy weather couldn’t mask the beauty of that World Heritage Site! Unfortunately my camera broke on the 3rd week so I was unable to capture everything (we also spent 4 weeks in Cambodia & Laos).

While we live in one of the nicest places this planet has to offer (Cronulla, Australia), always be mindful that there is a big wide world that needs exploring. I recommend South East Asia for anyone on a budget who wants to see how the other half of the world lives – basic, hardworking, struck by tragedy but still smiling. Here’s a photo journal of those first fabulous weeks. Enjoy!

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52 Suburbs

We love the opportunity to have outsiders come to Cronulla, give our suburb a go and offer a fresh perspective. Especially when one of those visitors is master blogger Louise of ‘52 Suburbs‘ fame.

Louise, having a life changing moment, decided to get to know her city of 30 years, Sydney, better and blog and photograph her way around Sydney’s suburbs. There are over 600 suburbs of Sydney so Louise decided her quest would be 1 suburb per week for 12 months, and on this journey she chose Cronulla as one of her suburbs.

Did you know that Cronulla has the largest surf beach in Sydney? Check out Louise’s stunning photos and her personal take on Cronulla.

Photo by Louise - 52 Suburbs (

Photo by Louise - 52 Suburbs (

Photo by Louise - 52 Suburbs (

Photo by Louise - 52 Suburbs (

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