Very Basic Styling Tips For Selling

FACT: An empty room is a smaller room.

JUST PLAIN WRONG:  Furniture makes a small room smaller

empty new roomWhen I am faced with showing a vacant property I prep every buyer before they inspect the property with this reminder – “An empty room is a smaller room”.  But who believes a real estate agent?!

I strongly encourage every Beach & Bay seller to furnish a room, because without fail, if they do not, I guarantee buyers will make the comment that the room is small, in fact too small for their requirements and that great first impression is lost. Not only that, a buyer will go on to say “Imagine how small the room will be once furnished! “ This is so wrong but it’s hard to convince a buyer of this. Buyers need to see to believe.

small_bedroom_design_ideasRecently I had the situation where 2 identical properties were for sale by the same owner, one was furnished and one was not.  I would show buyers through the first unfurnished apartment  and, like clockwork, their initial reaction  would be “Oh the bedrooms are small, will they fit a double bed?”  Tape measures would come out, criticisms would be made…Then I would take them to see the identical but furnished apartment and their reactions would be positive, no concerns about fitting a queen bed  (maybe even a king) and tape measures would come out again but this time to actually confirm that indeed the rooms were exactly the same size as the other unfurnished apartment.

unfurnishedA furnished room shows dimension which in turn makes the room look bigger and it shows the buyer clearly the functionality of a room.  I’m not encouraging clutter, because a cluttered room is a disaster for presentation and of course can make a room look diminished. What I am encouraging though is hiring furniture, or if finances are tight, borrowing core pieces of furniture for rooms, a bed or a desk or a sofa from a friend or neighbour.

furnished-vs-unfurnished3Just remember, I can guarantee:

An empty property is a smaller roomed property = a harder sale = longer sale = reduced sale price


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Whatever you do don’t skimp on preparing your house for sale!

Recently I sold a house that had a makeover before it went on the market for sale.

The gardener/handyman was called in for minor maintenance, furniture was removed and then the stylist waved her magic.

The spend was less than $10,000 including skip bins, cleaning, gardening, painting, styling and furniture hire for 4 weeks. Preparation took a few weeks but the the results were stunning.

The money spent on preparation then helped the owners to save money on marketing expenses which were almost a 5th of the preparation costs.

The property sold for a price well beyond the owners’ expectations in 10 days.

If you are wondering if your house is ready to go on the market, there is one phrase that clients always say to me without fail when their house is ready and the photographer is at the front door, “I don’t think I want to sell now it looks so good!” If you can say that then you are ready for sale!

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