Don’t Overpay On Advertising When Selling Your Home

Real estate advertising has come so far since I first started in the industry. I remember as the salesperson, having to take the photos on a camera using film, then walk up to the local chemist to have them developed, $15 and an hour later we would realise the photos were not all that good and needed a second take but having to meet a print deadline we would have to pick the best of a bad bunch.


14 Randell Ave, Lilli Pilli

Now we have such sophisticated technology for marketing at our fingertips with specialists for every step of that process, whether it is the photographer or stylist, I would not dare to pick up a camera to photograph a vendor’s property. At the same time, the cost of advertising has decreased significantly as print media falls by the wayside.

241 Attunga Rd, Yowie Bay

241 Attunga Rd, Yowie Bay

At Beach & Bay Realty we have taken a simple approach to marketing that encompasses a substantial online presence, including social media, with print media including brochures and signboards to reinforce the online experience.  We have designed our marketing packages to be best value for money without compromising on the quality of the advertising. It is no longer necessary to spend $10,000 on a marketing campaign.

5/5 McDonald St, Cronulla

5/5 McDonald St, Cronulla

Buyers are busy people, they want the information at their fingertips and this is why real estate websites have become the norm for finding buyers. Print media advertising such as our local paper is great for a coffee table read but if you are actively looking for a home or investment property, by the time that property is advertised in the paper, the agent is exchanging contracts with the buyer who found it online.

We have also sold several homes from our local  social media marketing, including the “I love Cronulla” Facebook page and Beach & Bay’s Instagram page (instagram @beachandbayrealty). With 8000 followers on Facebook, people know we know the area and check our updates daily.

15 Seaforth Ave, Woolooware

15 Seaforth Ave, Woolooware

If a vendor would like to advertise in newsprint the option is always there but we like to encourage our vendors to spend their money where it is best going to seen by active buyers. We look at it from the angle that if we were selling our own home or investment property where would we spend our money on advertising?

This is what we stand by, it works, it works fast and we have done it ourselves:

  • Professional photography – we believe our photographer is the best in the area
  • Floorplan
  • Virtual Floorplan or video
  • Websites – as many as you can be on
  • Colour brochure with floorplan
  • Signboard
  • Social media
  • 17 Bass St, Port Hacking

    17 Bass St, Port Hacking

    On-site Auctioneer if market and property suitable

This can all be done for less than $3000.

Happy Selling!

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Introducing Adam Hartup – “Go Back To Where You Came From”

“Six ordinary Australians agree to challenge their preconceived notions about refugees and asylum seekers by embarking on a confronting 25-day journey. Tracing in reverse the journeys that refugees have taken to reach Australia, they travel to some of the most dangerous and desperate corners of the world, with no idea what is in store for them along the way.” – SBS ‘Go Back To Where You Came From’

Introducing Adam Hartup, one of the six Australian’s who raised his hand to get involved with the new TV series ‘Go Back To Where You Came From’ airing on SBS this week. Adam experienced what it’s like first-hand to be thrown out of his comfort zone into something not many ordinary Australian’s have ever experienced before. For a bit of background info, Adam is currently working for the RNLI lifeguards in Jersey Island and will be back on our shores mid September for his season with the SSC lifeguards. As a Local Cronulla Lifeguard in SBS Refugee Reality TV Show, Adam sheds some light on his journey….

K: After answering a call for volunteers for the new TV series “Go Back To Where You Came From”, why did you decide to become involved?

A: I suppose I wanted to be more educated on the subject and not just have the one stubborn point of view. Also an opportunity like this doesn’t come around too many times in a lifetime!

K: Before your involvement in the SBS TV series, how much of an impact did the pressing nationwide issue of the increasing number of asylum seekers arriving by boat have on you?

A: I saw boat people as illegal immigrants/criminals and had no time for them. I couldn’t understand why we were spending millions and millions of taxpayer’s dollars to help these people out. I mean, I could see the hardships that people in Australia were facing with fires, floods and Cyclones destroying families and lives at that time. So I guess I was just confused and didn’t really understand this complex subject!

K: As a local who has lived in Cronulla most of your life, what impact did the 2005 Cronulla riots have on you as a person?

A: The 2005 riots for me at the start was just a chance to say we don’t want people ruining this awesome place we have, but as the day went on people got too drunk, fights started out and innocent people started getting bashed, and that’s what we were here to stop in the first place. It made me ashamed to be an Australian. I think it was a minority group of people on the day that was causing most of the problems and it really did scar the shire in a whole for a long time. I do think we have come a long way since the riots and can all learn from it.

K: From firstly having “zero tolerance” towards asylum seekers arriving by boat, what was the main reason you did a “complete somersault” on your preconceived idea? Was there a particular event/moment that instantly changed your mindset or was it a gradual process over the 3 weeks?

A: The somersault on my opinion basically happened over the entire 25 days, every day was like an emotional rollercoaster. When you hand your entire belongings phone, wallet and passport to complete strangers you are giving your lives and independence away. To see the desperation and heartbreak through out, it really brings you back to reality and makes you realise how well we have it in Australia and even better, in the Shire. To house 52 Chin Burmese refugees for a month was 1 weeks wage for me and to think how hard they work for that is amazing. At anytime they can be arrested and thrown in jail because they are illegal, so to see the living conditions and the constant fear of persecution, it makes your think id do exactly the same thing if I could (get on a boat).

K: After leaving the security of your own home and environment to live life through the eyes of a refugee, what would you say was the most rewarding part of this journey for you? Did it change your view on any aspects of your life?

A: I guess the main thing that I have taken out of this journey is my attitude towards life and simple problems we face in day to day life are very insignificant, I mean reality is we have it so good and we are so lucky to have what we have. If I come out of this journey and have changed nobody’s opinion, I can honestly say I’m a better person for it.

K: Currently living overseas, what do you miss most about the Shire?

A: Good coffee and warm weather, but probably the people. I guess you can take the guy out of the shire but you can’t take the shire out of the guy!

K: Finish this sentence … “I Love Cronulla” because?

A: Shhhh I can’t let everyone know the secret, people who live in the shire will already know why it’s an awesome place and people who don’t live here, it will remain a secret.

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Individual Property Websites

Beach & Bay likes to keep up to date with the latest online marketing techniques so that our properties for sale or auction benefit from maximum exposure.

You often hear web-techs talking about “visits” or “traffic” to a site, in real estate terms this really means “inspections”. We provide so much information online to potential purchasers including professional photography, interactive floorplans (where you can actually point to a room and see what it looks like!), youtube videos, maps & google earth imagery, that buyers now do virtual inspections and then filter fine tune their search. Continue reading

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Looking back one year….

With the dreaded end of financial year now behind us, I thought it would be appropriate to take a trip down memory lane and look at what has happened at Beach & Bay Realty in the last year. June 2010 marked our 10th birthday, and we don’t often toot our own horn, but when an important milestone like that comes around, it’s a cause for celebration.

Kylie Emans started Beach & Bay Realty with many great ideas. She wanted the agency to be independent of franchises, technologically advanced and with agents committed to ethical practice – honest, hardworking and fair. From the get go Beach & Bay has been at the forefront of adapting to changing technologies, embracing the internet as an advertising medium from the very beginning. Over the last year we have been working tirelessly to improve our website – collecting auction results for the public as usual but also adding more and more features.

In the last year….

Looking at Beach & Bay Realty Offline

  • Beach & Bay had a record month in February 2010, selling over $15 million dollars worth of property. Considering only 2 agents were responsible for these sales this is an enormous achievement, if we do say so ourselves!
  • Beach & Bay was appointed the exclusive selling agents for Drift Cronulla, a  luxury lifestyle apartment block with state of the art inclusions. Everyone here was absolutely blown away by these enormous prestige properties which set a benchmark not only for Cronulla, but Sydney-wide in regards to apartment living. Starting from $2.25million, built by Sammut Developments, and located in the heart of Cronulla, Drift attracted a lot of attention.
  • Kylie Emans was nominated for a Telstra Businesswoman of the Year award
  • Yet again we have had another full year of secret sales at record prices, proving that our database is not just a gimmick but an excellent selling tool and one we actually use. Instead of 1000’s of names on a list we work with a handful of value clients.

Looking at

  • 25,000 people have visited our humble independent website
  • You have looked at over 78,000 pages
  • 11,165 of you are new visitors – (thanks for stopping by, we love you and hope you come back!)

Auction results

  • 12,768 is the number of times our auction results have been viewed. We provide this service for free because we want to be the local experts and we want to share our love of realestate with you. (We were also a bit tired with the lack of coverage of our area.)
  • 1344 is the number of times our blog has been read – Don’t be frightened guys, we encourage you to stop by and read more. It’s not all real estate talk we promise. We cover local events, charities, property news, current affairs. And if there is a specific topic you would like addressed, just let us know!

Drift, Cronulla by  Sammut Developments

  • Drift listings, blogs and posts on Sammut Developments were viewed over 5600 times on our website alone. Many of you wondered what living in the Drift Penthouse would be like and this listing was viewed over 1200 times.

Fundraising for Teneile

  • Natalie Vials put the call out to help a friend and past client whose daughter had suffered from brain damage. We developed a website for Teneile Pawley, hoping to raise money to go towards medical costs and buying her a much needed wheelchair. Online donations came pouring in, Nat’s husband, Steven Vials, ran 250km through the Kimberleys to raise support and we topped it all off with a HUGE party at the Brass Monkey Cronulla. To date we have raised $25,000 in 6 months and will continue to support this great cause.

Fundraising for The Leukaemia Foundation

  • I asked Kylie if it would be ok if her front of desk –marketing & social media manager was bald. She asked if it was just a new hairstyle I wanted to try (I’ve been known to do drastic things to my hair) and I told her no, it was for the World’s Greatest Shave. With Beach & Bay’s full support I raised money for the Leukaemia Foundation online and also held a fundraising night at Northies, Cronulla where staff and clients attended. $7500 in total was raised and I was in the top 30 fundraisers for NSW. Kylie did draw the line at the eyebrows (I said I would shave them too if I raised $8000…so close!).

Cronulla Buzz

  • We created a new feature on our website that lists upcoming events in and around Cronulla. This is more work for us, trawling websites, actually reading flyers in our letterbox, and always keeping an eye out, but it means you can plan your weekends in advance, and that we know exactly what is going on in Cronulla. It’s just another way we hope to show you that our staff members live, work and play in Cronulla – and that it’s a great place to buy realestate!


  • We recently overhauled our e-newsletter to make it packed to the brim with juicy real estate news, auction results, local events, new listings and blog rants. Released fortnightly this is something you don’t want to miss out on! Email and tell us you NEED to be put on our mailing list immediately.

REUNCUT Interview with Kevin Turner

Property Ad Guru

Ok, so enough bragging. What about next year you ask?

Well, we aren’t stopping here. We are a force to be reckoned with and we are only going to get better.

  • Our website will keep developing (we have an in-house (overworked) web designer).
  • Our auction results are going to be more comprehensive
  • Our support of charities will continue. July 2010 marks Beach & Bay Realty’s first attempt at “Dry July” where staff members are giving up grog for a month to raise money for adults living with cancer.
  • We will continue selling luxury real estate and expanding our marketing (we currently offer individual property websites, the only agents doing so)
  • We will be doing more project marketing since our success with Drift. Stand by for news on this.

Watch this space.

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What do you want more of?

Staff at Beach & Bay have been blogging for over 2 years now. We publish content on a variety of topics from real estate news in general, Sutherland Shire real estate happenings, our new listings, auction information & regulations, real estate humour, local businesses and charity events and anything else that we think you might find interesting.

We hope you have enjoyed our blog so far and are looking towards the future – always trying to think of new and exciting topics to cover. I just thought I would take a moment to ask our readers if we are missing anything you desparately want to know?

What would you like us to cover more on? What do you love? What do you hate? Do you have a real estate question that has been bugging you for ages? Please feel free to email us on or comment directly on this blog with questions or feedback.

Beach & Bay Realty

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True Local Seminar

On Wednesday night I attended an internet seminar held by, an Australian online directory service, part of the News Ltd Group.

The seminar was well attended by local business owners in The Sutherland Shire where talk was of Google robots, search engines, changing consumer behaviour and Youtube.

Some interesting statistics were mentioned:

  • 95% of people use the internet
  • Hours per week we spend watching TV has decreased (hours per week spent exercising is also down!)
  • Internet per week has increased dramatically
  • More specifically, Yellow pages readership and usage of this print publication is down 54% since 2002 till now
  • Google geographical based searches in last 6 months have increased dramatically
  • On average, users of Google key in 4 words for searches
  • 46% increase in cost of pay per click Google clicks because of companies competing for paid top spot
  • Consumers are interacting with businesses more and more

After the course I checked out our listing on Truelocal and our office hours were very wrong but I noticed we had a review from a happy client!

I will watch this website with interest, I am not sure how it will compete with, a lot of advertising will be needed.

In the meantime check out your listing on the true local site and make sure your details are correct, apparently this is Australia’s fastest growing online directory.

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REUNCUT Interview with Kylie Emans Part 5

Kylie Emans REUNCUT interview Part 5:

Please press play button.

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Kevin Turner from REUNCUT asked Kylie to summarise the business Beach & Bay Realty has been doing since going from print media to online… Clients are saving money, sales are quicker, Beach & Bay is doing more business. Everyone is happier. We love online marketing!

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REUNCUT Interview with Kylie Emans Part 4

I continued my discussions this morning with Kevin Turner from REUNCUT about how successful and compatible the internet is for real estate selling. All age groups now use the internet for buying and selling, the internet allows buyers to have all the information about the property at their fingertips. Immediate information creates immediate response/feedback and is increasing our efficiency and sales results.

Kylie Emans REUNCUT interview Part 4:
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REUNCUT Interview with Kylie Emans Part 3

Kylie Emans REUNCUT interview Part 3:
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From press to online, today I spoke with Kevin Turner about Beach & Bay’s google ranking, twitter, facebook and my blackberry. Basically how all these social media tools are making us more efficient real estate agents and giving our clients immediate access to all the latest sales information in our area!

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REUNCUT Interview with Kylie Emans Part 2

Kylie Emans REUNCUT interview Part 2:
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I was interviewed by Kevin Turner again this morning regarding online marketing. Check out the podcast today which focusses on our unique online auction tracking system designed by . The auction tracking system has been running since February, 2008 and has the most up-to-date, detailed information on auctions by all agents in the suburbs of Cronulla, Burraneer, Woolooware, Caringbah, Caringbah South, Dolans Bay and Lilli Pilli.

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