Cronulla Mall Report: July 2014

IMAG0202We’re starting to feel the winter chill but that hasn’t kept people away from our beachside suburb! The beaches are certainly quieter but as per usual Cronulla is still a hub of activity.

One word comes to mind while walking through the Mall – sales! Some of these include:

  • All sale stock at Flirty under $30
  • Sales at Decisions Decisions
  • Winter store clearance at Forever Fashion
  • And many more!

IMAG0209_1Aside from Sportscraft that recently moved into the Mall, there haven’t been any other major changes.

The old Commonwealth Bank and Australand Greenhills Beach office are still looking to be leased.

IMAG0212_1The Cronulla Pie Shop have unfortunately lost their awning once again after a truck incident, but the customers still look happy enjoying the sunshine.

IMAG0215_1The much-loved Pirate Ship is undergoing some repairs and is scheduled to be out of action for a while, hopefully it will come back almost brand new!

Unfortunately Cronulla On Ice has ended but it was a major hit! We hope it comes back next year, hopefully even bigger this time!

Hopefully our stunning winter weather will stick around for the Sutherland 2 Surf this Sunday, hope to see you there!

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Sutherland 2 Surf – 21st July 2013

The 42nd annual Sutherland2Surf Fun Run & Walk will be held on Sunday 21st July 2013.

The S2S kicks off at 8am sharp at the starting line on Flora Street, Sutherland. You must ensure that your Bib Tag is attached to the front of your shirt prior to lining up ready to race. For your safety, the event organisers ask that all walkers start behind the runners and that you place yourself on the starting line based on your ability.

Once the race has commenced, competitors will run/walk down Flora St along Clements Parade and up Hotham Rd to reach the Kingsway. Participants will then travel all the way down the Kingsway, along Elouera Rd and onto Mitchell Rd towards the finish line at Wanda Beach – a total of approximately 11.2km.

Race Rules

  1. You must wear your own allocated chest bib tag; they are not transferable.
  2. There will be a “mat” timing both the start and finish, allowing for you to have an accurate net time. At the finish line you must cross the timing mats to ensure a time.
  3. Once you’ve passed the finish line please keep moving into the recovery area.
  4. The organiser reserves the right to reject or cancel any entry in the race at any time.
  5. Police requirements are that competitors stay in the left nearside lane along the route, and walkers are not to impede runners if overtaking. Traffic signals and directions must be obeyed unless otherwise directed by Police or Race Officials.
  6. No bikes, roller skates, skateboards or dogs allowed.
  7. Due to a Police requirement, all runners as they come out of Hotham Rd to turn into the Kingsway must immediately go to the left hand side of the Kingsway and keep on the left hand side all the way to Northies.
  8. Please consider the environment and use bins to dispose of any litter.

Road Closures
Roads between Sutherland and Cronulla will begin closing from 6am with a progressive re-opening of roads from 8:20am with all roads set to be open again by 10:30am

Those participating in the fun run are advised to use public transport – trackwork is taking place between Sutherland & Waterfall therefore buses will replace trains, please allow extra time for your journey.

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Celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Sutherland 2 Surf!

Once again it’s that time of year where the athletic abilities of those in the Shire and surrounding areas shine! So lace up your joggers (or maybe brush the dust of them!) and support the 40th anniversary of the Brooks-Caltex Sutherland 2 Surf on Sunday 24th July!

The 11km “mostly downhill” stretch from Sutherland Entertainment Centre to Wanda Beach raises funds to support our lifeguards at Wanda Surf Life Saving Club!

You don’t have to be the world’s greatest athlete or be in training for the City 2 Surf on Sunday 14th August to compete in the Sutherland 2 Surf! The walkers division caters for those wanting a nice leisurely Sunday morning stroll with friends and family along the Kingsway down to the beach!

So whether you decide to take part in the Sutherland 2 Surf as training for the City 2 Surf on Sunday 14th August or for a nice leisurely stroll to soak up some Sunday morning sun in the walker division with friends and family!

Enter the race here! Or click on the following links for road closures, the course map and race rules.

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