Local Talent: Tigertown

209865_462146220472142_696554673_o-904x602Chris (guitarist, singer and songwriter) in Cronulla based indie band Tigertown takes some time out on their new EP Wandering Eyes during release week to talk about the band, their music and the place they call home….

So half you of are born and bred in the shire however Kurt and Charlie you are from Tamworth originally, what bought you to these southern beaches? 

Charlie and Kurt originally moved down to Sydney with the band they were in at the time, living in the city. When Charlie and I got married we decided to live in Cronulla, she said it felt like Tamworth on the beach. Haha I guess it’s still relaxed enough to almost be a country town.

What’s your typical weekend in Cronulla? What cafes, Restaurants and shopping haunts do you hit up on your weekend off?

Well I’ll start the day surfing behind Shelley pools, then we’ll grab breakfast and coffee at Ham deli cafe. Really lucky the coffee scene is so pumping here. Charlie will raid the Vinnies daily, then nights often end up at El Sol Mexican restaurant. Always a good crew there.

tigertownTell us about your new single ‘What You Came Here For’

It was exciting for us to put this song out because we’re really happy with the new EP and it’s the first glimpse of our new stage. The song comes from classic moments I have, wondering whether we’ve got it all wrong and how we could be living differently. Not trying to change the world or anything, just wondering.

What are the major influences for your song writing?

We all love a classic pop song. We’d love to write music that lasts. I suppose all our songs come from personal experience or feelings, but we try and keep them universal enough to relate to everyone. We actually find where we live has an impact as we love to songs to come from a calm place and be an escape for people amongst all the hectic noise. So having a beach to sit on helps.

Wandering Eyes is your new EP… What’s the story behind the title and how the songs all came together on this EP?

This EP is actually the first time we’ve recorded with all five of us together and all the songs really developed and came to life on the road. We were able to do a lot of touring last year so every song was tried and tested before we recorded them. Wandering eyes is actually the name of one of the tracks. It’s the song we get excited about the most live. Definitely drawing from bands that inspire us with classic pop music. The song itself is a bit of a sexy love song.

You are heading out on tour for this new EP… When and where can everyone see you play?

We’re getting around the whole country again. Our Sydney show is at Oxford Art Factory. We’ve never headlined there before so we’re really excited about that one.

Can you tell us five of your favourite songs that you are listening to you?

It’s always a mixture of new and old. Right now it would be:

  • Go your own way – Fleetwood Mac
  • Resolution – Matt Corby
  • Oh Sailor – Mr Little Jeans
  • Leeward Side – Josh Pyke
  • Baby be mine – Michael Jackson



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