Cronulla Mall Report: May 2014

photo-8Welcome to the warmest May we’ve seen in a while!

The cool pre-winter weather is yet to set in and Cronulla is just as busy as ever!

Since our last Mall Report there have been no major changes in Cronulla to report, but there are a few…

In Surf Rd Queen Margherita of Savoy has replaced Hunt & Gather and we can’t wait to try it! Check out the menu on their website here.

photo-5-e1400625974524-768x1024The vacant stores still gracing the Mall and surrounds include:

  • The former Commonwealth Bank
  • Greenhills Beach Australand Office
  • Chocpad
  • Simone’s On The Park

Any idea what will fill these spaces? Restaurants, cafe’s or retail? We’ll keep you up to date… Hopefully we’ll have some new exciting shopfronts open up soon!

photo-7Miss Foxy Hair & Make Up is looking for a Part Time Hairdresser, spread the word if you know someone qualified who enjoys being footsteps away from the beach.

Beach & Bay are on the look out for local businesses who would like to feature in our next blog – we want to hear from you! Contact us via our I Love Cronulla Facebook page or email

This warm weather is predicted to last only one more week, so enjoy it while you can!

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The Cronulla Mall Report: Welcome Froyo’s, Raywhite moves

How much can change in a week! As I walk up the mall today it is raining and about 15 degrees cooler than last week. Reporting on the north end of Cronulla Mall (from Rip Curl up) this week, the shop next to Priceline that used to be the Chemist and then a pop up store for several months, is now vacant again. We’ll let you know what ends up here when we know!

The old chemist is now vacant again

Opposite, Cronulla Pie Shop looks slightly naked without its awning that was ripped down by vandals a few weeks ago. Keep supporting this business & get takeaways!

Also, did you know that at the end of the day if they have any pies left over you can buy 5 for $10! (Note, this doesn’t always happen because they usually sell out, but if you’re in Cronulla Mall around 5pm, check!)

Less seating at Cronulla Pie Shop at the moment due to vandals

The so called “Real Estate Walk” is no longer, with a new business Froyo’s Cronulla opening on Australia Day (Previously Shire Properties had an office here).

Froyos is self serve, 98% fat free frozen yogurt with or without toppings. Open every day til late. Goodluck Froyo’s!

Froyo's have a Valentines Day special, next Monday head in with your partner to receive 2 Froyo's for $10 from 5pm - 8pm

This end of the mall seems to have fuller occupancy. Does anyone know how long Rundles has been around?

A little bit of news from the other end of the Mall, Ray White Cronulla seems to be on the move to higher ground. The property displays are gone from the windows and a sign says new address is at 89a Cronulla St to the right and upstairs of the old office.

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