The Futuro House: The iconic investment property!

Thinking of selling your family home and downsizing to something much easier to maintain? Or looking for the perfect place to retire? Or even investing in a holiday home something similar to a caravan? I bet you’ve never considered the Futuro House!

Designed by Matti Suuronen in 1968, the 500 square foot residence (approx 46.5 square metres) measured 3 metres high, 8 metres in diameter and was situated upon a sturdy 4-legged steel base could house a tiny family in a very confined area. Sounds like perfect potential for nice, friendly family bonding? Or possibly quite the opposite…

Some crucial features which enhanced the stylish design of the Futuro House included:

  • A circular fireplace which sat in the centre of the living room
  • A small bathroom, bedroom and kitchenette completed the ever so simple floorplan
  • The airliner-style extendable ramp which unfolded out from the home’s outer hull. Once residents boarded their humble abode and reeled in the ramp, the Futuro presented a seamless, slick and smooth exterior which looked mighty fine and enhanced security – what more could you want?!
  • Some prestigious properties even installed a wide wrap around entertainers balcony allowing plenty of room for guests (well maybe three at the most!)
  • Suffer from claustrophobia? No worries – pay a little extra for a few more windows!

Moving houses and relocating was too easy. No more removalists, furniture kept in storage etc etc, simply hire a helicopter to find a better location for your dream home!

About 100 of these fine investments were made, however only 18 are known to survive in the USA today, with one selling at auction in 2009 for $50,000 (completely renovated and restored).

Any chance we’ll see these replace the waterfront homes along the Port Hacking, Gunnamatta Bay or The Esplanade? They would most certainly be a lot cheaper to maintain!

The Futuro House: Space Age Architecture Comes Home! By Steve
Vanity Fair,  January 2012 p12 – Brad Dunning & Lisa Eisner


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