‘The Old Library’ – Restaurant & Bar opens next week in Cronulla

Finally the 14 month re-build of Cronulla’s iconic old library building is complete. The Old Library will open for business next Thursday the 24th November and will be open for lunch and dinner Thursdays to Sundays.

It’s a sophisticated space cleverly designed to allow diners the opportunity to taste the food sensations of a high calibre chef while relaxing in style.  A welcome addition to Cronulla’s food and entertainment scene – looks like a great place to have a memorable night out! Can’t wait to taste the food!


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One thought on “‘The Old Library’ – Restaurant & Bar opens next week in Cronulla

  1. Marina Matic says:

    Love, Love, Love the design and decor, it is perfect! As soon as I saw it was up for sale – I was terrified that the buildings would be knocked down and some horrid new O.T.T building would replace it. It is such a credit to the owner, architect and builder. It really has been sympathetically restored, retaining the old but modernising it enough to bring it to the 21 century so that it has a new purpose and function. Thank goodness! Can’t wait to try it out!

    If they have put as much effort into the restaurant as they have into the building, I’m sure it will be a huge success. Sooooooooooo Loving it!

    Wishing the owners all the best with this venture.

    The property developers call learn from this example. Good Luck and best wishes! Marina Matic

  2. Kristy says:

    I went there last night for dinner for the Grand Opening … and my gosh was it Grand!
    The place, as seen in the pictures above, is spectacular! The food is absolutely first class! The cocktails are divine! The staff are so attentive, friendly and knowledgeable!
    I am so happy that this place is a success, it’s what we needed! Sophistication in the Sutherland Shire.
    Well done guys!

  3. Libby El says:

    I have observed the development of this stylish establishment. Respect of and for the buildings history is evident.
    By chance I happened by on Sunday afternoon to be pleasantly surprised with completion. ,With childlike curiousity I ventured in, greeting staff with a cheery ‘Hello’ Everything looks wonderful, I wish the owners and staff great success, happiness and many memories.
    I have your business card….so I will see you again soon!

  4. josh mcloud says:

    the old library, is absolutely amazing!! food was superb. The Owner Mario Kalpou has done a fantastic job in all aspects…… and his dad Con who owns the rest of the building has done a great job too! good work boyz!

  5. Davo says:

    Anyone got contact details or website for this restaurant.



  6. virginia samson says:

    Is there a website for this restaurant/bar? i am looking to try it out over the weekend but i am interested to know what type of food they serve – i am a vegetarian… ive heard great reviews im really looking forward to seeing what this place has to offer! anyone?

  7. kylie says:

    Basically I think they are just trialling as I can’t find a number anywhere on the net and there is nothing on the outside of the building either, must be a who you know type thing at the moment! Very clever marketing, we are all dying to get in there!

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  9. mayza says:

    im inlove with this master piece! who was the architech and builder behind this? would love them to build for me!

  10. Anna says:

    The builder was Pete Lumsden, Instyle Building Projects. He also did the refurb at Ham and does residential as well.

  11. Davo says:

    here is a scanned image of there business card: http://imagestore.ugbox.net/image/oldlibrary_7d00cdb64.jpg

    Ate there last thursday night, had a 830pm booking but had to wait out back in the lounge bar as it was packed. 20min wait.

    Entrees were good, but too much olive oil dressing for my liking, that was the scallops and tomato salad.
    Mains – were of a very high standard, spaghetti chilli prawn and porterhouse steak
    Desert – The strawberry/meringue/almond thingy – deserts are not my cupper tea, the misses enjoyed it though

    All in a very good feed at what I consider to be reasonable prices for the quality of food.

    If you like this kind of dining try lukebenchmark restaurant & oyster bar – http://www.lukebenchmark.com.au/ at Sylvania Heights.

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  13. […] I’ve been watching with interest the stylish refurbishment of the suburb’s iconic Old Library. A project two years in the making for Mario Kalpou (previously Hugos Bar Pizza), this place is set […]

  14. vicki fahey says:

    A beautiful meal with great service, Cronulla has been crying out for a Restaurant of this Quality.

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