Promoting Nepotism If It Helps The Environment

Designer Eco Homes is a new venture my builder brothers have started and we really like the idea. It is a great new concept and Beach & Bay Realty fully support homes “going green”.

For many the idea of building a green house can be a bit overwhelming and some feel the costs are too high. Composition Construction has just released a new environmentally conscious building alternative that provides home owners a “green” choice when it comes to building their new home and have created some fantastic pricing packages. Visit and see the full details.

The construction focuses on 5 key elements that promote green living. These include orientation, insulation, thermal mass, ventilation, and flooring and can save you money. For example each home is custom designed to your individual building block and incorporates the use of the northern aspect to reduce your energy usage, and therefore reduce your cost of living.

Composition Condstruction build all throughout Sydney and as far south down the coast as Moruya. These homes are also eligible for the “Generation Green” home loan discount of 0.5% off the variable rate through the Bendigo Bank. This can save you up to $57,000 over the loan period on a loan of only $150,000. These are significant savings. When you combine this with your new 6 Star rated Designer Eco Home, you will really see not only financial benefits for you, but also global benefits for the environment.

So while we don’t normally promote nepotism on this blog, we hope you let this one pass! We can all do our bit to promote eco living and reduce the effects of climate change. For more eco tips please visit this great website Inhabitat which believes ‘green design will save the world’ and is a website I blogged about in May.

Designer Eco Homes

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